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The iPad mini is small enough to throw in a bag or backpack, and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. So it’s worth investing in a good case to ensure your new tablet lasts as long as possible.

UPDATE: 01/19/2024

We’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our picks for the best keyboard case and best case overall.

What to Look for in an iPad mini Case in 2024

The first significant update of the iPad mini in quite some time is here with the iPad Mini 6th generation release. The new Mini includes design elements like an 8.9-inch display, top button configuration, and compatibility with the second-generation Apple Pencil. Plus, the screen looks incredible.

While the newer models of Apple products are more durable than their predecessors, it’s still a good idea to get a case for your iPad Mini.

Cases help prevent scuffs and scratches so you can keep your tech looking great and can also save you a bent frame should you drop your iPad Mini. Why not save yourself the terror of dropping your shiny new iPad Mini on hard concrete with a case?

A good case will also let you get more out of your iPad. It can hold your Apple Pencil, prop the screen up for viewing videos, and keep it clean between uses.

What case you get will ultimately depend on you and your needs, but here are some options we’ve found for the 6th gen iPad Mini to get you started.

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spigen ultra hybrid pro for ipad mini



Solid protection

Magnetic tab makes stand-function slightly tricky

Three color options

Front flap doubles as a stand

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro is a solid but reasonably priced case for most iPad Mini owners. As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid case and combines the elements of a regular folio-style cover and a clear case. As a result, your iPad Mini not only gets complete protection, but you can also flaunt the colorway and design of the iPad.

Besides complete coverage, the Spigen case has reinforced corners with the company’s Air Cushion technology to protect the iPad Mini in the event of a drop or impact. Moreover, the front flap of the Ultra Hybrid Pro doubles up as a stand and supports two viewing angles. One of which is ideal for media consumption, whereas the other is suitable for interacting with the tablet or creating content.

The front flap has a magnetic tab that attaches to the back to keep the case securely closed. It can also be used to secure the Apple Pencil in place. Unfortunately, the tab can make it slightly tricky when trying to convert the flap to a stand. But once you get used to it, it’s smooth sailing.

You will also be happy to know that the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro comes in three colors. So you aren’t stuck with a single black option, like some of the company’s other cases.

If you are willing to spend more, you can also consider the Zugu Slim Protective Case. It’s more versatile than the Spigen offering, providing seven viewing angles with a better stand function.

spigen ultra hybrid pro for ipad mini

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro for iPad Mini

Best iPad mini 6 Case Overall

$20 $50 Save $30

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro is an excellent iPad mini case with reinforced corners, multiple color options, and a transparent back.

Best Budget iPad mini Case: MoKo Case

rose gold moko case on pink background



Really low price point

No stylus strap

Microfiber lining to avoid scratches

Might not be as well made as more expensive alternatives

Hard protective back

If buying the iPad Mini hasn’t left you with a lot of wiggle room in your budget, the MoKo case has you covered. Coming in at just under $10, it also mimics the trifold look of Apple’s Smart Folio.

MoKo claims the hardened back will help prevent fall damage, and a microfiber lining will help keep your iPad Mini’s screen clean when you’ve got it tucked away. The colorways—including Rose Gold, Grey Purple, and more—are semi-translucent and let you match your iPad Mini 6, allowing the beautiful device colors to show through the back.

There’s no magnetic strap to hold your Apple Pencil 2 on this case, and it just has an opening that lets it magnetically attach to the side of your Mini. Other slots allow Touch ID to function normally with the case on, and auto sleep/wake is also supported.

For a budget option, the MoKo Case offers a lot. At $10, it’s a low-risk option to try out.

moko case ipad mini

MoKo Case

Best Budget iPad 6 mini Case

A budget iPad Mini 6 case from MoKo with a microfiber lining and hard plastic back.

iPad in Torro case



High-end materials

No stylus strap

Elastic closing strap

Price could be too high for some

Microfiber lining

If you’ve still got the budget to get fancy after buying your iPad Mini, then the Torro Leather Smart Cover is one worth considering. UK leather goods manufacturer Torro has been in the luxury case game since 2013 and designed this case specifically for the iPad Mini 6.

Torro’s case is a book-style leather folio, so you can cover the iPad when closed. An elasticated strap keeps the case shut when not in use, and Torro’s site says they use minimally treated leather from top U.S. tanneries to give it that high-quality feel. The leather is stretched around a TPU frame that helps protect your iPad from falls.

The inside flap has a soft microfiber lining on the iPad’s screen. An indented groove on the side allows the Apple Pencil to attach and charge, and openings around the edge of the case give you clear access to the buttons.

Lastly, the stand can be arranged into two configurations for viewing and writing, with the microfiber interior acting as an anti-slip lining for added support.

torro ipad mini cover

Torro Leather Smart Cover

Best Premium iPad mini Case

A leather-bound case for the iPad Mini 6 from Torro with microfiber lining and TPU frame.

typecase touch keyboard case for ipad mini



Versatile 360-degree hinge

Trackpad isn’t the best

Backlit keyboard

Small keys

Built-in trackpad

If you want to get more out of your iPad Mini, the typecase Keyboard Case can help. It converts the Apple tablet into an occasional laptop alternative with the built-in 78-key keyboard and a multitouch trackpad. The keyboard works well and has built-in various iPadOS shortcuts. Plus, you get a backlight to help type in low-light situations, and you can pick from 10 colors for the backlight.

