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Baby monitors allow you to keep an eye on your little ones from afar. Some even monitor movement and temperature, while others let you keep a watchful eye via video feed.

UPDATE: 02/07/2024

We’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our pick for the best baby movement monitor.

What to Look for in a Baby Monitor in 2024

Whether you’re a first-time parent or prefer the peace of mind that your baby or child is sleeping soundly, a baby monitor can offer some much-needed reassurance. Baby monitors, however, come in all shapes and sizes with a range of features, some of which you might or might not need.

Video baby monitors, for example, allow you to get a clear picture of what you’re baby or child is doing via a video stream to the parent unit or even to your phone if you invest in a smart baby monitor. This can often be useful in the early stages since you see whether that little squeak your child made was them waking up or just shifting into a new position.

Audio-only baby monitors mean you can keep your ears on the pulse, but are perhaps more suited when your baby reaches the toddler stage. They tend to be more affordable, too, so if you don’t feel a video monitor is needed, an audio monitor could save you a pretty penny.

But, if you want to go all out, some monitors can detect your baby’s movement, sending direct notifications to your phone or unit so you can be aware of everything happening.

Whatever option you choose, the result should offer relief over any stress or anxiety about whether your baby or child is okay when you’re not in the room. So, put your feet up and watch a film, or even catch up on a few hours of sleep while you get the chance!

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Nanit Baby Monitor on wall



✓ 1080p video

✗ Expensive

✓ Intuitive app

✗ Subscription required to access sleep data

✓ Night light built-in

✓ Sound and motion alerts

Using a wall mount, floor stand, or flex stand, the Nanit Pro has been designed to be placed over your baby’s crib to get a good picture of where your baby is sleeping and its surroundings. Despite its slightly intrusive look, the Nanit Pro can be easily installed, then paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

If you have a babysitter, nanny, or multiple caregivers, the Nanit Pro can be accessed by multiple users. This nice touch can be easily managed via the Nanit app from the owner’s account. If you want to revoke any permissions you previously gave, you can do this quickly too. Similarly, you can turn the Nanit camera stream on/off using the app, engage in two-way audio, or play audio like nature sounds and white noise.

In terms of video, the Nanit Pro features a 1080p camera that can be viewed via the stream on your phone. If you are in monitoring mode, the app will restrict your phone from going on standby, so you can continue to monitor the stream uninterrupted. Night vision is good, so you’ll get a clear picture no matter when your baby is sleeping.

If you want to view more than just your baby, Nanit Pro’s Nanit Insights feature can offer sleep tracking and video history. However, this does require a subscription after the first year of Insights Basic that you get for free. The Breathing Band (0-3 months) can track your child’s breathing in the app. This will detail information like breaths per minute and sound an alarm if no respiration is detected for over 20 seconds.

The Nanit Pro, while expensive, offers complete peace of mind over every aspect of your child’s sleep. You can see and hear your baby and track movement and breathing across a range of different views, depending on where you place the camera. As your baby grows up, you can use the Flex Stand from room to room and get a 130-degree view in seconds.

nanit pro

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

Best Baby Monitor Overall

$286 $380 Save $94

The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System gives you peace of mind via live video stream, two-way talk, breathing, and movement monitoring.

Best Budget Baby Monitor: VTech DM111

VTech baby speaker and monitor on grey background



✓ Budget-friendly

✗ Battery only lasts 8 hours

✓ Clear indicators

✗ No video or smart features

✓ Volume adjustment

✓ Works up to 1000 feet

If cheap and cheerful is what you’re after, the VTech DM111 is one of the most affordable baby monitors around. You can, however, opt to spend a little more on a bundle like the Audio Monitor & Portable Soother Bundle, Audio Monitor with 1 Parent Unit & Pacifier, or Audio Monitor with 2 Parent Units.

The VTech DM111 is a reliable unit that’s great for larger homes. The long-range coverage can reach up to 1,000 feet, so you can comfortably enjoy a backyard BBQ while still being connected with your child. Additionally, the unit is rechargeable, so it can be made portable for up to 8 hours before needing another recharge.

