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Calling all smart home enthusiasts and home decor lovers! Govee has introduced a couple of new models to its Govee Floor Lamp Series. They are designed to blend into your lifestyle with all the convenience and ambiance the company is renowned for.

With their user-friendly features and customizable settings, the Govee Floor Lamp 2 and the Govee Floor Lamp Pro enhance your living, working, and sleeping areas and transform them into cozy havens or energetic workstations.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy millennial, a design-conscious homeowner, a remote worker, or a busy parent, these lamps will illuminate in style and to your liking.

Creating Smart Lifestyles, One Illuminating Solution at a Time

The illuminated, colorful base of a Govee Floor Lamp 2

Since 2017, Govee has been revolutionizing smart home lighting with the idea that “lights can be fun.”

The company’s innovative and illuminating solutions have transformed gaming stations, living spaces, and even outdoor areas into personalized experiences with unique radiance.

Govee, quite simply, empowers users to create the right light for their needs. Since the launch of the Floor Lamp Series in 2021, the company has consistently added new models to appeal to different lifestyles.

It doesn’t matter if you need a relaxing mood for your morning yoga or energizing brightness to help you get a project finished, Govee floor lamps have you covered. It’s smart lighting made simple and cool (or warm, if that’s what you need!)

Innovative Illumination: The Govee Floor Lamp Edge

A Govee rope light

Kitted out with the latest innovations, Govee floor lamps give you effortless control over your lighting. Their features allow you to comfortably integrate with other smart home devices or set a mood for the moment.


Equipped with cutting-edge RGBICWW lighting, Govee floor lamps deliver richer and more vibrant colors with increased light beads for a softer glow. You can customize illumination to match your mood or choose from tons of preset options.

It doesn’t end there, either. With the lamps’ Music Sync feature you can enhance the mood with lighting synchronized to your choice of music. Get the party going with pulsating colors set to energetic beats or transition between hues to soothing classical sounds.

Captivating DreamView

DreamView is a captivating feature that provides an exquisite experience that goes way beyond traditional lighting.

If you can imagine a myriad of colorful, soft hues blending together to create a dream-like atmosphere, you’ll understand the magic of Govee’s smart lighting system.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading, entertaining, or just relaxing, DreamView adds a magical touch to your home.

Future Proofing With Matter Connectivity

To further this interconnected experience, Govee is also collaborating with the Matter community.

This broad group works together to develop the Matter connectivity standard, a universal language that ensures Govee products can seamlessly interact with other smart devices and hubs for a smooth, unified user experience.

Chic Design Meets Intuitive Function

A Govee floor lamp located next to a couch in a living area.

With their sleek and contemporary designs, each lamp harmoniously blends into any interior decor. On top of offering a chic look, you also get user-friendly features and conveniences to enhance dynamic lifestyles.

Govee lamps offer simple installation and portability, too. You can move them from room to room with ease and set them up in no time.

Not only that but with the ability to control them by voice when in the room or by app when you’re not, you can access their range of features from anywhere.

You can customize the colors or adjust the brightness, set timers to ensure your little ones don’t read past bedtime, or create a nightlight if so desired. You can also set different lighting schedules and sequences throughout the day or just simply turn them on or off.

Whatever you desire from smart lighting, Govee has dedicated itself to your need for convenience and flexibility.

Introducing Govee’s Latest Floor Lamps

The Govee Floor Lamp 2

Two Govee Floor lamp 2s illuminating a music room in a purple hue.

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 (Model 607C) launched in April 2024 at a retail price of $149.99. This versatile lamp is an upgrade on the popular Lyra model and features extra light beads to deliver even more illumination.

It’s also taller and provides more coverage, making it suitable for large areas. You get a wide range of lighting options, too. Whether you want a warm, ambient glow for chilling to music or a bright, energizing light to help boost your productivity, this lamp is for you.

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 also boasts Matter compatibility, meaning you can integrate it into your existing smart home setup.

The Govee Floor Lamp Pro

A colorful Govee Floor Lamp illuminating next to a bed.

The Govee Floor Lamp Pro (Model 6079) is another of the company’s latest and greatest offerings. This flagship model is available at a retail price of $219.99 and also launched in April 2024. It’s the pinnacle of the Govee Floor Lamp Series with its top-tier tech and stunning design.

This lamp sets new standards for brightness and boasts an advanced Synchronous Change of Sound and Lighting Effects feature for a truly unique experience. If you’re a serious smart home enthusiast, then this should be your go-to floor lamp.

These cutting-edge features, in addition to its sleek design, also make this the ideal lamp to add a touch of sophistication to your home.

The Entry-Level Choice

Govee Smart Corner Floor Lamp

If you seek something a bit more affordable yet still want features and convenience, then the Govee Smart Corner Floor Lamp (Model 6076) is an excellent entry-level option. It launched in 2021 and is available at an eye-catching price of just $99.99.

However, don’t presume this is a limited choice just because it falls into the budget-friendly price range. Quite the opposite; in fact, this lamp still delivers the fundamental features of adjustable colors and brightness.

If you desire a simple way to effectively enhance the ambiance of any room at a budget-friendly price, then this is the lamp for you.

Mid-Range Versatility

A Govee Floor Lamp illuminating a living area

Govee Lyra

The Lyra (Model 6072) is Govee’s classic mid-range model. It offers a versatile range of lighting options, from soft illumination when watching movies to bright light that helps you focus in the kitchen.

This lamp was the first in the Govee Floor Lamp Series and remains a popular buy. It caters to both the tech-savvy user and the home decor enthusiast with its advanced features and stylish design.

As a mid-range option, it retails at $149.99 and will seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem.

A Premium Offering

Govee Cylinder Floor Lamp

Having been launched in December 2022, the Govee Cylinder Floor Lamp (Model 6078) is still fresh and offers buyers some exciting features.

For the retail price of $169.99, this floor lamp offers premium 360° lighting effects and patterns to create dynamic scenes. It delivers an alluring experience and is a niche in the Govee lineup for those desiring a multi-sensory adventure.

This lamp will also enhance the aesthetics of any room and is a fantastic party accessory. However, those lighting effects are also a terrific way to unwind after a hard day’s work or when you just want to slow down and take it easy.

Light Up Your Smart Lifestyle With a Govee Glow

A Govee floor lamp colorfully lighting a home office.

From innovative RGBICWW tech to captivating features like Music Sync and DreamView, the Govee Floor Lamp Series transforms lighting into a personal experience.

With chic aesthetics, smart controls, and Matter integration, these lamps can blend into your smart home ecosystem with ease.

Whether you seek energetic vibrance or relaxing ambiance, Govee brightens lives with illuminating brilliance.

A Govee floor Lamp

Govee Floor Lamp

The Govee Floor Lamp Series offers personalized lighting with features like RGBICWW tech, Music Sync, and DreamView. These lamps are designed to integrate easily into smart homes with chic aesthetics, smart controls, and Matter compatibility.

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