Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Sirius XM is celebrating the new Tortured Poets Department album with a dedicated Taylor Swift station—Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version). Swifties can listen to the station for free through May 6th without creating a SiriusXM account or signing up for a trial. All you need is a satellite radio or a phone.

Yes, terrestrial radio will broadcast plenty of Taylor Swift this month, and her music is readily available on streaming services. SiriusXM’s offering is unique because it’s curated, ad-free, and earmarked with short fan messages. This weekend will be filled with a front-to-back loop of the new Tortured Poets Department album, but Channel 13 will queue up rare tracks, live recordings, B-sides, and other exciting content after April 21st.

You can enjoy Channel 13 (Taylor’s Version) for free through May 6th, even without a SiriusXM trial. Just turn on the satellite radio in your car and select Channel 13. Or, fire up Channel 13 in the SiriusXM app on Android or iPhone. (This should also work with satellite-enabled audio receivers, and the SiriusXM app can be found on non-smartphone devices, such as smart TVs.)

SiriusXM offers free channels every now and then, and it opens free access to all stations once or twice a year. The goal is to get more subscribers, of course. If you decide that you’re in love with satellite radio, you can join SiriusXM for the introductory price of $1 a month (which balloons to $24 after three months). In my experience, SiriusXM will usually offer $5-a-month pricing before an introductory offer ends. Very few people pay full price for this satellite radio service.

Note that some older Sirius satellite modules do not receive free channels. You may also find that the SiriusXM app offers better sound quality than a satellite radio—try the app if satellite radio quality fails to meet your strict Swiftie standards.

After May 7th, SiriusXM will turn Channel 13 into something new. It will not be the “Taylor Swift station” forever, which is somewhat surprising. A dedicated Taylor Swift channel would have more variety than The Beatles’ SiriusXM station, as she’s got nearly 300 songs.

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