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Key Takeaways

  • The Lenovo L32p-30 Monitor with Webcam is a mid-range option that is better suited for office applications rather than gaming.
  • The monitor’s image quality may be lacking in terms of brightness and contrast, but it delivers a clear 4K picture at a low price tag.
  • The included LC50 webcam is a standout feature, offering a wide-angle view with smooth HD quality.

The Lenovo L32p-30 Monitor With Webcam is a fine example of a middling product enhanced by a low price tag. It’s not that the creator-friendly monitor is bad. It just doesn’t excel in ways similar 4K options do, and including AMD FreeSync is almost ironic, considering it’s far from a gaming monitor.

When you think of standard office monitors, you probably picture something similar in design to Lenovo’s L32p-30 IPS monitor. That Lenovo had the foresight to include its LC50 1080p webcam kind of solidifies who or what applications the monitor was made for. Unfortunately, when I first saw AMD FreeSync available on a 31.5-inch UHD 4K display, the gamer in me got very excited. That thrill was quelled quite quickly when I booted up the monitor. I was met with a rather lackluster image that may have functioned quite nicely but failed to deliver the visual bells and whistles I expected of a gaming monitor. Low contrast and surprisingly limited brightness aren’t great for the vibrant worlds of AAA games, despite what Lenovo’s marketing may suggest. However, the IPS monitor does deliver a crystal clear 4K picture at a rather low price tag, and the included webcam excels expectations, ensuring that there’s still a market it may appeal to.

Based on its marketing for the L32p-30, Lenovo clearly wanted the 4K monitor to stand out in the creator space. While the lower price tag may appeal to you, don’t expect impeccable quality. The monitor is a mid-range device that may struggle with brightness, color accuracy, and overall case design but remains a suitable option for some users.

I always pay attention to the price tag when shopping for a new monitor. I tend to look closer when the monitor in question doesn’t immediately grab my attention. So, as I was testing the L32p-30, I always had my eye on the cost to determine if I could justify recommending the purchase. Lenovo’s 31.5-inch UHD monitor isn’t a bad option in most regards, but it’s mostly all relative to the cost of similar monitors. In this case, it just so happens to be a rather inexpensive model whose cost helps offset some of the quality issues and an uninspired case.

Lenovo L32p-30 32-inch Monitor with Webcam

Lenovo L32p-30 32″ Monitor with Webcam

A standard 32-inch monitor without all the bells and whistles of a high-end gaming option, Lenovo’s L32p-30 is ideal for office applications. The included LC50 webcam offers a wide-angle view with smooth HD quality.


3840 x 2160

Refresh Rate

Screen Size

HDMI, DP, USB Type-C, 4x USB 3.2 Gen 1

Display Technology

Aspect Ratio

Screen Brightness
350 cd/㎡

Display Size
56.2 x 424.4 x 714.2mm, 2.21 x 16.71 x 28.12in

Display Weight


  • Price tag is very attractive
  • 4K clarity comes through well
  • Webcam offers clear photo/video
  • Speakers are loud and clear

  • Poor performance for gaming
  • Brightness and contrast issues
  • Coloration is a little off, but manageable
  • Ports aren’t easily accessible

Display Quality: Dim Brightness, Poor Contrast

Comparison between Lenovo L32p-30 monitor and 27-inch retina iMac

Mark LoProto / How-to Geek

Maybe I made the mistake of testing the L32p-30 next to a 27-inch Apple Retina display, but the moment I powered on Lenovo’s IPS monitor, the screen appeared dim. Even adjusting the easy-to-access on-board settings only produced a marginally brighter picture that simply wouldn’t do for gaming in beautifully rendered digital worlds. Adjusting the contrast changed very little and left me unimpressed. No matter how well the AMD FreeSync worked, it couldn’t compensate for the color quality and vividness, which really looked more like a standard, no-fuss monitor you’d see in an office space. And, frankly, AMD FreeSync didn’t even make up for the slow response time. In modern gaming, 6ms is not wonderful, especially if you’re playing competitively.

That’s not to completely discredit the display, though. For many applications, especially for creators that don’t need a lot of backlighting, adjusted settings will help. Lenovo also did deliver 4K image quality that doesn’t require scaling to enjoy and an IPS panel with great viewing angles. Once you find that sweet spot in the contrast and brightness settings, you’ll see the best the monitor offers. Again, for what Lenovo’s charging, the monitor’s best makes sense and falls in line with what I’d expect.

