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Key Takeaways

  • The Tenways CGO600 Pro is a sleek and lightweight ebike that is perfect for urban areas and short commutes.
  • The belt drive and magnetic torque sensor made riding the CGO600 Pro incredibly smooth and quiet, while the three power choices simplified navigating different types of terrain.
  • The mobile app for the bike lacks some key features, like adjusting the on-bike settings.

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is a modern class 1 ebike. Its single-gear belt drive makes it ideal for urban areas, whether there are hills or not. It delivers on very specific needs, but if you’re doing short commutes, cruising on the weekend, or just don’t want to mess with gears, then your needs might be met by this stunner.

Tenways CGO600 Pro

$1699 $1899 Save $200

A premium class 1 ebike weighing 37lbs with a battery range of up to 53 miles. It’s powered by a rear hub motor and features a magnetic torque sensor and gates carbon belt drive.

36V, 10Ah Lithium-ion Battery with LG Cells

37lbs (with battery, no accessories)

Maximum Speed

Brake Style
TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Motor (W)
Mivice M080 350W Rear Hub Motor

Up to 53 miles


CST Puncture-proof 700C-size Tires

Mivice S200 Torque Sensor

Walk Mode

6061 Aluminium Frame

Standover crossbar height: M: 805mm, L: 823mm, XL: 841mm


  • Enough power for urban terrain
  • Smooth ride
  • Lightweight compared to most other ebikes
  • Simple, attractive design

  • App functions were superfluous
  • Integrated light could have been a little brighter

An Ebike High on Style and Design

A close up of the Tenways CGO600 Pro front light
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

The first thing I noticed about the bike was its sleek and simple frame. Thanks in part to its non-geared belt drive, there isn’t a lot of visual messiness. The real star of the design, however, turned out to be something I couldn’t see. Its light 37-pound weight needed to be felt to be truly appreciated.

Not only was the weight great for maneuvering the bike in and out of my garage, but even before that, the manageable weight was helpful for setting it up. I lifted the bike out of the top of its box by myself. I also lifted the front of the bike to insert the front wheel myself. Neither of those things were the problems they have been for heavier bikes.

Setting up the ebike consisted of attaching the kickstand, front wheel, and handlebars. The whole process took me about 30 minutes, but first-time bike buyers should budget closer to 60 minutes for the tasks.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I thought the CGO600 Pro looked like a cousin of VanMoof (R.I.P.) ebikes. Although the Avocado Green color might not be for everyone, I was smitten with its pale green complexion, which seemed sophisticated. I’ve tried a black Tenways bike before, and that color also looked good in person. The front light added to some of the bike’s visual appeal, even though it’s meant to be more for function. The light was useful at night, but I wish it had been a little bit brighter.

The Benefits of a Belt-Drive Bike

A close up of the Tenways CGO600 Pro belt drive
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Not only did the CGO600 Pro have a modern look, but it also had a sleek, modern ride. The belt drive made my suburban riding feel incredibly smooth. Complimenting the Gates Carbon Drive belt is a magnetic torque sensor, which was a humble star in how the bike performed.

Since there isn’t a throttle on the bike, all the power is channeled into three levels of pedal assist. Switching between the different tiers was almost imperceptible, save for the sensation that my legs felt strong enough to power the bike even faster.

This class 1 ebike can hit 20 miles per hour with a 15-degree hill climb. Although the bike does not give any free rides, this level of power felt acceptable to escape nearly any urban environment. Instead of messing with gears, and trying to find the right one for the current incline, the three power choices offered me a much simpler option for dealing with different types of terrain.

Riding up hills, I hit about 11 to 13 miles per hour speeds. I purposefully wasn’t trying to push myself to reach higher speeds either. I suspect anyone interested in commuting with this bike wouldn’t want to show up to work drenched in sweat. Using the most powerful pedal assist level and only minor effort still kept me moving at a reasonable speed.

Riding the Distance

About a month before riding the CGO600 Pro, I finally sold an old, traditional street bike that was taking up space in my garage. I had bought it before ebikes were ever a thing, but jumping on this CGO600 Pro still reminded me of it.

In that way, when I took my first ride on the CGO600 Pro, I didn’t feel like I was testing a piece of technology as much as it felt like I was riding my previous traditional bike. This should appeal to anyone worried about fiddling with too much tech encroachment.

I spent a few miles getting accommodated with the power levels and the ride, but as I hit double-digit miles, there was nothing more to consider. It just worked for around my suburban area like any other bike would, except it had the power to keep my legs from tiring too early, or ever.

