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The Google Pixel 8a is the latest phone of the company’s mid-range line. Get yourself a case to keep it protected for years to come!

What to Look for in a Google Pixel 8a Case

Picking out a case for a new phone is an important business. Whether you want to make a statement with a bold new look or protect your latest investment, the case you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference. Nevertheless, there are one or two important factors to consider which may help to inform your decision.

Protection is paramount when it comes to the key considerations. Does the case you’re looking at offer Military-grade drop protection, or will it cause costly damage to your phone if it slips from your hand? If you want to keep your Google Pixel 8a well-protected, you should look for something that can comfortably withstand shocks, knocks, and drops.

Are you planning to charge your Google Pixel 8a wirelessly? If so, you may want to concentrate on cases supporting wireless charging. After all, you don’t want to have the fiddly inconvenience of removing your phone cover whenever you need to charge your phone.

Does the case offer a textured grip? A comfortable, non-slip grip is essential if your phone is likely to remain in your hand for long periods. Perhaps you prefer something that offers convenient storage for your cards and cash, giving you fewer things to remember when you leave the house or office? If so, you might want to consider a wallet-style case for your Pixel 8a.

However you’re looking to accessorize your Google Pixel 8a, there’s no shortage of choices out there. In our guide below, we’ve hand-picked some of the best options available, to cater to every need and budget.

Best Google Pixel 8a Case Overall: Spigen Liquid AirSpigen Liquid Air



Lightweight and slim form factor

Not the most colorful of options

Textured grip

Air cushion protection

Spigen has a well-earned reputation for delivering top-quality smartphone accessories, and the Spigen Liquid Air Case for the Google Pixel 8a is no exception. Its sleek aesthetic combines premium quality with an affordable price tag and will earn you some serious style points when outfitting your Google Pixel 8a.

Made from flexible TPU, this case is easy to apply and surprisingly durable. Inside, you’ll find a unique spider-web-style engraving that adds an extra layer of shock absorption, while Air Cushion technology reinforces each corner against drop damage. Plus, ventilated edges allow for effective heat dissipation, keeping your Pixel 8a cooler longer.

Elsewhere, raised bezels offer camera and phone screen protection without compromising the Liquid Air’s slim design. It sports a precision fit, with cutouts for all ports, and adds tactile buttons and a textured grip to ensure a smooth, comfortable feel in your hand. Plus, it supports wireless charging for added convenience, meaning this case can remain on at all times.

Spigen is an official partner with Google Pixel, which means the Spigen Liquid Air for Google Pixel 8a gets their seal of approval. Its lightweight form factor has plenty of visual appeal, and it packs enough reinforcement to enable you to use your Pixel 8a with complete confidence.

Spigen Liquid Air TAG

Spigen Liquid Air for Google Pixel 8a

Best Case Overall

$17 $30 Save $13

The Spigen Liquid Air for Google Pixel 8a offers superior drop protection with a comfortable textured grip, in a slimline form factor.

Best Budget Google Pixel 8a Case: Caseology Athlex

Caseology Athlex




Military-grade drop protection

The extra padded design won’t appeal to everyone

Compatible with wireless charging

Drop-proof grip

The Caseology Athlex is another excellent option for your Google Pixel 8a. Due to current discounts (at the time of writing), it stands out as one of the best budget-priced options available. Made from TPU material, the Athlex boasts Military-Grade drop protection, effective for canceling drop damage from heights up to 48 inches.

Thanks to the extra cushioning and accent lines across its back, it has a unique look. This textured design offers a decent amount of grip, further reinforced by a microdot side grip pattern, effectively reducing the chance of your phone slipping out of your hand. Plus, lifted edges also provide some welcome protection against everyday scratch damage.

Precision cutouts are made for the Pixel 8a’s charging port and camera lens, and the Athlex adds responsive buttons to its outer shell. Best of all, despite the extra cushioning on the outside of the case, it is still compatible with wireless charging, so it wins extra points for practicality.

If you’re after a unique look for your Google Pixel 8a and don’t mind the minor increase in bulk that the Athlex gives, you’ll appreciate its style. And for the time being at least, you’ll most definitely appreciate the discounted price point.

