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Gear isn’t everything, but the right equipment can improve your day-to-day photography experience. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best camera accessories to up your game no matter what you shoot.

UPDATE: 03/25/2024

We updated our recommendations for the best tripod and best shutter release.

Finding the Right Camera Accessories in 2024

When choosing gear, it’s important to consider how and what you shoot. Are you a landscape photographer, or do you prefer sports photography? One will need a steady, rugged tripod while the other might benefit from investing in a good camera strap.

Evaluating your needs as a photographer will not only help you choose the best photo accessories for you, it’ll keep you from spending money on stuff you’ll never use.

Though your needs will vary, there are a few items just about every photographer can benefit from including in their kit. A good sturdy camera bag, for example, and a strong tripod. Let’s not forget a rock-solid memory card that you know will keep your images safe until you can get home to back them up. These are the small but essential items you may not consider when getting into photography but will end up needing.

Here we’ll go over the broader categories of camera accessories, from backpacks to memory cards, to help you choose some solid options to build out your kit. Because there are so many great options out there, we stuck to the ones we thought would make the best all-around or introductory pieces of kit.

Keep them for years or use them as a stepping stone—either way, you’ll find something in our list of top photography gear you can use.

Person using Peak Design totebag
Peak Design



✓ Durable design to stand up to everyday use

✗ Doesn’t fit quite as much as other camera bags

✓ Weatherproofing to keep gear dry

✓ Moderate price point makes it more affordable than other bags like this

✓ Sleek, minimal design

With so many different camera bags out there—sling, messenger, backpack, holster—choosing the best one can be difficult. Which one you need will largely come down to personal preference.

That said, the Peak Design Everyday Totepack is an excellent all-rounder if you’re looking for a simple go-to camera pack for your everyday carry.

This backpack can be arranged into multiple configurations to fit your gear, so whether you shoot mirrorless or DSLR, you’ll be able to carry a body plus a few lenses. It’s designed with external cords you can fasten a cover to if you’re trekking through brutal weather, is made from sturdy recycled canvas, and has a weatherproof top closure.

Peak Design’s pack is also one of the few camera bags that doesn’t look like a camera bag, so it can easily double as a commuter companion or day pack. And all of this comes at a very reasonable price point, which is just icing on the cake.

peak design totebag

Peak Design Everyday Totepack

Best Camera Bag

Peak Design’s Everyday Totepack is a well-designed and stylish camera bag you can take anywhere.

Three 3 Legged Thing Legends Bucky tripods



✓ Three removable legs

✗ AirHed VU ball head viewing window looks great but has no practical use

✓ Easily straps to a backpack

✗ Not the most expensive, but still a bit pricey

✓ Lightweight and durable construction

✓ Legs extend quickly and lock securely

✓ Can hold a heavy DSLR with a large zoom lens

A tripod is an essential camera accessory that every serious shutterbug needs. The Bucky tripod by 3 Legged Things is one of the sturdiest foundations photographers can buy and offers rock-solid stability no matter the shooting conditions.

With carbon-fiber tubes teamed together with magnesium-alloy fixings, 3 Legged Things has given photographers strength and stability in a lightweight package. In fact, this tripod weighs just 4.1lbs (1.87kg) and folds down to just over 16 inches to offer a perfect balance between portability and durability.

Despite its lightweight build, the Bucky has an impressive load capacity of up to 66lbs (30kg) with the legs at 23 degrees. You can also position the legs to 55 and 80 degrees with maximum load capacities of 44lbs (20kg) and 22lbs (10kg) respectively. It’s built for support and will hold even the largest DSLR camera with the longest telephoto lens.

The tripod boasts detachable five-section legs and a removable and reversible triple-section center column. This offers photographers better versatility in various shooting situations. You can customize the height to suit different terrains and angles and shoot at levels as low as 11cm or as high as almost two meters.

The AirHed VU ball head offers smooth and precise control over camera positioning. You also get a gimmicky viewing window that allows you to observe the inner workings, although its practical use is limited.

3 Legged Thing Legends Bucky

3 Legged Thing Legends Bucky Tripod

Best Tripod

The 3 Legged Thing Bucky tripod is a versatile and stable tripod suitable for all photography levels and genres. It’s lightweight and folds down to compact dimensions, ideal for traveling photographers.




✓ Comfortable in the hand

✗ Different models serve different cameras

✓ Simple to use

✓ Good value

A shutter release is an essential piece of equipment if you need to trigger your camera shutter remotely with precise timing. It helps to prevent camera shaking when taking images with long exposures, such as astrophotography shots. You can also set intervals between frames for time-lapses or give yourself a moment to get into a portrait shot by setting a timer.

