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The Samsung Galaxy S24 is not a cheap smartphone, and the best way to protect your investment is with a reliable case. The best Galaxy S24 cases withstand drops and scratches without forgoing style or usability.

What to Look for in a Galaxy S24 Case

Finding the right case for your Samsung Galaxy S24 can be a challenge. Not only do you need to find something that looks good, but you’ll need it to be able to withstand drops and scratches while still being comfortable enough for daily use.

An easy way to find the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases is to stick to trusted brands. Online storefronts are littered with cases nowadays—but not all of them come from brands with a reliable reputation. Of course, some of the lesser-known brands are producing great products, but you can never go wrong with OtterBox, Smartish, dbrand, Spigen, or first-party Samsung cases.

Once you’ve figured out which brands you want to consider, you’ll need to figure out how much protection you need for your Galaxy S24. Some cases are designed to withstand all sorts of hazards, but they often do this by adding a lot of weight and bulk. Conversely, thin cases offer great usability and ergonomics but may not have enough protection to withstand a big fall. Most users will find somewhere in the middle to be the sweet spot.

Other factors to consider include pricing and personalization options. Pricing runs the gamut based on brand–and you’ll notice that heavy-duty products tend to cost more than their thin alternatives. Personalization options also vary by product, with some offering more than a dozen color options and others offering just black or clear options.

Need some help narrowing down your options? Here’s a look at the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases.

These cases below will only fit the standard Samsung Galaxy S24 model, and not the Galaxy S24+ nor the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Make sure you’re buying a case for the correct model!


The OtterBox Commuter Series Galaxy S24 on a green background.



Several available styles

Camera isn’t well protected

Slim yet durable

Slightly larger than other cases

Includes button and port covers

OtterBox is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of smartphones, and the Commuter Series is one of its most popular products. That holds true for the Galaxy S24, with the case providing plenty of drop and scratch protection without a ton of added bulk.

The big selling point of the Commuter Series is its drop protection, which is rated for three times as many drops as military standard. It achieves this with a dual-layer case composed of a soft, rubber slipcase interior and sturdy polycarbonate exterior. These two layers work together to offer drop protection that’s better than most other cases on the market.

Along with drop and scratch protection, the OtterBox Commuter Series features a cover for the charging port and button covers, creating an all-encompassing shell that keeps your phone safe from most damage. The rear cameras are the only part of the S24 that isn’t covered, though raised edges on the case help provide a bit of protection.

Consider giving the OtterBox Commuter Series a look if you want an all-around great smartphone case. It’s not the thinnest on the market and you’ll find a few that are more rugged, but for most users, this is the perfect compromise.

OtterBox Commuter

OtterBox Commuter Series

Best Galaxy S24 Case Overall

The Otterbox Commuter Series is a solid case for the Galaxy S24 that doesn’t skimp on drop protection yet is still comfortable to hold.

Spigen Optik Armor Feature

The Spigen Optik Armor on a stylized background.



Camera covers

Few colors to choose from

Thin profile

Quirky design won’t appeal to everyone

Great price

Supports wireless charging

It’s a bit quirky, but the Spigen Optik Armor Galaxy S24 is a great option for shoppers on a budget. Along with a $20 price tag, the Optik Armor features a unique camera cover, making it one of the few cases that provides you with complete protection for the back of your phone.

The retractable camera cover is easy to manipulate, allowing you to slide it over the cameras when not in use or quickly retract the cover when you’re ready to snap a picture. The affordable device also supports wireless charging and uses air cushion technology to absorb impacts from drops. Its polycarbonate shell isn’t quite as robust as more expensive products, but it’s great at preventing scratches.

While the Spigen Optik Armor case is a great option for frugal shoppers, its lack of unique colors and patterns could make it hard to find something that fits your needs (it’s only available in black or green). Its sliding camera cover design also makes it look a bit funkier than traditional smartphone cases, but if you want the most bang for your buck, it’s easy to look past these shortcomings.

Spigen Optik Armor

Spigen Optik Armor for Galaxy S24

Best Budget Galaxy S24 Case

The Spigen Optik Armor case features a unique camera cover as well as a great price tag. Consider picking it up if you’re shopping on a budget.

Smartish Wallet Case Feature (1)

A person holding the Smartish Wallet Case.



Unique sliding design

Not as much storage as other option

Compact profile

Secures three cards plus cash

Unlike most wallet cases, which use a folding flap to offer storage, the Smartish Galaxy S24 Wallet Case looks more like a traditional case. The big difference is a built-in pocket, giving you a convenient way to store your credit cards and cash without the added bulk of a traditional wallet design.

With no moving pieces and no need to flip open a flap to access your cards, the Smartish case looks sleek. It also makes it easy to access your cards, with a small thumb slot cutout that lets you quickly push your cards out. A spring mechanism ensures that your contents are safe and secure regardless of whether you have just a few cards inside or a whole wad of cash.

Along with its unique design, the case is rated for 50 drops at six feet, uses air cushion corners to absorb shock, and a 1mm raised edge to provide a bit of protection for your screen and cameras. It may not hold as much as other wallets (it maxes out with three cards and some cash), but no doubt its compact design makes it a great option.

Smartish Wallet Case

Smartish Wallet Case

Best Galaxy S24 Wallet Case

The Smartish Wallet Case for the Galaxy S24 forgoes a flippable wallet flap, instead opting for a unique slot mechanism that holds three cards plus cash. It’s also built with durable materials, ensuring your phone is safe from drops.


The OtterBox Defender Series Pro on a purple and orange background.