But as is the case with any other traditional street bike in this style, I felt the lack of absorption. On roads, sidewalks, and flat areas, the lack of shocks wasn’t noticeable. As soon as I hit a large bump or exited a high curb, I was reminded. The ride was never uncomfortable, but it could be felt more at certain times.

The ebike is quoted as having up to 53 miles of range. This can be achieved on the lowest power setting. Based on my experience, the more reasonable expectation is closer to 30 miles of range. Exclusively using the bike at full power push, that number is lower, but I never felt the need to leave it on the highest setting. Especially around flatter areas, I found the middle power setting to be the sweet spot. When the battery does get depleted, it can be removed from the bike and charged anywhere. The battery also has a small 4-dot power meter, which was helpful to see without needing to turn the bike on.

Tech and the Bike’s Mobile App

Close up of the Tenways CGO600 Pro display
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

The screen did not photograph well but was readable in most lighting conditions.

The Tenways mobile app is available for iPhone and Android. It looked nice and polished, but it lacked some key components, primarily the ability to adjust the bike’s on-board settings from the phone.

Instead, changing the units, max speed, and other settings required using the tiny monochrome screen on the bike itself. I couldn’t even find a way to turn on the bike’s light from the app. That, too, is relegated to the simple on-bike controller.

Instead, the mobile app is primarily focused on letting riders see their speed and route while out on a ride. I didn’t find that compelling because I generally track rides on my Apple Watch when I want to monitor them.

The CGO600 Pro has a passcode on the display to prevent others from turning on the power. As a security measure, that felt silly. The bike was easy to ride with no power. But it was also silly that the code could not be set or bypassed with the mobile app. After a few uses of the Tenways app, I left it closed and never missed it.

CGO600 Pro Price and Availability

The Tenways CGO600 Pro is widely available and retails for $1,899 but is commonly on sale for $1,699 and offers free mudguards and a kickstand.

The $1,699 cost is still pricey compared to the wide range of increasingly budget ebike options on the market, but it feels much more reasonable than the $1,899 retail price. Velotric’s T1 ebike weighs a similar 36 pounds and also retails for around $1,699. It has some different features and trade-offs, but these are certainly two comparable bikes that come in at a similar target price.

Tenways CGO600 Pro vs CGO800S

The CGO600 Pro and the CGO800S are ultimately different enough bikes not to make the buying decision too difficult, but they are related. Most prominently, both use a single-gear belt drive.

  • The CGO600 Pro does not have any shocks
  • The CGO600 Pro does not have a display as big or as readable as the other
  • The CGO600 Pro’s seat was a tad less comfortable

On the flip side:

  • The CGO600 Pro is 9lbs lighter
  • The CGO600 Pro offers different size frames for different-sized riders

Should You Buy the Tenways CGO600 Pro Ebike?

Tenways CGO600 Pro on a basketball court standing up
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

The best candidates for the Tenways CGO600 Pro ebike will be urban (or suburban) riders who are more interested in cruising for fun than only getting down to business. The bike could be great for commuters, too, but not having a throttle to fall back on might be a bridge too far during a sweltering summer.

After driving an electric car for some time, the thing I still tout the most is the quiet ride and instantly smooth acceleration. In a lot of ways, this ebike mimicked those traits. I often forgot how much noise and hassle a metal chain could cause until it wasn’t there. The smooth and quiet ride is hard to quantify, but if that sentiment resonates with you, this bike should be a prime consideration.

Tenways CGO600 Pro

$1699 $1899 Save $200

A premium class 1 ebike weighing 37lbs with a battery range of up to 53 miles. It’s powered by a rear hub motor and features a magnetic torque sensor and gates carbon belt drive.


What are the different ebike classes?

Generally, class 1 ebikes are pedal-assist only, with no throttle, and can reach a top speed of 20MPH. Class 2 ebikes can reach a top speed of 20MPH without pedaling, using a throttle. Class 3 ebikes can go up to 28MPH when pedaling. The laws around ebikes in the U.S. are different for each state. Be sure to look into those rules where the ebike is being ridden.

Since ebike classes are only loosely defined, not all products fit nicely within the confines. A lot of electric bikes will support faster pedal-assist speeds, but also have a throttle limited to 20MPH.

How can an ebike be unlocked to go faster?

Some manufacturers limit their ebikes to certain speeds to comply with local laws, despite having the power to go faster. Whether an ebike can be unlocked to achieve a faster top speed will be on a case-per-case basis for each company or product. Typically, this faster speed is referred to as an off-road mode and is unlocked by putting a code into the display. Some manufacturers like Super73 offer this off-road ability through its mobile app.

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