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Whether you enjoy gaming on the go or in the comfort of your own home, you’ll want to keep your Steam Deck protected against accidental drop and shock damage with a decent protective case.

What to Look for With Steam Deck Cases

Valve’s Steam Deck is a fantastic piece of kit for portable gaming. However, it doesn’t offer much in the way of protection against accidental damage. Investing in a protective case allows you to game with confidence, wherever you are, providing a sturdy suit of armor to shield your console from harm.

The best Steam Deck cases offer protection against drop and shock damage. Some protective cases have a wraparound design that fits onto the Steam Deck itself, while others are hard-shell carry cases that are ideal for transportation. Choosing the right kind of case will depend on how and where you want to use your Deck.

Wraparound cases like the dbrand Steam Deck Case provide excellent protection against scratch and drop damage and can be left on your Steam Deck at all times. With precise cut-outs for all ports and vents, they are fuss-free to use and add a protective layer to keep your console looking pristine. Plus, with textured grips, they are less likely to slip from your hands as you play.

Hard shell cases, on the other hand, are designed to protect your handheld while you’re out and about. It offers snug and cushioned storage for your Steam Deck, with raised inserts to keep joysticks and buttons static while in transit. The hard shell protects against drop, shock, and splash damage and won’t get crushed inside a bag or backpack as you move. Many hard shell cases also provide additional storage for things like SD cards and screen wipes.

If you’re looking for a wraparound-style case, we recommend checking whether it can be left on while docked or inside a carrying case. This may affect your decision, as you might not want to worry about taking the case on and off frequently for charging or when on the go.

For hard shell cases, selecting something with weatherproof protection and additional storage is a good rule of thumb to ensure you’re getting maximum protection and functionality while you’re on the move.

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Stylish good looks

A more expensive option

Military Grade drop-tested

Offers improved grip

There are plenty of reasons to recommend the dbrand Steam Deck Case, both practical and aesthetic. For starters, it offers Military Grade impact resistance, meaning it’s been drop-tested to the Nth degree. It has a super slim design that doesn’t add unwanted bulk to your handheld, and it’s been precision-cut to fit the Steam Deck’s dimensions.

Besides precision cut-outs for all the Steam Deck’s ports and vents, it’s coated in micro-textured dots to improve grip and lessen the chances of accidental drops. A raised bezel offers smooth protection for the Steam Deck’s screen across the top and bottom edges, and the overall design is slick and visually appealing.

It includes a secure backplate mount for its removable kickstand, which can also be substituted for additional accessories, like the universal mount (available separately), which can be used for attaching battery packs, phone holders, and more. It will happily accommodate any skins you may have already applied and won’t obscure any charging cables either.

All these features will set you back a pretty penny, however, but that’s the only downside to an otherwise fantastic protective case. With good looks, sturdy protection, and a practical design that welcomes the attachment of extra accessories, you couldn’t ask for more.

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dbrand Steam Deck Case

Best Steam Deck Case Overall

With a super slim design and robust protection against drop and shock damage, the dbrand Steam Deck Case is the ideal way to protect your handheld.




Fits most docking stations and hard shell carry cases

No kickstand

Includes adjustable wrist strap

Textured grip

Versatility is important when shopping for a Steam Deck Case, and the Spigen Rugged Armor Protective Case is one of the most versatile you can get. This flexible protective case allows easy access to all the Steam Deck’s ports, accommodates most bolt-on accessories, fits most docking stations, and sits snugly inside the official Valve hard shell carry case.

Made from durable TPU, this case is easy to apply and provides a decent level of scratch protection for the back and edges of your console. It includes an adjustable wrist strap that comes in handy if you’re prone to butter-fingered accidents, and the case itself offers shock-absorption protection for those accidental bumps and drops.

Subtle carbon fiber accents mean this case pairs nicely with the original style of the Steam Deck, making it a visually appealing choice. Plus, its lightweight design helps avoid making the Steam Deck bulky. It feels comfortable to hold, and the mild textured finish to the side edges provides a bit of extra grip for sweaty palms.

The Spigen Rugged Armor Protective Case is an excellent choice for all-around protection and one of the more versatile options you’re likely to find. If you’re looking for a protective case that plays nicely with all manner of wires, cables, docking stations, and carry cases, this is it.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Steam Deck case

Most Versatile Steam Deck Case

$20 $30 Save $10

With easy access to your Steam Deck’s ports and vents, plus compatibility with most docking stations and carry cases, the Spigen Rugged Armor Steam Deck case is one of the most versatile wraparound cases out there.





Kickstand can’t be removed

Decent level of protection

Can’t attach other accessories to the case

Slim design

A better option for buyers on a budget is the Benazcap Steam Deck Case. Made from shockproof TPU and PC, this protective case with kickstand features cushioning on all four corners to protect against drop damage and offers scratch damage protection for your Steam Deck’s casing.

