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Now that the expensive Galaxy S24 lineup has had its moment, Samsung is launching a $200 smartphone called the Galaxy A15 5G. This device packs a ton of premium features into a relatively cheap package—it runs the latest version of Android, it’s got a fancy screen, and it can connect to 5G networks.

The new Galaxy A15 5G packs a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a buttery-smooth 90Hz refresh rate. It runs on the MediaTek MT6835V, a relatively new 5G-capable chipset, and it packs 4GB of RAM. There’s only 128GB of storage, but you’re free to plug in a 1TB microSD card if you need extra space. And, as with some of the other ultra-affordable Samsung phones, the Galaxy A15 5G offers an old-fashioned headphone jack.

On the back of the Galaxy A15 5G, you’ll find a 50MP main camera, a 5MP ultra-wide lens, and a 2MP macro sensor. A decent 13MP selfie shooter sits at the top of the phone’s display. As always, I’m weary of cheap phones that have too many cameras, but the main and selfie cameras are probably pretty decent. That’s my experience with other Samsung phones in this price range, anyway.

Illustration of Samsung Galaxy A15's front and backside over a city skyline.

Note that the Galaxy A15 5G enjoyed an early global launch in December of 2023. Today’s launch brings the phone to the United States. Presumably, Samsung held off on the U.S. launch to make way for the Galaxy S24 lineup, which made its debut on January 17th.

But how does the Galaxy A15 5G compare to other affordable phones? Well, Motorola is preparing to launch the 2024 Moto G Play, which costs just $150 and matches many of the Galaxy A15’s specs. But for just $50 extra, the Galaxy A15 gets you some stuff that the Moto G Play lacks—a proper 1080p AMOLED screen, 5G connectivity, and the latest version of Android.

Note that Samsung is also launching the Galaxy A25 5G, which costs $300 but runs on a more powerful Exynos 1280 chipset and has 6GB of RAM. Externally, the Galaxy A25 is virtually identical to the Galaxy A15, but it ups the ante with a 120Hz screen, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and 4K video recording capabilities.

The Galaxy A15 5G and Galaxy A25 5G are available today through carriers and online retailers. You can buy the phones unlocked from Samsung or Best Buy, but carriers may offer the best deals.

Source: Samsung via 9to5Google

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