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Apple’s 11-inch iPad Air is here, and with it comes an impressive selection of case options to keep it safe. These are our handpicked iPad Air cases for pretty much every use case.

What to Look for in an iPad Air 11-inch Case in 2024

Looking for the perfect case to keep your 11-inch iPad Air safe? Many options are available, so it’s important to know what to look for. Most cases designed for the 2022 and 2020 iPad Air models will fit the 2024 iPad Air 11-inch, but you’ll also want to consider factors like design, level of protection, and storage for accessories like the Apple Pencil.

Clear cases protect your iPad Air without hiding its design, while rugged cases can handle bumps and drops better than others. However, rugged cases can be bulky, so finding the right balance is essential. If you plan to use the Apple Pencil, look for a case with proper storage space to keep it safe. After all, it’s an expensive accessory.

Keyboard cases are perfect for enhancing productivity. Adding a physical keyboard and trackpad lets you achieve much more from the tablet.

Finally, design and price are important considerations. You want a case that matches your aesthetic preferences and offers high-quality protection. Moreover, while not everyone has a budget for expensive or premium cases, you also don’t want to compromise on your iPad’s protection by picking up something cheap. Fortunately, many reputed brands offer affordable cases made from high-quality materials.

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Best iPad Air Case Overall: TORRAS Ostand

Torras Ostand for ipad air 11



Durable construction

Single color option

Built-in kickstands and Apple Pencil holder

There is a lot to like about the TORRAS Ostand. Its fantastic build quality and durable construction ensure that your iPad Air remains unharmed in case of a mishap. Its multi-layered TPU bumper and air cushions offer superior 12-foot drop protection. The built-in aluminum dual-stand is perfect for hands-free media consumption, video calls, and content creation, thanks to its adjustable nature and support for landscape and portrait orientations.

The Torras Ostand case is also incredibly versatile. It features an Apple Pencil holder, which keeps the stylus secure and charges it from the iPad. Additionally, it offers precise cutouts for Touch ID, USB-C port, speakers, and mics, ensuring that you can use your iPad Air without any hindrance.

It also stands out for its aesthetic appeal. Its translucent backplate allows you to showcase the color of your iPad, adding a touch of personalization. However, it’s important to note that it’s only available in a single color, black.

If you prefer folio-style cases, Torras also offers the excellent Ark Series case, which features a PU leather exterior, a front cover that doubles as a kickstand, and a built-in Apple Pencil holder.

Torras Ostand for ipad air 11

Torras Ostand iPad Air Case

Best iPad Air Case Overall

$45 $59 Save $14

The TORRAS Ostand is our favorite iPad Air 11-inch case because it has top-notch build quality, a sleek design, and built-in storage for an Apple Pencil.

Best Budget iPad Air Case: JETech Case

JETech Case for ipad air 11



Slim design

Not as protective as heavy-duty cases

Built-in Apple Pencil holder

16 color options

Looking to save on your iPad case purchase without compromising on protection or quality? This JETech Case is perfect for you. It has everything you want in a good iPad Air case, including a folio-style design for 360-degree protection, a built-in Apple Pencil holder with charging support, and a tri-fold front cover that doubles as a kickstand.

More importantly, the JETech offering is available in 16 exciting colors, allowing you to match your iPad Air color or get one in your favorite shade. It also provides reasonable protection. But, of course, it’s not a rugged case.

Other highlights include the front flap closing magnetically and supporting the auto-sleep and wake functions. Lastly, the case offers easy access to iPad buttons, Touch ID, and the USB-C port.

JETech Case for ipad air 11

JETech Case for iPad Air

Best Budget iPad Air Case

This JETech Case proves you don’t need to spend the big bucks to add solid protection to your iPad Air. Its folio design delivers complete coverage of the iPad.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for ipad air 11



Solid drop protection

Available in one color

Good build quality

In addition to our other recommendations featuring an Apple Pencil holder, you can consider Spigen’s Rugged Armor Pro. It’s a reasonably priced iPad Air case that offers a good middle ground between heavy-duty protection and bulkiness. So, your iPad Air gets solid protection in a relatively slim profile.

Like most other Spigen cases, the Rugged Armor Pro is built well and sports a folio-style design. However, unlike most regular folios, which include the magnets in the front flap, it has a proper magnetic tab for secure closing. So, there is less chance of the front cover opening up in case of an unfortunate drop.

Among other features, the front cover of the case folds to function as a kickstand, and the placement of the Apple Pencil holder ensures the stylus can charge while being stored. Moreover, the Rugged Armor Pro has reinforced corners for excellent drop protection.

Sadly, the Spigen offering is available in only one color. If you want more colorways, you can consider the ZUGU iPad Air Case. It also provides a lot of protection and has a built-in Apple Pencil holder.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for ipad air 11

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Case For iPad Air

Best iPad Air Case With Apple Pencil Holder

In classic Spigen fashion, the Rugged Armor Pro offers high-quality protection at a reasonable price. And its Apple Pencil holder keeps your stylus secure and charged.

Logitech Combo Touch for ipad air 11



Good build quality and protection

Only works with iPad Air 11-inch

Uses smart connector for power and connectivity

Good-sized keyboard and trackpad

Logitech makes some of the best keyboards on the market, and this expertise has helped it design this impressive Combo Touch Keyboard Case. It not only packs a well-spaced keyboard and a responsive trackpad but also comes with proper protection to keep the iPad Air safe, unlike Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

You can also seamlessly detach the keyboard from the case when you don’t need it and want to use the iPad Air as a regular tablet. Plus, the Combo Touch is relatively lightweight and doesn’t add much bulk to the iPad Air.