Poorly Placed Ports

Rear view of the Lenovo L32p-30 monitor

Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

I can kind of look past the brightness and contrast issues, depending on what I’m using the monitor for. What I’m having a hard time forgiving is the overall case design. It’s fairly dull, but its most egregious issue is the port placement. They’re all down-firing, which isn’t a problem when the monitor can tilt. Unfortunately, the stand that comes with the L32p-30 has virtually no range of motion. To connect the included USB-C cable, I had to lift the entire monitor (stand and all), which is a disaster waiting to happen.

An Easy-to-Navigate User Interface

I’ve dealt with monitor UIs in the past that I just couldn’t be bothered with. They’re clunky, unresponsive, and have way too many submenus. Lenovo keeps things fairly simple with its interface, allowing you to adjust brightness and contrast settings quickly, swap between different presets, and toggle AMD FreeSync without much fuss. It takes a minute to figure out how to navigate using the monitor’s face buttons, but it’s fairly intuitive, and the layout makes sense.

Decent Speakers for Built-Ins

Built-in speakers are often the bane of any monitor. They’re typically tinny or hollow and don’t have a great bass range. While the L32p-30’s speakers aren’t perfect, they’re definitely better than most. I currently use speakers built into a GIGABYTE M27F A daily, and I appreciated Lenovo’s 3-watt speakers a little more. They’re not as tinny and offer a decent volume range that filled my office nicely. But if you’re looking for decent audio, you’ll want to invest in a decent pair of computer speakers.

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The LC50 Webcam Is a Suitable Companion

Driving home that this monitor and webcam combo was made for creators is the quality of the LC50 camera. Paired against the Logitech c922 Pro Streaming Camera, the LC50 is better in some aspects. The lens shoots at a wider viewing angle, which actually causes some background elements to be blurred.

In the test shots I took, some items I had behind me were much more black and included shadows under the LC50’s normal brightness setting (first photo). The color of the c922 was a little more accurate; however, Logitech’s model produced more grain and was less forgiving with closer subjects (second photo).

My coloring in photos taken by the LC50 was more flattering. While the LC50 tops out at 2.1MP and the c922 hits 3MP, I think I appreciated the clarity of the subjects in LC50’s images more. Unfortunately, its brightness settings aren’t wonderful, and you’re either going to have more shadows or a completely washed-out photo or video.

The camera does have a quirky design with a built-in magnet that helps it sit on the Lenovo monitor without falling off. I struggled to get it to stay on my HyperX 25-inch because the mount is designed specifically for the monitor it ships with. If your monitor has any sort of curve to it, you’ll have issues keeping the webcam in place. There is a privacy screen, which is always a nice feature for a webcam.

Should You Buy the Lenovo L32p-30 Monitor With Webcam?

Deciding whether a monitor is worth buying or not depends on your answer to one question—what are you using it for? Right off the bat, if you’re gaming and want a cheaper option, Lenovo’s L32p-30 Monitor With Webcam isn’t a great option. There are too many roadblocks to a smooth, visual, and enjoyable gaming experience that spending just a little more for something like NZXT’s Canvas 27Q or GIGABYTES M27F A is worth it.

This combo works well enough for general office applications and even for creators. You’ll be less put off by any variations in quality, and the overall clarity of the 4K IPS display will be a little more noticeable when you’re not hung up on some of the monitor’s other issues. It could really use a minor redesign for more accessible ports, but it otherwise works well for general applications.

At 31.5 inches, the size is ideal for creators that may need a little more screen space. You’ll need to adjust some settings to find a more accurate color, but the overall experience shouldn’t be hindered too much. Unless you’re looking to enjoy a high-end gaming experience, the L32p-30 monitor can be tweaked to suit your needs.

There are two elements to this bundle that I didn’t expect to shine: the webcam and built-in speakers. While both could be better in different ways, they excelled over some options I currently use in my office. The LC50 webcam is clear and offers a wide viewing angle, which makes it easy to overlook some of the shadows cast in the background. As for the speakers, they’re clear and loud, which is more than can be said for so many monitor built-ins.

So long as brightness and contrast are incredibly important to your needs, the Lenovo L32p-30 is a suitable monitor for many applications. And when you factor in the low price, it may be difficult to pass up if you’re not looking to game.

Lenovo L32p-30 32-inch Monitor with Webcam

Lenovo L32p-30 32″ Monitor with Webcam

A standard 32-inch monitor without all the bells and whistles of a high-end gaming option, Lenovo’s L32p-30 is ideal for office applications. The included LC50 webcam offers a wide-angle view with smooth HD quality.

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