Other highlights include a versatile 360-degree rotatable hinge and an Apple Pencil slot. Moreover, the case is excellent at keeping the iPad Mini safe from bumps, drops, and scratches, and is available in three color options.

Sadly, given the small size of the iPad Mini, the included keys in the typecase product are relatively small compared to your regular computer keyboards. So it will take a little getting used to. Also, the trackpad could have been better and isn’t super responsive.

But if you don’t want or need a trackpad, you can alternatively consider Fintie’s Keyboard Case. As it doesn’t have a trackpad, it uses the extra space to add a little more space between the keys. The case is also significantly more affordable than the typecase offering.

typecase touch keyboard case for ipad mini

typecase Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

Best iPad mini Keyboard Case

The typecase Keyboard Case is a high-quality iPad mini case with built-in iPadOS shortcut buttons, a versatile hinge, and an Apple Pencil slot.

Spigen Rugged Armor on blue background



Air cushions

No adjustable stand

Hardy TPU shell

Cool carbon fiber details

While there are many armored case offerings for the iPad Mini 6, Spigen’s Rugged Armor Case is an excellent case by a great device accessory company.

Matte black finishes and carbon fiber detailing make this case look heavy-duty, but it still has a relatively slim form factor. Air cushions and hardened TPU give your iPad Mini 6 Drop protection, so the Rugged Armor does its job. There’s also room to attach an Apple Pencil 2.

Grippy sections added to Spigen’s iPad Mini case help prevent slippage when set on a surface, but it doesn’t have a bendable portion that can serve as a stand like the trifold cases featured on this list.

If you’re concerned about dropping your iPad or have to use it in a harsh environment, Spigen’s Rugged Armor is the one to consider.

spigen rugged armor ipad mini

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Best Rugged iPad mini 6 Case

$22 $35 Save $13

A rugged iPad Mini 6 case from Spigen with hard TPU frame and added air cushions for impact resistance.

Best iPad mini Case with Apple Pencil Holder: ESR Magnetic Case

ESR Magnetic Case on green background



Stylus storage

Not as hardy as other options

Lightweight design

Easy magnetic attachment

Similar in style to the ESR Ascend Case, the ESR Magnetic Case attaches to the iPad 6 magnetically and includes a dedicated magnetic strap to hold an Apple Pencil. If you use the stylus fairly often, this case is one to consider.

The trifold flap on this case also gives you two viewing angles when watching videos or writing on the iPad screen. The front cover also protects the iPad Mini 6’s screen. At around $20 on Amazon, it’s another cheaper alternative to the official Apple Smart Folio, and early reviews indicate people are happy with it.

One caveat for this case is that it isn’t as rugged as other cases for the iPad Mini 6. The Magnetic Case doesn’t cover the sides when closed, and there isn’t much in the way of TPU protection. If you’re prone to dropping your electronics, you’ll want to go with another option.

esr magentic case iPad mini

ESR Magnetic Case

Best iPad mini 6 Case With Apple Pencil Holder

A lightweight and magnetic iPad Mini 6 case from ESR that comes with a flap to keep the Apple Pencil or a stylus in place.

ESR Hybrid Case on grey background



Hard TPU protection

Doesn’t protect the screen

Adjustable stand

Stylus clasp

ESR’s Hybrid Case combines the flexibility of a folio-style case with a protective hard TPU back to protect the sides and corners of the iPad. That extra hardiness will come in handy when the iPad gets thrown into a backpack or bag and carried around all day.

The magnetic flap portion can be arranged into a stand, and there are obligatory openings for buttons and the camera bump. This case also provides a magnetic clasp for the Apple Pencil, so kids won’t lose it if they take it out to draw or sketch often.

At a price point similar to other ESR cases on this list—around $20— this case can provide kids with extra protection and style without breaking the bank.

esr rebound hybrid case for ipad mini

ESR Hybrid Case

Best iPad mini 6 Case for Kids

An iPad Mini 6 folio-style case from ESR with hardened TPU frame.


How do I measure an iPad Mini for a case?

You can use any measuring tool to measure your iPad Mini. However, the iPad Mini sixth-generation is 7.69 inches by 5.3 inches, with a depth of 0.25 inches. The tablet is 8.3 inches when measured diagonally.

Are all iPad Mini cases the same size?

All iPad Mini sixth-generation cases should be the same size, or they will not fit on the tablet. Previous generations of the iPad Mini were a different size, so they will not fit on the sixth-generation iPad.

How do I clean an iPad Mini case?

Most cases are made of TPU, and can be cleaned with warm water and a mild cleaner (if needed). If the case is made of another material (like leather, fabric, or so on), you’ll want to use the appropriate cleaner for that material.

How do I get my iPad Mini into the case?

Most iPad Mini cases are hard cases, so you will want to slip one corner of the tablet into the case, then work on slipping the case around the other corners. Make sure the iPad is facing the right way by making sure the button cutouts line up.

How do I remove an iPad Mini case?

To remove an iPad Mini case, you can take the case and pull back one corner from the tablet; usually, the corner will pop out, and you can take it out from there. However, make sure to check the instructions to make sure you can do this with your case.

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