Caseology Athlex TAG

Caseology Athlex for Google Pixel 8a

Best Budget Case

$15 $25 Save $10

With reinforced cushioning across its back, the Caseology Athlex is one of the best ways to protect your Google Pixel 8a for less.

CaseMe Retro Leather Wallet Case



Reasonable price point

Offers minimal protection against drop damage

RFID blocking

Plenty of space for cash and cards

If the words retro and leather pique your interest, you’ll want to check out the CaseMe Retro Leather Wallet Case for Google Pixel 8a. Made from retro-style PU leather with a TPU inner case, it’s ideal for keeping your phone, cards, and cash all in one place. And for added security, it has built-in RFID technology to prevent unauthorized scanning of your credit card information.

The case can be folded into a supported stand for watching videos, and a magnetic clasp ensures the front cover can be securely closed. For added convenience, a built-in receiver hole allows you to answer your phone with the case closed, and a precision cutout keeps your camera clear for use as well.

In terms of practical protection, the front cover provides adequate protection for your Google Pixel 8a’s screen when closed, and the corners offer some protection against drop damage thanks to a slight overlap in the double-layer leather. However, it offers very little in terms of rugged protection, with the primary security feature being the RFID-blocking fabric woven into the cardholder.

The CaseMe Retro Leather Wallet case looks and feels like a premium-quality product despite its affordable price point. It is ideal for anybody who likes a wallet-style case and wants to keep all their valuables together but doesn’t want to pay top dollar for the privilege.

CaseMe Retro Leather Wallet Case TAG

CaseMe Retro Leather Wallet

Best Wallet Case

Sporting an elegant design, the CaseMe Retro Leather Wallet Case offers convenient credit card storage with RFID-blocking materials to protect your data.

Poetic Revolution Case



Military-grade drop tested at 20 feet

Doesn’t support wireless charging

Choices of front covers

Built-in kickstand

If you want to augment your Google Pixel 8a with rugged protection, look no further than the Poetic Revolution Case. This tough cookie is shockproof, drop-proof, impact-resistant, and scratch-proof. Military-grade drop tested at heights of 20 feet, this case offers full 360-degree protection for your phone.

The Revolution offers a choice of front cover, one with a built-in screen protector and one without. The screen protector is compatible with fingerprint ID, allowing you to unlock your phone screen easily. Reinforced air cushion corners keep your Pixel 8a protected against drop damage, and the hard TPU and PC back case is fitted with a shockproof Eva foam lining.

An integrated kickstand supports your Pixel 8a in both portrait and landscape viewing modes. Plus, if you fancy adding an extra splash of color, you can choose between alternative teal or pink colorways in addition to the standard black edition.

The Poetic Revolution case offers considerable rugged protection for a reasonable price point and is the ideal way to protect your smartphone on an outdoor trek or a busy commute.

Poetic Revolution Case TAG

Poetic Revolution Case for Google Pixel 8a

Best Rugged Case

The Poetic Revolution Case for Google Pixel 8a offers rugged protection and Military-grade drop protection for your phone.

Best Clear Google Pixel 8a Case: Ringke Fusion

Ringke Fusion




Offers minimal protection

Made with anti-yellowing properties

Supports wireless charging

With its slinky form factor, the Google Pixel 8a boasts an elegant appearance. As such, you may not want to spoil those good looks by slapping a big black phone case on top of it. Luckily, the Ringke Fusion case offers a clean and clear alternative. With this translucent phone cover, you can admire your Pixel 8a all you like while affording it some much-deserved protection.

This clear case blends a TPU frame with a polycarbonate back panel and is fitted with Military-grade tested shockproof bumpers. Raised bezels protect the phone screen and camera lens, and precise cutouts keep the charging port clear. Plus, for extra cautious users, there are dual built-in lanyard holes for extra security.

The Ringke Fusion uses upgraded materials with premium transparency and anti-yellowing properties. This safeguard ensures that the transparent effect doesn’t dull over time and protects it against discoloration. The case is compatible with wireless charging, while the microdot grips along the edges allow for a firmer grip in your hand.