The Neewer Shutter Release Timer Remote Control can do all of this, and it’s easy to use. The four-way directional pad in the center is simple, and it is a breeze to toggle between the settings. Furthermore, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable in the hand, and the large LCD is easy to see.

This model is compatible with various Canon EOS DSLR cameras, but check for compatibility because this model is compatible with different EOS cameras, Samsung models, and Pentax and Contax film SLR cameras. There is also a specific model for Nikon DSLRs.

However, you might prefer the simplicity of a mechanical shutter. You could choose a traditional shutter release if you prefer tactile feedback, a lower cost, or you don’t want to rely on batteries. Or maybe you have a classic camera or a contemporary model with a retro design. Whatever your reason, the JJC Mechanical Shutter Release Cable is a dependable and affordable option.

Neewer Shutter Release Timer Remote Control

Neewer Shutter Release Cable

Best Shutter Release

$20 $23 Save $3

The Neewer Shutter Release Cable is a great choice for time-lapses and astrophotography or just for getting in on the portrait.




✓ Rugged design

✗ High price point

✓ High read/write speed during real-world use

✗ Lower capacity type B cards might not be as fast

For those with mirrorless cameras that take CFexpress cards, ProGrade Digital’s Gold line performs with the best of them. If you’re the kind of person who worries about snapping memory cards in the field, ProGrade’s cards are built with a metal enclosure for extra durability. They’re also resistant to moisture, shocks, x-rays, and temperature changes.

In a real-world performance test by photography website PetaPixel, the Cobalt cards tied for first in a number of benchmark tests, making them a solid all-around choice.

ProGrade makes both type A and type B cards, with the type B cards available in up to 660 GB capacity. If you’re buying type B cards, go for higher-capacity options—the smaller cards are cheaper, but they have slower write speeds.


Prograde Digital CFexpress 2.0 Gold Memory Card

Best CFexpress Card

If you need a great CFexpress card for heavy-duty professional use, the Prograde Gold line will serve you well.

SanDisk SD card on pink background



✓ Great value for the price

✗ Not as fast as newer formats like CFexpress

✓ Among the faster SD cards you can buy

✓ 64GB lets you fit a lot on the card without putting all your eggs in one basket

If you’re shooting one of the myriad cameras that still only takes SD cards but you still need speed, not to worry. SanDisk’s Extreme Pro ultra high speed (UHS) cards have an average write speed of around 60 MB/s, which is perfectly serviceable for burst stills and HD video. Even higher-end DSLRs like Canon’s 5D Mk IV and Nikon’s D850 won’t have a problem with these cards.

64 GB offers a good amount of storage space without cramming your entire shoot onto one card, though you could mitigate that risk by getting two higher-capacity cards and setting your camera to use one as a backup.

SanDisk’s SD cards are also super inexpensive and come from a reliable manufacturer, so both you and your wallet will be happy.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Card

Best SD Card

$14 $19 Save $5

SanDisk offers a workhorse SD memory card that will keep up with whatever you throw at it.

Person using Peak Design slide strap
Peak Design



✓ Configurable design lets you wear the strap multiple ways

✗ Might not be right for someone who wants a leather strap or a bolder aesthetic

✓ Comfortable and quick-adjusting

✓ Not very expensive at around $65

Peak Design gets another spot on our list for their Slide camera strap. You can wear it over the neck, or reconfigure it into a sling strap if that’s your preference. Peak Design’s proprietary connectors also make it pretty easy to get the strap on and off your camera body.

The Slide is designed with non-slip grips and cushioning for comfort and comes in a few different neutral colors, so it’ll go with just about anything you’re wearing to that wedding gig or event shoot.

Mirrorless or DSLR, you’ll be able to lug your gear around with one of these—the company’s website says the Slide is capable of supporting up to 200 lbs. We really don’t recommend walking around with a whole person on your neck, but hey, you could if you wanted to.

peak design slide

Peak Design Slide Strap

Best Camera Strap Overall

Peak Design offers a comfortable and durable camera strap you can customize.


Are camera tripods allowed as carry-ons?

As long as they fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat, you can check a tripod in as a carry-on.

Are camera tripods universal?

For the most part, you can use any tripod with any camera, although you may have to purchase a specific tripod head for it to work. However, not all tripods are well-suited for all types of photography.

How do you put on a camera strap?

Feed the strap through the camera’s tether points, then create some slack on the strap by pulling up on the plastic fastener. Then, feed the strap through the retainer part of the plastic strap, and pull both ends of the strap up to make a tight fit.

How do you clean a camera bag?

The method of cleaning your camera bag is dependent on the bag’s material. However, for most bags, you can vacuum the inside, and clean the outside with soapy, warm water. Some bags may be able to be put in the washer, but make sure the manufacturer recommends it first.

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