The case itself features precise cutouts for all your console’s ports, as well as multiple openings for heat dissipation, as you would expect. It protects against oily fingerprints and has textured bumpers to provide extra grip during gameplay.

This budget-priced case is streamlined and slim-fitting. It’s slim enough to still allow for transportation inside the official Valve carrying case and has a quality feel that may surprise you, given the relatively low price point.

The kickstand isn’t removable, and the case doesn’t allow for clipping on additional accessories, such as battery pack mounts and the like. However, for a good base level of protection with a sleek finish, the Benazcap Steam Deck Case offers unbeatable value for money and doesn’t disappoint.

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Benazcap Steam Deck Case

Best Budget Steam Deck Case

$10 $13 Save $3

Offering durable protection and an improved grip for your Steam Deck, the Benazcap Steam Deck Case is one of the best budget-priced Steam Deck cases on the market.




360-degree protection with travel cover

Won’t fit most docking stations

Allows for accessories to be attached

Bulkier than some alternatives

Non-slip grip

If it’s rugged protection you’re after, look no further than the JSAUX ModCase for Steam Deck. It offers complete 360-degree protection for your Steam Deck, making it an ideal choice for gaming on the go. Eco-friendly PC-ABS and silicone make up this case and provide drop-resistant and scratch-proof protection.

Cushioned corners help to bolster the protection here, and each kit includes a rugged front shell with a soft EVA cotton interior to make sure nothing damages that screen while in transit. The front shell also keeps both thumbsticks secure, and there are even protective ‘ears’ to prevent damage to the shoulder buttons.

The backplate features an adjustable kickstand for tabletop play, as well as a silicone strap for attaching a battery pack. In addition, you’ll also find a modular slider on the back of this case, which is perfect for snapping on a separate cooling fan during longer gaming sessions.

Laser-textured corners provide you with a non-slip grip that’s more than adequate and also makes this case comfortable to hold. In fact, outside of a hard shell protective carry case, this is probably one of the most secure ways to protect and secure your Steam Deck.



JSAUX ModCase for Steam Deck

Best Steam Deck Case for Rugged Protection

The JSAUD ModCase for Steam Deck offers 360-degree protection for your handheld and features an adjustable kickstand and accessory band for convenient gameplay anytime and anywhere.




Unyielding hard shell case

A bit too snug to accommodate a Steam Deck with a wraparound case

Cushioned bumpers on the interior

Storage wallet for SSD and wipes

If you’re in the market for a hard shell carry case, the tomtoc Carrying Case for Steam Deck is one that impressed us. Tailor-made for the Steam Deck, it offers secure storage for your console with a splashproof hard EVA shell and soft cushioning on the interior to prevent it from rattling around as you travel.

Inside the case, you’ll find a padded bumper to protect the shoulder buttons from compression, as well as a cushioned divider that protects the Steam Deck’s screen against scratch damage. This doubles as a storage wallet for your SD card and screen wipes, too. The joysticks and d-pad controls receive extra protection with raised inserts built-in to prevent any unwanted movement.

On the outside, heavy-duty YKK zippers keep both halves of the carry case secured, and a handy travel handle is also included for extra convenience. The hard shell is strong and durable, giving you excellent drop and shock protection while also keeping it safe from the elements.

The one obvious downside to this excellent carry case lies in the snug fit that it provides for the Steam Deck. Although it offers superior protection while your console is idle or in transit, there’s no protection while you’re actually using it. And given the tighter fit provided here, you’re unlikely to find a protective cover that can be accommodated by this carry case. However, if transporting your Steam Deck safely is your chief concern, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better carry case than this one.

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tomtoc Carrying Case for Steam Deck

Best Hard Shell Steam Deck Case

The tomtoc Carrying Case for Steam Deck provides hard shell weatherproof protection for your Steam Deck, giving you peace of mind while you’re on the move.


Can a Steam Deck replace a gaming PC?

While the Steam Deck is certainly a versatile and impressive PC gaming device, it’s one that’s more likely to complement a thoroughbred gaming PC rather than outright replace it. Its portability gives it an enormous amount of appeal, but there are many PC gamers who will still want to enjoy more traditional mouse and keyboard gameplay.

Can I connect my Steam Deck to a TV?

Yes. Connecting your Steam Deck to your TV or monitor simply requires a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

Can I factory reset my Steam Deck?

Initiating a factory reset for your Steam Deck is a straightforward process. Once you have switched your Steam Deck on (making sure it is in gaming mode and not Desktop mode), press the Steam button, and then simply navigate to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset to Factory State.

How important is a screen protector for my Steam Deck?

Although a screen protector for your Steam Deck isn’t an essential purchase, it’s a relatively inexpensive way of protecting your console’s screen against scratch damage. Many screen protectors are made from tempered glass with an oleophobic coating that also protects against oil and fingerprint damage, and certain screen protectors provide anti-glare protection too.

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