If you love the Google Pixel 8a’s slim aesthetic and want a case that complements its style, the Ringke Fusion could be the ideal case for you.

Ringke Fusion TAG

Ringke Fusion for Google Pixel 8a

Best Clear Case

The Ringke Fusion is a transparent case that shows off your Google Pixel 8a’s natural beauty, without spoiling its slim aesthetic.

Natbok Case




Design is a little basic compared to its rivals

Offers decent drop protection in a slim form factor

Anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge

The Natbok Case for Google Pixel 8a offers slim protection with an affordable price tag. This precision-cut case measures just 2 mm in thickness along the raised bezels and is 3 mm thick on the camera guard, making it one of the slimmest cases currently available for the Google Pixel 8a. It provides precise cutouts for the charging port, speakers, microphone, and camera.

Despite its slim form factor, this case is surprisingly robust. Made from lightweight and flexible TPU, it offers good abrasion resistance and protects against scratch damage. Shock-absorbing Air Guard corners help disperse impact damage from accidental drops, and the case has been Military-grade drop tested at heights of 8.6 feet.

Thanks to a carbon fiber texture and an anti-slip surface, the Natbok Case should stay fingerprint-free while offering a comfortable grip. In addition, an integrated heatsink helps keep your phone cool while in use, conveniently dissipating any buildup of heat.

With a budget-friendly price point to boot, the Natbok Case for Google Pixel 8a is a great option for anybody who doesn’t want to add unnecessary bulk to their phone but still wants to give it decent protection against damage.

Natbok Case TAG

Natbok for Google Pixel 8a

Best Thin Case

$6 $8 Save $2

The Natbok Case for Google Pixel 8a combines a budget-friendly price tag with a slim and lightweight form factor.

Best Leather Google Pixel 8a Case: Torro Case

Torro Case



Made from premium leather


Protective microfiber lining

Plenty of room for cards and cash

If you’re looking to outfit your Google Pixel 8a with a case that screams luxury, then the TORRO Case ought to be on your radar. Made from premium leather, this wallet-style case has been handcrafted to provide your Pixel 8a with a precision fit plus all the trimmings.

This leather case features cardholders for up to three credit cards on the inside cover and a separate compartment for storing cash. A magnetic clasp keeps the case securely closed, and a durable TPU frame provides some shockproof protection against drop damage. Plus, a soft microfiber lining on the inner frame protects the back of your handset.

This stylish case can be folded into a landscape-supported stand for easy media viewing or video calls, and it also supports wireless charging.

Being made from premium leather, the TORRO Case is one of the more expensive Google Pixel 8a cases, but the level of detail here more than justifies that price tag. The black leather finish with red details gives it an attractive aesthetic, while its practical features make it a great choice for keeping all your valuables in one place.

Torro Case TAG

TORRO Case for Google Pixel 8a

Best Leather Case

A wallet-style case made from premium leather, the TORRO Case for Google Pixel 8a oozes style and quality.


Can I use my Google Pixel 7a case with the Google Pixel 8a?

No. Google Pixel 7a cases are not compatible with the Google Pixel 8a.

Can I use a Google Pixel 8 case with the Google Pixel 8a?

Due to the different dimensions of each device, Google Pixel 8 cases are not compatible with the Google Pixel 8a.

How do I clean my Google Pixel 8a case?

Once the case has been removed from the phone, you can clean it with a dampened cloth or sponge, using a small amount of mild soap or detergent. Once cleaned, you should rinse the case with cold water and allow it to dry at room temperature before reattaching it to your phone.

Does the Google Pixel 8a support wireless charging?

Yes. Although much like its predecessor, the Google Pixel 8, the Google Pixel 8a only supports 7.5W wireless charging and isn’t compatible with Qi2 wireless charging.

What is the difference between the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8a?

Besides the slight difference in screen size, there are some other differences between the Google Pixel 8 and the Google Pixel 8a.

The Google Pixel 8a costs significantly less than the Pixel 8, but has a marginally smaller screen size and lower-capacity battery. Additionally, the Google Pixel 8a has a lower waterproof rating (IP67, compared to the Google Pixel 8’s IP68 rating), and doesn’t offer the Battery Share feature that the Pixel 8 does.

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