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The best camera straps keep your gear secure, are well-made, and show off your personal style. They’re perfect for when you don’t want to carry a camera bag around, as well.

UPDATE: 03/27/2024

We’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our choice for the best wrist strap.

Choosing the Right Camera Strap

There are so many different camera straps out there. From holsters to clips to the classic neck strap, it can be hard to tell which is best for your camera. But you can narrow it down by, among other things, considering your needs as a photographer.

If you don’t take your camera on long hikes or multi-hour shoot days, you’ll probably get away with a camera strap with less padding. But if you travel a lot or regularly trek into the wilderness with your gear, you’ll need something that can take a bit of punishment.

Straps made of materials like nylon or leather are durable and have the added benefit of being difficult to cut through, a plus when traveling with a camera/lens combo that costs as much as a small car.

What kind of shooting rig you use is also important. Are you lugging a big DSLR or a slim mirrorless setup? If mirrorless, you might want a slimmer strap because you won’t need to redistribute as much weight—a heavy DSLR can dig into your shoulder after a while when using a skinnier strap.

Lastly, think about your aesthetic preferences. Do you prefer low-key and functional, flashy, or even vintage? Whether you want an understated design or something with the subtlety of a high-vis construction vest, a good camera strap is an opportunity to reflect that style.

If you’re sick of the branded strap in the box with your camera, read on to check out some of the best camera straps we could find.

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Peak Design Slide Lite being used at pier
Peak Design



✓ Configurable design lets you wear the strap in different ways

✗ Might not be right for someone who wants a leather strap or a bolder aesthetic

✓ Comfortable and quick-adjusting

✓ Not very expensive at around $65

Peak Design gets the top spot on our list with its Slide Camera Strap. There are fancier straps out there, but the Slide eschews flash for good design. You can wear it over the neck or reconfigure it into a sling strap if that’s your preference.

Peak Design’s proprietary connectors also make it pretty easy to get the strap on and off your camera body. The included adjusters make tightening or loosening the strap simple.

The Slide is designed with non-slip grips and cushioning for comfort and comes in a few different neutral colors, so it’ll go with just about anything you’re wearing to that wedding gig or event shoot. If you don’t want to use leather, however, you’ll want to look into a different strap.

Mirrorless or DSLR, you’ll be able to lug your gear around with one of these—their website says the Slide is capable of supporting up to 200 lbs. We really don’t recommend walking around with a whole person on your neck, but hey, you could if you wanted to.

peak design slide

Peak Design Slide Strap

Best Camera Strap Overall

Peak Design offers a comfortable and durable camera strap you can customize.

Think Tank camera strap on grey background
Think Tank



✓ Great value for the price

✗ Not the best-looking strap out there

✓ Non-slip silicone grippy-ness built in

✗ Not as comfortable for long wear

✓ Works with other Think Tank accessories

Slim, strong, and designed for functionality, Think Tank’s Camera Strap V2.0 does its job and does it well. At around $30, it does the job for much less than comparable camera straps from other makers.

The Strap 2.0 works with other Think Tank accessories, and the 100% nylon construction means you can expect it to hold up for a while. It’s got silicone strips on both sides for grip, so you won’t find your camera sliding around too much.

This strap doesn’t have a lot of padding, so it’s better for quick shoots or short street photography jaunts. This truly is a camera strap with nothing extra added on.

The design of this strap is run-of-the-mill black and grey, a color scheme that blends into pretty much anything. Think Tank designed this accessory for functionality and value, so it’s exactly a stand-out or impressive-looking strap, but it’s not bad-looking either.

think tank strap

Think Tank Camera Strap V2.0

Best Budget Camera Strap

This simple camera strap from Think Tank won’t break the bank.

The anchor threaded to a camera and attached to the Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap
Peak Design



✓ Premium Peak Design quality

✗ Too thick for cameras with very small strap eyelets

✓ Easy to attach and adjust

✓ Holds more weight than you could possibly need

✓ Spare anchor included

You wouldn’t think that a wrist strap could be so feature-laden. However, the Peak Design Cuff takes things to the next level. Forget the wrist strap that came with your camera because even high-end models come with inferior wrist straps that most serious photographers wouldn’t use.

The Cuff gives adventurous photographers more confidence and enables them to push the boundaries more. Given that it’s so effective and can support up to 200lbs in weight, you won’t think twice about taking a shot over water or, providing you have a head for heights, leaning over a balcony for a better angle.

It’s an ultralight wrist strap that fits any size of camera and is adjustable to fit any size of wrist. It uses Peak Design’s anchor system and comes with one anchor to attach to the camera and another to keep as a spare. These anchors fit universally and attach and detach with ease.

The strap features a sliding adjuster that allows you to adjust the size of the Cuff’s opening. It’s this adjuster that effectively auto-cinches tightly around your wrist when you accidentally drop your camera, thus preventing any fall.

When the time comes, the anchor easily detaches, and the Cuff folds down to a compact size, allowing you to store it almost anywhere. Alternatively, you can wrap it around itself on your wrist and leave it there as a bracelet. An embedded magnet allows the anchor to stick to the strap, and you can adjust its placement to suit your wrist size.

Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

Best Wrist Camera Strap

The Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap features the company’s anchor system for a safe and secure camera experience. 

Artissan and Artist neck strap on yellow background
Artisan & Artist



✓ Unique, stylish construction

✗ High price tag

✓ Made of soft and durable silk cord

Handmade in Japan from silk from multicolored thread, the Artisan & Artist ACAM-316G straps look amazing. The silk fabric makes these straps both comfortable to wear and strong enough to hold heavier DLSR cameras, even over long periods.

