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Apple’s 2024 11-inch iPad Pro stands out with its powerful performance and sleek design. Whether you’re purchasing it for work or play, it’s crucial to safeguard it with a suitable case. Here are our top recommendations to get you started.

What to Look For in an iPad Pro 11-Inch Case in 2024

A high-quality case can protect your brand-new iPad Pro 11-inch from physical damage and improve its grip. It can also help personalize your iPad. So here are a few things to remember while shopping for an iPad Pro case.

After sticking with the same design and dimensions for four generations of the 11-inch iPad Pro, Apple has finally made some tweaks for the 2024 version. This means you must buy a new case designed specifically for the fifth-generation model, and any of the previous versions won’t fit perfectly. However, all our recommendations are compatible with the 2024 11-inch iPad Pro.

When selecting a case for your iPad, it’s crucial to consider your unique needs and preferences. A rugged case is the way to go if you prioritize top-notch protection. However, remember that these cases can add bulk to your tablet. So, depending on your usage and handling, you can find the perfect balance between ruggedness and bulk that suits you best.

Similarly, clear cases are perfect for adding reasonable protection to your device without hiding its design or the colorway. A keyboard case can add a proper keyboard and trackpad to your iPad Pro while keeping it safe.

Rest assured, there’s a wide range of iPad Pro cases available to suit every budget and style preference. Whether you’re looking for a high-end design or a more affordable option, you’ll find plenty of choices on the market.

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esr shift magnetic case for ipad pro 11



Versatile design

Slightly bulky with the magnetic cover

Excellent protection

The ESR Shift Magnetic Case is an exciting offering that combines the best of folio-style cases and regular back covers. Its unique design, featuring a back case and a removable folio-style magnetic cover, allows for versatile use. The folio-style cover can be a used as a kickstand and supports multiple viewing angles, adding to the convenience factor.

You can use the magnetic cover however you want, such as while transporting the iPad Pro or when you’re planning to watch a video and need the tablet propped up. At other times, you can remove it and keep it aside. It also adds extra protection to the iPad Pro, as combined with the back case, it delivers 360-degree coverage of the iPad Pro body.

The company has also included magnets on the back cover to mount the iPad Pro securely on flat magnetic surfaces, such as your fridge’s front door. Plus, there is Apple Pencil storage and a cutout on the side for charging.

esr shift magnetic case for ipad pro 11

ESR Shift Magnetic Case

Best iPad Pro Case Overall

The ESR Shift Magnetic Case’s versatile design makes it far more than a regular case. Besides protecting your iPad Pro, it can enable new ways to use the tablet.

Best Budget 11-inch iPad Pro Case: Fintie SlimShell

Fintie SlimShell for ipad pro 11 2024




Not the most protective case

Well built

Multiple colors

Shopping on a tight budget? The Fintie SlimShell is an affordable but high-quality iPro Pro case. It has a folio-style design with a flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) back cover. The material makes it easy to install or remove and is great for shock and impact resistance. You won’t get the same level of protection as a rugged case, but the SlimShell will keep the iPad Pro safe from bumps, dents, and scratches.

Fintie has included a storage slot for the Apple Pencil, which will also charge it. In other highlights, the front flap of the case doubles as a kickstand and supports smart sleep and wake functions. There is also microfiber lining to keep the tablet from being scratched. Plus, you’ll be happy to know the Fintie case is available in four variants, two of which have a book cover-like design.

With the Fintie SlimShell, you can be confident in your choice to protect your iPad Pro without breaking the bank.

Fintie SlimShell for ipad pro 11 2024

Fintie SlimShell Case (11-inch iPad Pro)

Best Budget iPad Pro Case

The Fintie Slimshell shows why you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to get a high-quality case. Its TPU construction provides reasonable protection and 360-degree coverage of the iPad Pro 11-inch.

Best 11-inch iPad Pro Case With Apple Pencil Holder: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro ipad pro 11 2024



Excellent drop protection

Single color option

Front flap doubles as a kickstand

Although most of our recommendations include an Apple Pencil holder, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro is another excellent option that you can consider. Featuring a TPU bumper, a clear polycarbonate back, and a vegan leather front flap with microfiber lining, the Spigen offering provides comprehensive protection against everyday mishaps.

Its transparent back showcases your iPad Pro’s design, and the folding front flap serves as a kickstand. With the Ultra Hybrid Pro, you also have a secure storage area for the Apple Pencil and a magnetic clasp for secure closure.

However, you only get a single colorway. If you want more options, you can also consider the Spigen Air Skin Pro. It looks similar to the Ultra Hybrid Pro. This case’s front cover is detachable, allowing you to put it on only when needed.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro for iPad Pro 11 2024

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Pro

Best iPad Pro Case With Apple Pencil Holder

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Pro is a well-designed folio-style case with a dedicated slot for your Apple Pencil. It offers solid protection against bumps, dents, and drops.

logitech combo touch ipad pro 11 2024



Well-spaced, detachable keyboard

No Apple Pencil storage

Large, responsive, and multi-touch trackpad

Logitech’s Combo Touch keyboard case for the iPad Pro 11-inch is a testament to the company’s years of experience building keyboards. It’s an impressive offering that provides access to a well-spaced keyboard and a responsive trackpad.