Setup is simple—turn the baby and parent units on and connect them using the link feature. While smart features do tend to offer extra insights into your baby’s sleep or movement, sometimes all you need is to hear when your baby needs you. And, whether you’re sleeping in the next room or enjoying the company of friends and family, you can easily adjust the volume on the parent unit.

With Digital Wireless Transmission, the VTech DM111 seamlessly eliminates background noises so you can focus on your baby. The 5-level sound indicator gives you the control you need depending on your situation, and the LED lights display how much noise is present in your baby’s room if the parent unit is muted.

The VTech DM111 is a solid and reliable baby monitor that won’t break the bank. It’s a recognizable brand, too, so you know your baby is in safe hands.

VTech Upgraded Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM111

Best Budget Baby Monitor

$17 $22 Save $5

With a range of up to 1,000 feet, you can listen to your baby from anywhere in your home or yard. Feel more in control with adjustable volume and a convenient belt clip.

Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitor: Owlet Cam 2

Owlet cam and phones set up



✓ Sound and motion notifications

✗ Average sound

✓ 1080p video

✗ Zoom can result in poor image quality

✓ AES-128 bit encryption

✓ Temperature and humidity readings

The Owlet Cam 2 is a versatile baby monitor that can be connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. The Owlet app allows you to stream to up to four devices to view your baby or child from anywhere—useful for when you’re on a date night while the grandparents are keeping an eye.

Using the included mounting kit, you can easily wall mount the Owlet Cam 2 or place it on a shelf. The mounting kit, similar to the Nanit Pro, is quite intrusive and certainly isn’t discreet. However, this is a small price to ensure your baby is safe and sound when in their room alone. And, thanks to 1080p video, you can stream the camera’s feed to your phone with a clear picture.

The Owlet Cam 2 features night vision and a wide-angle view to see your baby no matter your environment. Similarly, you can also see the temperature and humidity readings of the room so you know whether the room is suitable for your child. Using the app, you can playback video recordings to identify patterns in your baby’s sleep which may help with feeding cues and other movements.

Available in Bedtime Blue, Dusty Rose, Sleepy Sage, and White, the Owlet Cam 2 is a solid choice if you want to see your baby’s room wherever you are. You don’t need to be in the same room or at home to get the reassurance you need.

Owlet Cam 2

Owlet Cam 2

Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

$127 $159 Save $32

Stream clear video in 1080p with the Owlet Cam 2 which is available in a variety of colors.

Best Split-Screen Baby Monitor: Babysense HD S2

Babysense monitor and cams



✓ 5-inch screen

✗ No Wi-Fi

✓ Split-screen functionality

✗ Infrared cannot be turned off

✓ Two cameras included

✓ Long range

If you have twins, triplets, or a baby and a toddler that you need to keep an eye on at nap or bedtime, it’s worth considering a split-screen baby monitor. If you have more than one child, the chances are they might not be sharing a room yet. Or, even if they do, one camera may not offer enough coverage. The Babysense HD S2 offers a split-screen display with two HD cameras. However, it does have the ability to connect up to four cameras across different rooms.

This baby monitor offers a wide range of functionality. The large 5-inch screen can deliver a 720p HD image with up to 4x zoom and a range of 960 feet. Aside from the versatile display, it also comes equipped with two-way audio, white noise sounds, or lullabies to soothe your baby back to sleep when they stir in the night.

The Babysense HD S2 also works if you’re looking for a more portable baby monitor. The 4000mAh battery lasts around 20 hours in ECO mode or 12 hours in regular mode. ECO mode turns the screen off—however, it will turn it on as soon as the camera detects any noise greater than the selected sensitivity level. This gives you peace of mind without draining the battery so quickly.

Boasting a secure wireless connection, the Babysense HD S2 eliminates the risk of your monitor being hacked. This offers the reassurance that you, and only you, can view your child. However, you do forego any smart features with this baby monitor, so you’ll need to weigh up what’s a priority for you.

