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Key Takeaways

  • ULT Field 7 brings party vibes with powerful bass, flashing lights, and mic input for karaoke—perfect for gatherings.
  • Quick-charging feature and dust-proof construction make it suitable for outdoor use without interruption.
  • The speaker’s booming sound fills large spaces indoors and outdoors effectively.

Sony is still obsessed with bass after decades. Its new ULT Field 7 Bluetooth speaker is the latest confirmation of that. With two levels of deep and punchy bass, the speaker can even be a little overwhelming in tight quarters.

Sony ULT FIELD 7 Wireless Speaker Black SRSULT70

Sony ULT Field 7

Bring the party anywhere with powerful bass, dynamic lighting, and a mic port for karaoke. With quick-charging capabilities and dust-and-rust proof construction, the party can go on uninterrupted. 

Bluetooth 5.2


8.9 x 20.2 x 8.8in

Up to 30 hours

USB-C, 3.5mm in, quarter inch in


Top media controls

2 tweeters, 2 woofers

Water and dust resistance


  • Loud, impactful bass
  • Clear and crisp audio quality
  • 3.5mm and quarter-inch inputs

  • Edge handle style mostly requires two hands
  • ULT button effects are disastrous

Is ULT the Ultimate Bass Button or an Ultra Bass Button?

Sony ULT Field 7 being held by a person over their head
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Before dissecting how ultimate the bass on the speaker is, it’s worth clarifying that the ULT Field 7 is a full-on boombox. A verified “Say Anything,” two hands-type of speaker. Instead of any dedicated handle, however, the grips are built into each end of the unit.

Plenty of handheld portable speakers can get loud enough for a gathering of people, but the Field 7 is a true party speaker. It has flashing lights, a quarter inch input for a mic or guitar, and most importantly, it has a heart-pumping sound that you can feel in your chest.

top buttons on the Sony ULT Field 7
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

With the right bass-heavy club track or remix, the power from the speaker is intense. Hopefully, you don’t have heart conditions and also using the speaker in a confined space.

Tapping the ULT button once “enhances the deeper low-pass range.” A second press adds a “sense of increased power.” The distinction between the two modes can be summed up by whether you want to drown in low-end frequency or be punched in the gut by sound.

Charli XCX’s new album “Brat” is a self-described clubbing album so I played “Club Classics” and “Brb” on the speaker to give it a test drive. The songs sounded at home on the Field 7, but I had a hard time deciding which ULT mode I preferred—both modes fit the songs’ profile well.

With other pop songs, I tended to prefer the deeper bass, while in other genres of songs, I usually preferred the punchier option. To each their own.

Be prepared for the worst sound effects you’ve ever heard when you press the ULT button. It isn’t long in duration, but it is disruptive and chaotic. (If you use the Sony Music Center app to change the modes, the effects are bypassed, thankfully.)

Inside my house, the Field 7 speaker performed great. When turned up, it could literally fill my entire two-story home with sound. But importantly, it was able to handle itself outside too. It’s easy for underpowered speakers to sound hollow and weak without walls to bounce their audio off of.

There’s a new setting that automatically adapts the Field 7’s sound to an optimized quality. I kept this enabled all the time and didn’t notice any weird glitches or miscues. The speaker pushed out lush ballads and pounded away at rock anthems.

The Finer Details Are Interesting

back flap of the Sony ULT Field 7 open showing ports
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

The ULT Field 7 is a party speaker made for big moments, unlike its smaller counterpart, the ULT Field 1. As such, it has a quarter inch input on the back that can be used for a microphone or a guitar. There’s pitch control and echo buttons for use if karaoke is your thing.

A light button will only turn the glow off or on. To control the effects you’ll need to use the Sony Music Center app, which is available for iPhone and Android.

The speaker is IP67 rated which Sony says is waterproof, rustproof, and dustproof. Take it to the pool or beach.

On the battery front, the Field 7 can get up to 30 hours of life, though that will depend on how loud you push it. If you do burn through power, 10 minutes of charging time will get you 3 hours of listening time. My unit came less than fully charged so I wore it down and can verify it does charge pretty quickly.

Is the Sony ULT Field 7 Worth Spending Money On?

Sony ULT Field 7 standing vertical outside
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

If you’re constantly hosting parties or gatherings, the $499 retail price of the Sony ULT Field 7 shouldn’t be too big of a hurdle. It can be set on a patio and easily cover a pool party or backyard event. (The speaker gets loud, but it will have its limits. It might not be able to cover professional events.)

Despite its audio skills, the Field 7 isn’t the most aesthetically attractive speaker to place in your living room. You would probably be served better if what you need is a stationary loudspeaker. With its flashing lights and instrument input, the Field 7 wants to travel and go places, even if it’s not the easiest device to carry.

Sony ULT FIELD 7 Wireless Speaker Black SRSULT70

Sony ULT Field 7

Bring the party anywhere with powerful bass, dynamic lighting, and a mic port for karaoke. With quick-charging capabilities and dust-and-rust proof construction, the party can go on uninterrupted. 

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