Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

The longstanding and oft-forgotten Netflix DVD service shuts down on September 29th. Any remaining Netflix DVD customers are free to keep their rentals, but they won’t receive any other gifts for their years of patronage. That said, Redbox hopes to capitalize on the situation with a quick promotional offer. From September 29th to October 1st, former Netflix DVD customers who share a photo of their last rental on Twitter may receive “a free movie night” courtesy of Redbox. These photos must be included in response to a tweet that Redbox will make on September 29th.

A Redbox DVD rental only costs $2.25 per day, but this is still a nice little offer. It gives former Netflix DVD customers a chance to experience Redbox, one of the only remaining DVD rental companies. While Redbox isn’t a direct alternative to Netflix’s service, most towns have at least one or two Redbox kiosks. And, in recent years, Redbox has greatly improved its streaming digital rental platform. If you specifically want DVD rentals by mail, there are only about five worthwhile options. Also, you can probably borrow DVDs for free at your local library.

Along with this promotion, Redbox is asking Netflix DVD customers what titles they’d like to see at big red kiosks. Redbox is trying to bulk up on niche offerings, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to watch old or obscure movies, now’s the time to speak up. Maybe you can convince Redbox to rent out the Criterion Collection.

In case you’re wondering, Redbox tried to buy the remaining stock of Netflix’s DVDs. But the offer was declined by Netflix. We don’t know what will happen to Netflix’s DVD collection, but it’s spent the last month giving free DVDs to customers and asking people not to return their rentals. Presumably, this tactic will help Netflix skirt around return shipping fees. It could also help Netflix maintain a good relationship with customers and bring in new streaming subscribers.

For a chance to win a free Redbox rental, take a photo of your final Netflix DVD envelope and follow the Redbox Twitter account. The company will begin advertising this promotion in a tweet on September 29th. Respond to the tweet with your Netflix DVD envelope and a selection of movies that you’d like to see in Redbox kiosks.

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