Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Ring announced that prices are increasing yet again for its most affordable Protect Basic subscription plan. In a move similar to what we’ve seen from other security camera brands, starting in March, it’ll cost 25% more to view cloud recordings from your Ring camera.

For those keeping track, the Amazon-owned company made a similar move back in 2022, meaning this is the second price hike in under two years. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of angry customers on Reddit voice concerns over the multiple increases.

Starting March 11th, the Ring Protect Basic plan will cost $1 more, running users $4.99 monthly. Those who subscribe annually will pay $49.99 per year, up from $39.99. If your subscription renews before March 11th, you’ll be charged the previous price of $3.99/month or $39.99/year (plus applicable sales tax) for that renewal term. Anything after the 11th will see the new rates. For comparison, this same plan was only $2.99 a month in 2022.

Protect Basic is Ring’s most affordable plan and gives you access to cloud recordings from a single camera or Ring Doorbell. If there’s a silver lining, the price increase only hits users with a single camera. If you’re using multiple cameras or doorbells with the Ring Protect Plus plan, the price will remain the same at $10 per month (or $100 per year). The most expensive Ring Pro plan with home monitoring is also still $200/yr or $20/mo.

Unfortunately, we’re not seeing any new features being announced alongside the higher price tag. Instead, this is likely a move to match industry trends and potentially nudge owners into higher plans that allow for the use of multiple camera systems. If this second price increase makes you want to cancel, keep in mind that without a subscription you’ll only be able to watch a live stream from your camera, with no cloud recordings. Furthermore, if you cancel, all of your recorded videos are permanently deleted.

For what it’s worth, Google (Nest) and Arlo’s cheapest single-camera plans cost $8 a month, meaning Ring is still one of the more affordable options on the market besides Wyze.

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