Tue. May 21st, 2024

Sonos is preparing to roll out a redesigned app that eliminates “tab-to-tab jumping” and provides greater home screen customization. The app redesign, which launches May 7th, will be accompanied by a new browser-based web app.

The Sonos S2 app has endured constant criticism since its 2020 launch. Not only does it have a clunky, unintuitive interface, but it suffers from connectivity problems that prevent some users from enjoying their expensive Sonos speakers.

With its app redesign, Sonos promises an “easier, faster, and better” streaming experience. Tab-to-tab navigation has been replaced by an all-in-one home screen, which offers immediate access to your connected streaming services and favorite content. The search bar gets a permanent place at the top of the home screen, and system controls can now be accessed with a simple “swipe up” gesture. Customization is also a big part of this update. You can pin or rearrange items around your home screen, and speaker grouping is easier than ever before.

Unfortunately, Sonos hasn’t mentioned specific bugfixes or connectivity improvements for the S2 app. An old rumor from Bloomberg suggests that Sonos is updating its device setup process (in preparation for a new line of headphones), so there’s still hope, but we’ll need to wait until May 7th to find out.

As for the new Sonos web app—well, it’s almost identical to the revamped mobile experience. The only major difference is the Your System menu, which is permanently placed on the right-hand side of the web app (instead of being hidden behind a “swipe-up” gesture). Sonos tells me that the web app is only for playback and cannot be used to set up or configure smart speakers.

Note that this web app is a full-on replacement for Sonos’ old desktop controller software (which also lacked device setup functionality). If you’re like me, you’d prefer a desktop app. Thankfully, you can turn web apps into desktop apps on Windows and macOS.

Sonos will roll out its revamped S2 mobile app on May 7th. The brand-new web app, which can be accessed from any browser, launches the same day. All S2-compatible speakers will work with the redesigned mobile app and the new web app.

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