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Perfect for trade-ins and switching phones.

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With storage sizes on our phones going up every few years, we’re keeping more and more of our personal stuff stored in our smartphones. It’s not rare to see phones coming with 512GB of storage or even up to 1TB. If disaster strikes and you end up having to wipe your phone clean, or you need to send your phone in for a trade-in before the replacement arrives, you can lose a lot of data. Because of that, Samsung is now adding cloud backups to help you out with that.

Samsung has announced that it’s releasing a new feature for its smartphones called “temporary cloud backups.” With it, your phone will allow you to back up whatever you want to back up in your storage, and keep it in the cloud (and available for restoring) for up to 30 days. The cool thing about this feature, however, isn’t the sole fact that it lets you make backups — that’s not a new concept, and neither is cloud storage. Rather, it’s the fact that you don’t have a limit to how much you can back up. If your 1TB phone is filled to the brim, you can save all of it.

The only two conditions are that you can’t save individual files over 100GB (the total can be way over that, but one file can’t weigh more than 100GB) and that backups expire after a certain period of time — as we said, 30 days. Regular cloud storage services (Google Drive/Google One also lets you make cloud backups on any Android phone) let you save files permanently, with no expiration date, but there’s a limit to how much you can upload, whereas this one lets you back up your phone with no limit to how much you can backup, but they expire.

This feature should roll out for all Samsung smartphones that are getting One UI 6, which is based on Android 14 and is still in beta testing. If your phone is eligible for that update, you will need to wait a few weeks or months (depending on which phone you have) until it rolls out.

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