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SwitchBot just opened pre-orders for the Lock Pro, a smart lock that can be installed without replacing your deadbolt. The Lock Pro offers several improvements over SwitchBot’s original retrofit smart lock, including a slimmer design, a new Quick Key locking method, and a 9-month battery life.

Traditional smart locks replace your deadbolt. They can be difficult to install and require a brand-new set of keys—an inconvenience, especially for renters.

But a retrofit device like the SwitchBot Lock Pro isn’t really a “lock,” per se. It’s essentially just a robot hand that controls your existing deadbolt. The little robot gives you all the benefits of a true smart lock, but it’s far easier to install, and doesn’t call for a new set of keys.

We reviewed the original SwitchBot Lock a few years ago, and its retrofit system was far more effective than we expected. But the SwitchBot Lock Pro takes things a few steps further. Its design is slimmer and far more attractive than that of the original SwitchBot Lock, and it uses an improved mounting system to prevent wobble. SwitchBot also extended the battery life to nine months and swapped out the uncommon CR123A cells for traditional AA batteries.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro also gains a “Quick Key” locking system. It’s a big button that you can press to lock your door (or press twice to temporarily disable auto-locking). Of course, there are also several “smart” locking or unlocking methods—you can use an app or widget on your smartphone, voice control, smart home routines, or schedules.

SwitchBot also offers a wireless keypad for the Lock Pro. This keypad, which is placed on the outside of your door, allows family or friends to enter your home using their fingerprint or a custom key code. And, if you really need more unlock methods, SwitchBot sells NFC cards, remote controllers, and wireless tags on its website.

Out of the box, the SwitchBot Lock Pro only supports single-cylinder deadbolts. Jimmy-proof and Mortise locks are also supported but require special accessories. Customers who need these accessories should contact SwitchBot’s customer support team.

Pre-orders for the SwitchBot Lock Pro start at $120, though SwitchBot is currently offering a $30 discount on its website. Orders begin shipping March 31st. Note that Apple Home functionality requires the SwitchBot Matter hub, which is an additional purchase.

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