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Amazon’s Ring has stopped selling the Ring Car Cam after just over a year of being on the market. The 3-in-1 dash cam hit a few speed bumps after being announced in 2020, then finally arrived in January 2023. However, it’s now being discontinued.

Ring’s Car Cam was a neat hybrid device with two cameras, ensuring it captured the road while you were driving along with the driver and passengers on the inside. Then, while not in motion and parked, the Ring Car Cam acted as a security system similar to its other home products.

However, even after debuting last year, the company struggled to meet demand or even ship orders and faced several delays. Buyers took to Reddit and the Ring forums to voice frustrations about the lack of updates, slow orders, and more. According to comments by a Ring representative to The Verge, it’s officially the end of the road, and the company stopped selling its Car Cam.

Here’s what a Ring representative said: “We’ve experienced ongoing delays with Car Cam and have decided to stop the sale of the device. Customers who purchased a Car Cam will continue to receive software updates and support. We remain excited about opportunities to innovate in the auto space.”

Furthermore, those still waiting on orders to ship will likely receive an email from Ring/Amazon confirming the product is being discontinued. Thankfully, Ring will continue to deliver product support and software updates, but we’ll have to wait and see how long that lasts.

This is unfortunate news, as the product had plenty of promise. Even though it only offered 1080p video inside and out, the built-in GPS, cloud recording, and real-time alerts (if you had an active subscription) made it a somewhat capable device. However, the lack of Alexa integrations, odd mounting situation, and high price tag made it a tough sell for prospective buyers.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens or if Ring decides to get back into the automotive space later. If you still want this type of product, consider the Garmin Dash Cam Live.

Source: The Verge

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