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The Beta Program Has Been Delayed

Bad news if you wanted to try out One UI 6 now. Samsung confirmed to Engadget that the launch of the beta program for the Galaxy S23 series is delayed until further notice. If you want to give Android 14 a shot on your Samsung phone, you might still be in for an indefinite wait — it could be a few more days or weeks. Our original coverage can still be read below.

We’re in the second half of the year already, which means the time is almost nearing for the launch of the next major version of Android. Android 14 was announced by Google earlier this year, and it has been polished over the course of the last few months. The launch of the stable version of Android 14 is now imminent, and it will be landing on Samsung phones as well. The company has just shown off its take on Android 14, One UI 6 — and you can try it out early.

Samsung has announced the beta program for One UI 6, the company’s take on Android 14, which is expected to roll out to everyone within a few months. The beta program is opening up for Samsung Galaxy S23 users, so if you have a Galaxy S23, a Galaxy S23+, or a Galaxy S23 Ultra, and you live in Germany, South Korea, or the United States, you can try out the next version of Android on your phone starting today. It’s to be expected that the program will eventually roll out to other phones down the road, like the Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Z Flip 5, the S22 series, and the Galaxy A54, but it will probably happen sometime within the next few weeks or months. The current flagships are always first in line.

Samsung One UI 6

As for what’s new with this update, you’ll be getting all the changes that will land as part of Android 14. These include passkeys, better bloatware management, automatic dual SIM switching, and much more. As for what’s Samsung-specific, for now, the company is pointing at a number of changes. The most noticeable one is a complete revamp to the way notifications, and the quick settings panel, look. There’s also a new default font, new emoji, a new custom camera widget that lets you preselect a camera mode and a storage location, and the option to set different lock screens according to the current mode and routine.

This seems like a rather big update from Samsung, and clearly, we’ll be seeing a lot more stuff as the months go by and the beta program goes forward, until it ultimately culminates with a stable release in a few months.

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