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Halloween candy shouldn’t be the only thing on your shopping list this week, thanks to all the good tech sales available. Whether it’s over a thousand dollars off a Razer gaming laptop, the Corsair K60 Pro SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard dropping to its lowest price of the month, or 41% off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, don’t miss out on the chance to treat yourself to a new device or piece of tech, and save yourself a nice chunk of change in the process.


Razer Blade 17 Gaming Laptop

$1899 $3199.99 Save $1300.99

The 2022 Razer Blade 17 is a great desktop replacement system that handles just about everything, so don’t miss out on this chance to get it for 38% off.

Gaming consoles like Xboxes and Playstations are great, but there’s also something to be said for the lightweight portability that gaming laptops bring to the table. If you want a compact and convenient way to bring your favorite games on the go, you won’t want to pass on this deal on the Razer Blade 17 Gaming Laptop.

Perfect for those who prefer a 17-inch screen over narrower options, this laptop has plenty of display width for your favorite games or shows yet is still plenty slender and sleek. It offers both high resolution (1440p) and a high refresh rate, so motion blur shouldn’t be an issue at all with this laptop.

It also runs 50% faster than the previous generation of Razer gaming laptops, plus has quieter fans and eight high-fidelity speakers for superior audio. And if you want to use it as a desktop replacement instead of a travel laptop, the Razer Blade 17 Gaming Laptop is more than up to the task thanks to its nine ports (including an HDMI 2.1, two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, and three USB-A ports), which allow you to customize and accessorize this laptop to your heart’s content.

Samsung Galaxy S22

$749.99 $849.99 Save $100

Samsung’s entry-level flagship phone for 2022 is an excellent purchase, especially at this price.

Samsung Galaxy phones are known to be high-end, high-quality Android smartphones. This means they come with a high price point attached, so don’t skip this chance to get a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone for several hundred dollars less than its usual cost.

While not the latest and greatest Galaxy phone, this smartphone is still an excellent option if you’re looking to buy yourself an Android mobile device. The S22 boasts a frosted glass back and an aluminum frame—no plastic backing here, unlike some earlier edition Galaxy phones.

The AMOLED screen is every bit as lovely to look at as the phone itself, as it provides vivid, bright colors whether you’re in or out of doors. The screen is also adaptive, meaning it automatically optimizes color and brightness to suit its environment, further enhancing its appearance.

Equally impressive is its 50MP resolution camera. Both the rear and front-facing lenses provide you with wide, high-quality photos and videos, with an upgraded Portrait mode that reduces the halo-like effect that sometimes appears in selfies. And like any high-end smartphone worth its salt, the Samsung Galaxy S22 runs nice and speedy. Lagging shouldn’t be an issue at all, even when you’re streaming videos or have multiple tabs open.

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS, 45mm)

$349.97 $429 Save $79.03

The Series 8 has everything most people need: robust health and fitness tracking, a refined design, and the latest bells and whistles.

Whether you’re an experienced runner or you want to jumpstart a new workout routine, a smartwatch is one of the best tools out there for tracking your run times, heart rate, and overall progress. If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch, for fitness or otherwise, the Apple Watch Series 8 is well worth your consideration.

This watch will track your heart rate, oxygen, activity levels, and other exercise metrics, plus it has a built-in Workout app to help you train and reach your goals. This watch is also swim-proof and highly water-resistant for aquatic workouts, as well. Apple offers a complimentary three free months of Apple Fitness+ with your purchase to give you access to a wider range of workouts and fitness classes right on your wrist.

The Apple Watch Series 8 isn’t limited solely to serving as a fitness watch, either. It’s capable of receiving calls and texts, offers access to Apple Pay and thousands of other apps in the Apple store, tracks your sleep cycle, offers fall and crash detection for your personal safety, and much, much more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

$499.99 $849.99 Save $350

The portability to take work and play wherever you go, the processing power to run your favorite programs, and the display to look good doing it.

A lot of people think of phones and televisions when they think of Samsung, but they’re a reliable choice for most electronics, tablets included. So if you’re in the market for a new tablet, be sure to give the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ a look.

An even better version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (already our favorite Android-operated tablet), this tablet boasts a 12.4-inch display screen with brilliant, vivid colors whether you’re using it to surf the web, play your favorite game, or watch a movie.

It also offers fast charging and will last for hours and hours on a single charge—though the exact amount of time will vary depending on what you’re using it for and the apps you run. And like many modern devices, this tablet has a fingerprint scanner, so it can be unlocked by a single touch, but only by you.

A new and improved S pen comes included with your purchase of this tablet, allowing you to scroll, write, or draw on the tablet with ease. This handy stylus, which provides 9ms of pen latency, also slots into the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ for charging and safekeeping, so it’ll always be close at hand.

Corsair K60 Pro SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

$79.99 $109.99 Save $30

Sturdy, customizable, and well-lit, this mechanical keyboard is a worthwhile addition to any home gaming setup, so be sure to grab it while it’s 26% off.

Mechanical keyboards offer a level of customization that ordinary keyboards can’t match, making them ideal for gaming PCs, and the Corsair K60 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an excellent option if you want to add one to your gaming station.

Like any good mechanical keyboard, it allows you to customize the keys and bright underglow lighting to your exact liking. The lighting also reacts automatically to actions in your game while you’re playing for a little extra touch of immersion. The frame is made of aluminum for nice sturdiness and durability without extra weight or bulkiness, and the thick, rigid keycaps also offer resistant to wear and tear and fading.

As an added bonus, the Corsair K60 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with a removable magnetic palm rest made from soft leatherette to give your hands a little extra cushioning and support for marathon gaming sessions.

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