Incredible drop protection


Features antimicrobial properties

Limited color options

Raised edges help protect camera

When it comes to crafting rugged cases, it’s hard to beat OtterBox. Its catalog is filled with protective products—but few are as compelling as the Defender Series Pro.

While you’ll have limited color options with the Defender Series Pro, it makes up for the lack of customization options with top-of-the-line drop protection. Rated for five times as many drops as military standard, designed with a polycarbonate shell and rubber slipcover, and with antimicrobial properties, it protects your phone from drops, scratches, and pesky germs.

Toss in raised edges to help protect your screen and camera, and it’s easy to see why the Defender Series Pro is so popular. Of course, all that protection means you’ll need to deal with some added bulk, but few other cases offer the same peace of mind. Consider opting for this case if you’re prone to dropping your phone, or if you’ll be taking it with you on adventures such as hiking or biking.

Defender Pro

OtterBox Defender Pro Series

Best Rugged Galaxy S24 Case

It’s a bit bulky, but the OtterBox Defender Pro Series is an ironclad case for your Galaxy S24. Featuring a robust combination of rubber and plastics, it’s the ideal way to keep your smartphone safe.


The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy S24 case on a blue background.



Reasonable price

No port covers

Strong polycarbonate construction

Limited camera protection

Blue resin for improved clarity

Slim profile

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a no-frills clear case. If you’re looking for a case that lets you enjoy the styling of your Galaxy S24 without much additional weight, this is the case for you.

One of the best features of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is that it’s infused with blue resin, which helps prevent yellowing and allows it to retain its transparency. That means it should look the same years from now as it does today. It’s remarkably thin and simple, with a footprint designed to perfectly fit your S24 and show off its gorgeous design.

Like most cases, this one features air cushion technology to absorb impacts, raised edges for screen protection, and is compatible with wireless charging. It doesn’t cover the charging port and there’s not a lot of protection for the rear cameras, but that’s a common sticking point with all minimalist cases. If you can look past those shortcomings, there’s little reason to pass up the Spigen Ultra Hybrid.

Spigen Clear-1

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Galaxy S24

Best Clear Galaxy S24 Case

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a no-frills clear case that’s infused with blue resin to prevent yellowing. It’s also thin yet durable, making it the perfect way to show off your Galaxy S24+.


The dbrand Grip Case on a purple red background.



Just 2mm thick

Expensive for a thin case

Military-grade drop protection

No port cover

Dozens of available designs

It may be best known for its lineup of smartphone skins, but dbrand’s catalog also includes actual cases. The Grip Case is one of its most popular, as it’s just 2mm thick yet still manages to give the Samsung Galaxy S24 a good chunk of armor.

Despite its tiny size, the Grip Case features button covers, support for wireless charging, and military-grade impact resistance. Dbrand applied a grippy texture to the case, ensuring it doesn’t slip out of your hand while in use. This includes grip strips on the side of the case, which are both stylish and functional.

The Grip Case is expensive, and certain designs will cost you more than others. But with tons of colors and patterns to choose from, a minimalist footprint, and solid protection, it’s a great choice if you don’t want to carry around a bulky smartphone.

dbrand thumb

Dbrand Grip Case for Galaxy S24

Best Thin Galaxy S24 Case

At just 2mm thick, you’ll barely notice the Grip Case on your Galaxy S24. Toss in the availability of numerous designs and reliable drop protection, and it’s an easy recommendation.


A variety of Samsung Vegan Leather cases on a colorful background.



Three available colors

Limited drop protection

Luxurious, soft-touch materials

No screen protection

Helps protect from scratches

Designed by Samsung, the Vegan Leather Case is a perfect fit for the Galaxy S24. Not only does it perfectly fit the smartphone’s contours, but its soft-touch materials make it feel a bit more luxurious than the competition.

A few different colors are available, all of which feature soft-touch materials and an eye-catching faux leather texture. Samsung says the case is designed for “both safety and style,” with an inner lining helping to prevent scratches and the outer shell protecting it from minor falls. It’s not nearly as rugged as anything in the OtterBox lineup–but if style is your biggest concern, it’s hard to beat the Samsung Vegan Leather Case.

The case is relatively affordable for a luxury item, with a regular price of $50. Samsung is known for its high-quality gear, making this an easy recommendation for anyone seeking a stylish case for their smartphone that also protects from scratches and small drops.

samsung vegan leather

Samsung Vegan Leather Case for Galaxy S24

Best Leather Galaxy S24 Case

While it doesn’t offer much drop protection, the Samsung Vegan Leather Case is incredibly stylish. It’s also crafted with soft-touch materials for a premium finish.


What are the differences between the S24 models?

There are quite a few differences between the three models. All three offer different battery sizes, different amounts of RAM, and different screen sizes. There are plenty of other differences (and similarities), so be sure to check out Samsung’s official comparison site before making a purchase.

What are the improvements to the Galaxy S24 from the S23?

The Galaxy S24 boasts better cameras, a brighter screen, and a better processor (Snapdragon 8 Gen 3) than the Galaxy S23. Differences vary by model, though you can once again use Samsung’s comparison tool to see every single change.

Does the Galaxy S24 have a headphone jack?

No, the Galaxy S24 does not have a headphone jack. This has been the case for several generations now, and it doesn’t look like the headphone jack will be back anytime soon.

Does the Galaxy S24 have an SD card?

No, the Galaxy S24 does not have an SD card slot. The phone is available with a variety of different internal storage options, so if you’re worried about running out of space, consider opting for the largest possible option for your specific model (up to 1TB on the S24 Ultra).

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