Tue. May 21st, 2024

T-Mobile’s home internet service gives you unlimited 5G data for your home, with relatively few catches and super simple pricing. There was also only one plan to choose from, but T-Mobile is now changing that with the introduction of two additional options.

T-Mobile has introduced two new internet plans for its 5G Home Internet service, which the company says are aimed at addressing different connectivity needs. On top of the regular Home Internet plan, there is a new “Home Internet Plus” tier and an “Away” plan for travel.

Home Internet Plus focuses on providing comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage for households dealing with increased online activity and the use of smart devices. It’s the same thing as the Home Internet plan network-wise, so if you want to get this thinking you’ll get faster internet out of this, you’ll probably be disappointed. This plan includes not only T-Mobile’s latest 5G gateway but also a Wi-Fi Mesh Access Point, which extend coverage throughout the home, with up to 2,200 square feet of additional coverage. Comcast, Google Fiber, and other traditional ISPs already offer routers with additional access points, so it makes sense that T-Mobile would also do that.

The Home Internet Plus also includes better support than what you would get with the regular Home Internet tier, offering unlimited 24/7 tech support for connected devices. You also get all those nice perks and benefits like Price Lock, no equipment fees, and simple self-setup. The plan is priced at $70 a month with AutoPay, so it’s a bit more expensive than the regular plan, so you’ll have to think whether the benefits are worth the added costs. Again, there’s no improvements network-wise. Both plans feature unlimited 5G data.

The new Away plan, on the other hand, targets travelers who require connectivity on the go. The plan offers nationwide coverage on T-Mobile’s network, ensuring that customers can stay connected wherever they travel. Away includes a 5G gateway with security features, allowing customers to connect up to 64 devices simultaneously. You can take your gateway wherever you want, rather than forcing you to keep it installed in your household. It’s significantly more expensive, though. The Away plan will be available starting May 8, just in time for the summer travel season, with options for unlimited data at $160 a month with AutoPay or 200 gigabytes of data for $110 a month with AutoPay.

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