Because it is a specialty handmade product, the ACAM-316G carries a higher price tag, but it’s worth the money if you have it to spend.

However, this strap is not meant for the wedding photographer looking for a double-body holster, as it pairs better with a lightweight setup. Instead, this Artisan & Artist strap is especially good for mirrorless shooters looking for something fashionable.

Artisan & Artist strap

Artisan & Artist ACAM-316G

Best Neck Camera Strap

Artisan and Artist provides beautiful and unique handmade camera neck straps that’ll make a statement.

BlackRapid camera strap on purple background



✓ Padded shoulder area with extra storage pocket

✗ Sling style might be awkward at first

✓ Easy to use once you set it up

✓ Comfortable to wear for longer periods

BlackRapid’s Classic Retro RS-4 is a no-nonsense strap with low-key styling, perfect for people who want something well-made and understated that will keep their camera securely out of the way.

Worn across the body sling-style, the large padded shoulder area adds comfort for long shoot days, and the strap itself is easily adjustable for the best fit. A quick-release carabiner lets you detach the strap from your camera without the fuss of similar setups, plus there’s a small gear pocket built into the pad.

Sling straps aren’t everyone’s thing, but this one provides a degree of comfort and practicality that might change your mind if you’re on the fence. The camera hangs upside down, so it’s easier to grab the grip of your camera and quickly start shooting.

A sling also puts the camera’s weight across the shoulder instead of the neck for more comfortable wear, so if you need to have your camera on you all day, this is a great choice.

BlackRapid Classic Retro RS-4

BlackRapid Classic Retro RS-4

Best Shoulder Camera Strap

Black Rapid provides a pro-level shoulder camera strap with the Retro RS-4.

Peak Design Slide on grey background
Peak Design



✓ Good value for the price, as it’s slightly cheaper than the Slide

✗ Might get uncomfortable with a super heavy setup

✓ Made of sturdy webbed nylon

✓ Comfortable to wear

✓ Easy to adjust

The slimmer version of the classic Slide strap, the Slide Lite, gives you the same adjustability and comfort you get from the larger version. This is better for mirrorless cameras due to its slimmer appearance, but it can still hold heavier DSLRs with an attached lens. Just like the Slide, this strap is rated for up to 200lbs of weight.

The silicone grip on one side means the strap won’t move around until you want it to, a plus on long hikes with a lot of walking. Plus, the nylon construction and smooth fabric make the Slide Lite durable and comfortable enough to wear out in the wilderness all day. You can use the included fastener system to wear this strap sling style, over the shoulder, or around the neck–whichever’s most comfortable.

All that said, you may want to consider a wider strap if your setup is heavy. Thin straps tend to dig in when attached to heavy cameras and worn for longer periods of time, so if you’re rocking a NatGeo wildlife lens, maybe go with the original Slide instead.

Peak Design Slide Lite

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

Best Camera Strap For Hiking

Peak Design’s Slide Lite is durable enough to take into the wilderness and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Standard 53 strap being used
Lucky Camera Straps



✓ Well made and durable

✗ High price tag

✓ Good to travel with

✓ Looks great and will only look better with time

Lucky’s flagship Standard 53 is an affordable leather strap without sacrificing quality. Hand-made from quality nubuck leather by a small company in Australia, this strap is rated for up to 110lbs of weight and includes a quick-release system for removing it from your camera without a fuss.

It comes in a range of colors that look great and will get that amazing weathered look with use. If you like a vintage look, this is a good accessory to consider.

Slash-proof webbing and strong leather make this a good travel strap, too, as it’s harder for would-be thieves to cut through it and make off with your gear. The Standard 53 features tastefully minimal branding but is customizable with elements like initials or a logo.

At just under $100, the Standard 53 is not cheap, but it competes excellently against more expensive leather camera straps on the market.

Shoot mirrorless? Lucky makes slim straps and wrist straps, too.

Standard 53 by Lucky Camera Straps

Lucky Camera Straps Standard 53 Camera Strap

Best Leather Camera Strap

Lucky Camera straps provide an heirloom-level product in its Standard 53 leather camera straps.


How do I put a camera strap on?

With a vast majority of camera straps, it’s a simple procedure. Each end of the strap can be slipped through the tether points on either side of your camera’s body. From there, you take the end of the strap and slide it into the corresponding plastic fastener. Then, tighten the strap according to how high or low you want your camera to sit. Other straps may use fabric loops which you feed through the tether points, then slip the rest of the strap through the loop itself.

Are camera straps universal?

While it might seem like they are, camera straps are not universal. Some cameras require a proprietary camera strap connector, and some are better suited for smaller or larger cameras. For instance, you wouldn’t attach a thin and lightweight strap to a heavy DSLR with an extended lens. Similarly, you don’t need a super thick or bulky strap to carry a small point-and-shooter.

Do professional photographers use camera straps?

Most professionals find camera straps helpful when constantly shooting photos in the field, but others find it gets in their way and would rather throw their camera in a bag to carry it around. It all depends on personal preference at the end of the day.

How long should a camera strap be?

Camera strap length primarily depends on how tall you are, since your camera will be left either dangling at your knees or sitting above your belly button with the strap you buy. Regularly-sized camera straps (around 27 to 29 inches) are good for most people since they aren’t too short or long. However, if you’re a particularly tall individual, you might want to grab something a little longer so your camera is in direct reach of your hands.

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