With intuitive controls, this split-screen baby monitor is easy to set up and use and makes viewing multiple children a breeze. The included cameras give you a 360-degree view of the room, night vision, and a real-time temperature sensor. In addition, the cameras also double up as a night light with three intensity levels so you can create a soothing and calm atmosphere for your child.

Babysense 5inch HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor

Babysense HD S2

Best Split-Screen Baby Monitor

$140 $180 Save $40

Being able to view multiple children on a baby monitor could get expensive. However, with the Babysense HD S2, you can split the screen and connect up to four cameras.

Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor



✓ Video monitor and movement monitor combo

✗ Expensive

✓ Provides complete 24-hour surveillance

✗ No smart features

✓ Sensor pads detect every micro-movement

This Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor combo pack includes the Babysense Video Baby Monitor V24R and the Babysense 7 Baby Movement Monitor, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to remotely checking in on your little one.

The video baby monitor provides a crystal clear 2.4-inch digital display, with 2x digital zoom, night vision, Eco Mode voice activation, and room temperature monitoring. It can also provide soothing sounds with lullabies and white noise and can be mounted on tabletops or walls, for convenience. It allows you to maintain a secure connection with your baby at all times.

Additionally, the Babysense 7 provides extra peace of mind by non-intrusively monitoring your baby’s movements. It consists of two sensor pads which are intended to cover the entire crib area and sit underneath the mattress without causing any discomfort. The movement monitor itself can then be attached to the side of the crib, registering every micro movement that your baby makes.

Providing 24-hour surveillance, this highly sensitive non-touch movement monitor gives essential reassurance to parents during the early stages of their child’s development. You can take the rest you need while your baby sleeps, giving you complete control, and letting you be with them from anywhere in the home.

Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor Tag

Babysense Video and Baby Movement Monitor

Best Baby Movement Monitor

Enjoy complete peace of mind with the Babysense Video and Baby Movement Monitor, with 24-hour surveillance for your baby during those vital early stages of development.

Best Audio Baby Monitor: VTech DM1211

VTech Baby Monitors



✓ Lightweight and portable

✗ The baby unit is very lightweight so could easily be knocked over

✓ Not too expensive

✓ Vibration mode

✓ Two parent units included

Sometimes it’s unnecessary to have a Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitor or parent unit with a screen. If you want to save money and invest in an audio-only baby monitor, the VTech DM1211 should provide everything you need. It’s a slight upgrade over the VTech DM111 and includes two parent units, so you can have one in the lounge and one in the kitchen without moving a single unit around.

The estimated range of the VTech DM1211 is around 1,500 feet. This is plenty should you have guests in the yard that you want to entertain while remaining connected to your sleeping child. Two-way talk is supported, so the functionality is easy to access if you need to offer some reassurance when they stir.

The VTech DM1211 has a built-in night light to create a comforting atmosphere. However, if you don’t want this feature enabled, you can easily turn it off. Similarly, if you don’t want the parent unit to transmit every sound in your baby’s room, you can switch it to vibration mode. This will alert you to any sounds with a gentle vibration.

The VTech DM1211 features a handy belt clip like the previous VTech baby monitor model. If you’re doing chores or moving around a lot and want to keep your baby with you while at a distance, you can simply clip the monitor onto you. And, since it weighs a mere 1.5 pounds, it won’t feel like it’s weighing you down.

The rechargeable battery is said to last around six hours. While this might not be as much as some other battery-powered baby monitors, it should be plenty for when you need the unit to be portable. When you’re stationary, you can charge it or keep it powered with the AC adapter.

With two parent units and an audio baby monitor, the VTech DM1211 is a reliable choice if you’re not interested in smart technology or screens. The small display alerts you to anything you need to know while being lightweight, portable, and durable.

VTech DM1211-2

VTech DM1211

Best Audio Baby Monitor

With two parent units included, the VTech DM1211 is ideal for multiple rooms or even for an extra caregiver or nanny to attend to your baby’s needs.

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