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Chances are that if you’ve shopped for adapters, hubs, docks, or dongles, you’ve come across the name Satechi once or twice. The company’s accessories are frequently recommended because they not only reliable, but also high-quality. The company also makes a number of peripherals, including mice and keyboards. Now, it’s taking a big step and launching its very first mechanical keyboard.

Satechi has just revealed the SM1 Slim Mechanical Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard, its very first mechanical keyboard compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, at CES 2024 alongside other products. The company had already made a few keyboards, but this is the first time it’s doing a mechanical one, and it’s looking great. The rechargeable keyboard features a 75% layout with low-profile brown switches (it’s not clear whether the switches are from a known manufacturer such as Cherry/Gateron or a personalized design), four-device connectivity, 14 backlight patterns, and a lock screen shortcut for macOS security. It has a sleek design with an aluminum enclosure, removable keycaps, and adjustable feet for stability and comfort.

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The keyboard allows users to customize connectivity, backlight settings, and switch between devices easily. It accommodates up to four devices, with keys supporting Bluetooth 5.0 channels and a 2.4 GHz USB receiver for an additional peripheral. If you ever need to use it wired, or if you don’t like that wireless life, that’s thankfully an option too.

The height-adjustable feature reduces wrist and hand strain, while stabilizers beneath specific keys ensure uniform key presses. The keyboard is light, compact, and easy to clean, suitable for both on-the-go use and office setups.

The keyboard has a rechargeable 2,500 mAh battery that can be topped up using the USB-C port on it, which is also used for wired connectivity. Last, but not least, the keyboard is compatible with various operating systems and USB-C devices. The keyboard even comes with both Mac and Windows keycaps that you can swap in or out at any moment.

The SM1 Slim Mechanical Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is available for $99.99 on, with an early shopper discount of 20% using code CES20 at checkout.

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