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The use of phone numbers in messaging apps has advantages and disadvantages. Sure, it means that you have easy access to contact whoever’s in your contacts, but it also means that if you want someone to contact you that way, you have to give them your phone number. Not ideal. Luckily, at least Signal is looking for alternatives, and it’s about to start testing username support.

Signal, the privacy-focused messaging app, has announced that it will soon begin testing usernames more widely after a period of testing. This new feature will be tested on Signal’s “Staging” environment for now, which, unlike the beta versions of other apps, has separate servers and a separate app. People with the Staging app are not able to message users on the standard Signal app.

In Signal’s test, people will be able to create a username and share it with others, as well as message others using their username. Basically, they will work pretty much the same as Telegram usernames. The feature will give you the option of messaging someone through their phone number and username, and for those who message you via your username, you’ll be able to set privacy settings for your phone number. Additionally, you’ll be able to add other users to groups by using their username.

This feature has been highly anticipated by Signal users ever since it was initially confirmed by Signal, as it allows for more seamless communication. It also provides an added layer of security by allowing users to use a username instead of their phone number, making it overall easier for people to connect with others, particularly those they don’t know personally.At the moment, Signal’s username support will only be available in this testing environment. It’s not entirely straightforward to check it out — on Android, you need to grab test builds from

, while on desktop, you can download test builds from Signal’s website or compile from source. iPhone owners will need to clone the code and run it on the XCode Simulator on macOS. Realistically, you should probably just wait until it’s available for everyone, which should happen within the next few months.Source:


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