Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Mobile phone plans typically have locked-in prices that don’t change from month to month, but after a few years, it’s not uncommon for carriers to push customers to something else or change prices. T-Mobile is now raising prices for some older phone plans.

T-Mobile is raising the price per line on several legacy mobile plans, but not the current plans (like Go5G and Essentials). The company is sending text messages and notifications to affected subscribers, so if you’re a T-Mobile customer and you don’t get a message within the next few days, you don’t have anything to worry about.

T-Mobile has not published a complete list of affected plans, but data compiled by The Mobile Report reveals a $5 per month (per line) increase for Magenta, Magenta First Responder, and ONE plans. Some customers on Magenta MAX and Simple Choice plans have received an increase of $2 per month (per line).

The price increases were confirmed by T-Mobile in a post on Twitter/X. The company told one customer, “We’re adjusting prices to respond to rising costs, but we are committed to offering low prices and best value in postpaid wireless. We offer customers more for every dollar they spend than ever before, especially when you consider taxes & fees included.

These are not significant price hikes, but it can add up for families and other groups with multiple phone lines. It’s also yet another example of a mobile carrier promising not to increase prices, and then doing it anyway. When T-Mobile first rolled out its ONE plans in 2017, the company said, “T-Mobile ONE customers keep their price until THEY decide to change it. T-Mobile will never change the price you pay for your T-Mobile ONE plan. When you sign up for T-Mobile ONE, only YOU have the power to change the price you pay.”

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is quietly increasing the prices for new customers on its Go5G 55, Go5G Plus 55, and Go5G Next 55 plans by roughly $5 per month per line. The regular Go5G plans and the Essentials Choice 55 plan are not affected at this point.

Source: The Mobile Report (1, 2), Twitter/X

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