What sets this keyboard apart is its versatility—you can detach the keyboard when you don’t need it, making it a more flexible option than the Apple Magic Keyboard, and it’s less expensive to boot.

Among other highlights, Logitech has included a built-in kickstand that supports multiple viewing angles, and the back cover protects the iPad Pro from everyday mishaps. The Combo Touch uses the iPad Pro’s built-in pogo pins (also known as the smart connector0 to connect and get power, so you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth connection troubles or charging your keyboard.

The keyboard case is also relatively lightweight, slim, and well-built. Additionally, you get a whole row of iPadOS shortcut keys for convenience. Unfortunately, there is no Apple Pencil storage, but Logitech has provided a cutout for charging.

logitech combo touch for ipad pro 11 2024

Logitech Combo Touch

Best iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Logitech’s Combo Touch is a well-liked keyboard case with backlit keys, iPadOS shortcut buttons, and a large trackpad. It’ll also keep the iPad Pro safe.

OtterBox Defender Series Case for ipad pro 11 2024



Top-notch protection


360-degree coverage

Single color option

Built-in port cover

OtterBox’s Defender Series case for the iPad Pro 11-inch is among the most protective cases you can find. Its multi-layered design, featuring a hard internal shell, a soft outer slipcover, and a built-in screen protector, combined with a detachable shield stand, will keep your iPad safe in most situations.

There is also a USB-C port cover to keep the dust and debris out, Apple Pencil storage, and two lanyard holes to add to the features of this fantastic case. There is plenty to love about it. As you may suspect, it’s pretty bulky, but that’s the price you’ll have to pay for this level of protection.

Another excellent rugged case that you can consider is the UAG Metropolis SE. It comes in four colors and has a folio-style design. The case also includes storage for the Apple Pencil, kickstand functionality, and raised edges.

otterbox defender series for ipad pro 11 2024

Otterbox Defender Series

Best Rugged iPad Pro Case

It’s hard to go wrong with the OtterBox Defender Series case for the iPad Pro 11-inch. It delivers top-notch protection and has a built-in stand.

JETech Clear Case for ipad pro 11 2024




No Apple Pencil storage

No-frills design with reasonable protection

The JETech Clear Case is a no-frills, high-quality offering to keep the iPad Pro safe without hiding its design or colorway. It’s slim and lightweight, but the TPU polycarbonate construction protects your tablet from bumps, dents, drops, and impacts.

In other features, the company has included raised edges to prevent the display or camera module from getting scratched up and precise cutouts for easy access to the USB-C port, buttons, and Apple Pencil charging spot.

Another great thing about the JETech case is its fantastic pricing. However, the case lacks storage for the Apple Pencil.

If you prefer folio-style cases, you can alternatively consider the OtterBox Symmetry 360 with a transparent back. It has a folding front flap that can be used as a kickstand. Plus, like the company’s other cases, it offers superb drop protection.

JETech Clear Case for ipad pro 11 2024

JETech Clear Case

Best Clear iPad Pro Case

The JETech Clear Case is a simple but high-quality transparent case. It barely adds any bulk to the iPad Pro but still keeps the tablet protected.

Torro Premium Leather Case for ipad pro 11 2024



Premium and elegant design

No Apple Pencil storage

Sturdy frame

This top-grain leather case from Torro is an excellent choice if you are willing to shell out more for a premium look and an elegant design. While the case’s exterior is made from cowhide leather, the Torro offering uses a sturdy TPU shell for impact resistance and shock protection. A microfiber lining also keeps the iPad Pro safe from scratches.

Unlike other folio-style cases that rely on magnets to keep the front flap closed, the Torro offering has an elastic strap that wraps around the front cover to keep it securely closed when you’re not using the iPad Pro. The case also functions as a kickstand with three viewing angles and supports smart sleep/wake functionality.

While there is no Apple Pencil storage, the company has provided a cutout to help you charge it without removing the case.

Torro Premium Leather Case for ipad pro 11 2024

Torro Leather Case

Best Premium iPad Pro Case

Torro’s genuine leather case for the iPad Pro 11-inch is an elegant offering that stands out for its premium look and feel. The case also provided robust protection.


Can I use my old iPad Pro case with the new Pro model?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your old iPad Pro case with the new 11-inch iPad model. The newer model has slightly different dimensions, making it unfit for the older cases.

What is the difference between the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 13-inch iPad Pro?

The 2024 models of the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 13-inch iPad Pro are exactly the same, except for the larger display, higher resolution, and the tablet’s overall size.

What is the difference between the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Air?

There are quite a few differences between the 2024 models of the 11-inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Air. The two slates use different processors, different display technology, and different generation USB connectors. The iPad Air also lacks Face ID support, ProRes video recording, and more. Plus, there is no 128GB model of the iPad Pro.

Do I need the Apple Pencil Pro for my iPad Pro?

You don’t need an Apple Pencil Pro to use the iPad Pro. It’s an optional accessory that allows you to annotate, draw, take notes, mark up, and more in your favorite apps. It’s pretty handy for content creators.

How will the new Magic Keyboard work with my iPad Pro?

The Magic Keyboard is an official Apple accessory. Its iPad Pro 11-inch 2024 version attaches to the back of the tablet magnetically and uses the built-in pogo pins for connectivity and power. It also includes a USB-C port for charging your iPad Pro with pass-through power. You also get a large glass trackpad and a row of iPadOS shortcut keys.

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