The case doubles as a kickstand when you are typing, and you can choose any viewing angle between 10 and 60 degrees. Plus, as the case uses the official smart connector for power and connectivity, you don’t have to worry about charging the keyboard or Bluetooth issues, like other options on the market. It’s also significantly cheaper than Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which costs an eye-watering $300.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this version of Logitech Combo Touch with any other iPads, including previous generations of iPad Air—so keep this in mind if you have an older generation of the Air.

Logitech Combo Touch for ipad air 11

Logitech Combo Touch Case For iPad Air

Best iPad Air Keyboard Case

The Logitech Combo Touch is an impressive iPad Air keyboard case to boost your productivity while keeping the tablet safe. Moreover, its keyboard is detachable.

OtterBox Defender Series for ipad air 11



Heavy-duty protection


USB-C port cover

No Apple Pencil storage

Bundled stand cum protective shield

OtterBox is known for its excellent rugged cases, and its Defender Series Case for the iPad Air is no exception. It has a multi-layered, durable design will keep your iPad safe from bumps, drops, impacts, and scratches. As the case also includes a USB-C port cover, you won’t have to worry about dirt and dust entering and clogging it.

Another benefit of the OtterBox offering is the built-in screen protector for 360-degree coverage, giving you complete peace of mind. You also get a polycarbonate shield stand, which you can use to prop up the iPad, or it can add extra protection to the device when you store it.

Sadly, there is no Apple Pencil storage, but the company has included a detachable clip for the charging area on the side of the iPad Air so that you can charge the stylus without having to remove the entire case. It’s also a bit expensive, but at least it delivers top-notch protection against anything you throw at it.

OtterBox Defender Series for ipad air 11

Otterbox Defender Series Case For iPad Air

Best Rugged iPad Air Case

This OtterBox Defender Series case delivers top-notch protection and has a built-in screen protector. You also get an extra shield for the display that doubles as a kickstand.

ESR Project Zero for ipad air 11



Slim and lightweight design

No Apple Pencil storage

Decent drop protection

The ESR Project Zero is a no-frills clear back cover for the iPad Air. It adds a layer of protection to the device without hiding its design or colorway. So you can maintain the look and show it off. This flexible case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and has shock-absorbing corners for drop protection and raised edges to keep the screen and cameras free from scratches.

The ESR case is also slim and lightweight, barely adding bulk to the iPad Air. Plus, the company has included a cutout to attach the Apple Pencil for charging. Unfortunately, there is no Apple Pencil storage. If you want a clear case with Apple Pencil storage, you should consider the Ringke Fusion, which is also an excellent iPad Air case.

Besides a completely transparent version, the ESR Project Zero comes in frosted white and frosted black variants.

ESR Project Zero for ipad air 11

ESR Project Zero

Best Clear iPad Air Case

$13 $17 Save $4

The ESR Project Zero is a simple but effective clear case for the iPad Air 11-inch. It’s also slim and lightweight.

Poetic TurtleSkin for ipad air 11



Thick silicone construction

No Apple Pencil holder

Built-in heat vents and sound channels

Reinforced corners

The Poetic TurtleSkin is an excellent silicone case built to withstand relatively rough handling. So, if you are planning to give your new iPad Air to your kids, the case will keep the the tabet safe. It also feels nice and soft in the hand and has textured sides to enhance grip. But if you or your kids drop it, you’ll be happy to know that the company has included reinforced corners for top-notch drop protection.

In other features, you get thick and raised edges on the front and around the rear camera to ensure both don’t pick up scratches. You can also wash the Poetic TurtleSkin when it gets dirty to make it look new and shiny again.

The included heat vents keep the iPad cool, and the sound channels help pass the audio clearly from the iPad Air’s excellent speakers.

Although the case comes in four exciting colors, everything except black is sold out for now.

Poetic TurtleSkin for ipad air 11

Poetic TurtleSkin for iPad Air

Best iPad Air Case for Kids

The Poetic TurtleSkin is a soft but thick silicone case ready for not-so-careful usage by your kids. It features reinforced corners and raised edges.


Can I use my old iPad Air case with the new Air model?

If you own a case for the iPad Air 2022 or 2020 models, you can probably use it with the new iPad Air 11-inch. Any case that doesn’t interfere with the front camera placement will work perfectly with the latest generation iPad Air.

What is the difference between the 11-inch iPad Air and the 13-inch iPad Air?

Besides the larger screen and the overall size, the 11-inch iPad Air and 13-inch iPad Air are largely the same. Minor differences between the two models include speakers with double bass and a slightly higher display brightness on the 13-inch model.

What is the difference between the 11-inch iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro?

There are quite a few differences between the 11-inch iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro. Instead of the iPad Air’s Liquid Retina display, the iPad Pro uses an Ultra Retina XDR display, which supports HDR. The iPad Pro’s display also uses OLED technology and has a faster refresh rate, higher peak brightness, and a nano-texture display glass option for top-end models. The Pro model also packs a more powerful M4 processor, a Thunderbolt port, and a pro camera system.

Do I need the Apple Pencil Pro for my iPad Air?

Apple Pencil Pro is an optional accessory for the iPad Air. You can use the iPad Air without it. But if you are a content creator or a professional who frequently has to draw on their tablet, it’s a powerful stylus that can help. It also supports Find My to help you locate the stylus if it is misplaced.

How do I clean my iPad Air case?

iPad Air cases completely made from silicone, TPU, or polycarbonate materials can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. You can also air dry them or dry them with a paper towel. However, if you own a leather case, use a damp cloth to clean it and never apply liquid directly to it.

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