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Key Takeaways

  • Integrated charging via the Smart Connector, magnetic attachment, and flexible positioning all enhance the iPad Pro experience.
  • X36 Pro Max Stand securely holds the iPad in place and eliminates the need to take up desk space.
  • 18W rapid charging may not be as fast as a direct cord connection, but the stand’s functionality makes it worth it.

I wasn’t expecting the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand to completely change how I use my iPad Pro (M4), but it has. Its magnetic attachment, flexible positioning, and wireless charging have all helped make the tablet an essential part of my desk setup.

Kuxiu X36 Pro MAX Stand

Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand

KUXIU is proud to introduce the world’s first magnetic charging stand for iPad. The KUXIU X36 Pro MAX delivers 18W rapid charging via the Smart Connector on the back of your iPad.


  • Integrated charging works great
  • Stand never slips or falls out of position
  • Lots of adjustability

  • Only one color available at launch
  • Can require a lot of effort to re-position
  • Cable management is a little bit of an afterthought

Price and Availability

The Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand retails for $139.99 and is available for multiple versions of iPads, as long as they have smart connector pins on the back. I tested the stand compatible with the 2024 11-inch iPad Pro (M4).


Dark gray

Desk thickness
Clamp accommodates 1.97-inch (5cm) thick desks

Compatible iPads
11- and 13-inch iPad Pros, 4th/5th generation iPad Air

Why a Magnetic iPad Arm Is so Valuable

iPad in the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

I’ve tried all kinds of iPad stands, but no matter how good they are, they all still take up valuable real estate on my small desk. The solution I found for this is an adjustable clamp stand which can be moved to different positions to accommodate my external monitor’s height and general desk space.

The clamp part of the X36 Pro Max iPad Stand can accommodate desks nearly 2 inches thick and takes up almost no space to secure itself. Its metal arms are stiff enough to stay put where positioned. Plus, its magnetic attachment makes it a piece of cake to grab my iPad and go when needed.

I had the previous Kuxiu magnetic iPad stand and it performed similarly in all these ways. Those features were why I initially got addicted to having a place for my iPad at my desk that didn’t take up any space on the desktop surface.

It opened so many possibilities for using my iPad Pro either with my Mac as a secondary monitor or as a stand-alone tablet. I had to ditch that previous stand, however, when I got the new iPad Pro (M4) because Apple re-positioned the internal magnets, and it no longer held the new iPad.

Replacing the old stand with this new one wasn’t all bad news though. With this new X36 Pro Max iPad Stand, the company has gone one step further and added wireless charging through the iPad’s smart connector pins. That means a USB-C cable can remain plugged into the back of the magnetic stand and every time I attach my iPad to it, it begins charging, automatically.

In the past, I would need to snake a cable across my desk and plug it into my iPad if I wanted to charge it. Now, I don’t need to think about powering the tablet when it’s in the X36 Pro stand.

The Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand’s design is great. It can rotate from portrait to landscape and back quickly. I love how it works. But nothing is so perfect. There’s one downside to using the Smart Connect that I’ve found and I do have a few other nitpicks about its details.

Considerations, But Not Dealbreakers

side view of the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand attached to a desk
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

When my iPad is on the stand, I mostly use it passively. I tap on the screen occasionally, but I’m generally watching stuff. Since the iPad will think it’s docked in a keyboard case when the stand has power, the on-screen keyboard won’t always appear easily. You’ll probably need to look in the bottom right corner and activate the keyboard manually. Not a dealbreaker, but it could be annoying, depending on how you’re using your device.

Additionally, as was true with the previous model, this new X36 Pro Max stand is very stiff to move around—especially fresh out of the box. The arm segments can be difficult to rotate and bend into the exact position you want them.

In some ways, it can feel like you’re on the verge of breaking the stand. I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s strong. But be prepared to put some muscle into getting the stand situated just right. The flip side is that once the position is set, it’s not going to move on its own.

Be aware that charging the iPad Pro through the magnetic smart connector pins won’t be as fast as plugging a cord directly into the device. That said, the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand will still be able to provide 18W of power to the tablet, which should be speedy enough for most people.

On the cable management front, there is none. At least there’s no integrated solution. The company includes some clear plastic clips that you can stick on as needed to help control the power cable. They work, but the plastic clips don’t look amazing and aren’t my favorite. Luckily in my case, I don’t see them much. If you’re planning on having the stand in a visible area, be prepared to see the USB-C cable, if you want power.

Should You Buy the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand?

close up view of the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

I thought the idea of a magnetic iPad stand that clamped to the side of my desk was cool before I tried it. Now that I’ve taken the plunge, the Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand has completely changed how I use the tablet on a daily basis. I love that it keeps the iPad charged and visible without taking up valuable desk space.

This stand, retailing for $140, isn’t cheap. It’s downright expensive compared to some options. But I would be hard-pressed to give it up after getting addicted to the functionality it provides, both as a stand and charger.

Kuxiu X36 Pro MAX Stand

Kuxiu X36 Pro Max iPad Stand

KUXIU is proud to introduce the world’s first magnetic charging stand for iPad. The KUXIU X36 Pro MAX delivers 18W rapid charging via the Smart Connector on the back of your iPad.

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