Sat. May 18th, 2024

Proton Pass is introducing Pass Monitor, a security panel that provides Dark Web Monitoring services and compromised account alerts. The new Pass Monitor also incorporates Proton’s existing Password Health feature and warns users of insecure accounts or reused passwords.

Proton Pass Monitor builds on the Dark Web Monitoring service that recently launched in Proton Mail. It regularly scans the dark web for a user’s email addresses, passwords, and email aliases. If someone’s information is discovered on the dark web, Proton Pass Monitor will provide a timely alert with steps to mitigate the problem.

Login credentials that appear on the dark web are usually obtained in a data breach or brute-force hacking campaign. These credentials may be bought or sold for a variety of purposes, including identity theft, hence the need for immediate action. Proton says that it’s using a proprietary threat detection system to find leaked credentials, though it’s also employing data from Constella Intelligence, an AI-driven identity monitoring company.

Dark Web Monitoring helps you protect yourself after something goes wrong. But the Proton Password Health feature, which is now located in the Pass Monitor panel, provides a more proactive approach to security. It runs on-device and recognizes when accounts are reusing passwords (or using crappy passwords). It may also warn you when an account is not protected by two-factor authentication. This, when combined with Proton’s email alias feature, can greatly improve your web security and quarantine any compromised accounts.

While it’s important for users to follow Password Health recommendations, I should note that even the most secure passwords may end up in a data breach. Corporations regularly fail to protect their customers (and themselves) from hackers. So, we’re forced to clean up their mess. A security suite like Pass Monitor makes things much easier.

Rival password-management tools, such as 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, and iCloud Keychain, also offer dark web monitoring and password health features. While these features are a great addition to Proton Pass, privacy and end-to-end encryption are still the big selling points of Proton’s services.

Proton’s Password Health feature is available to both free and paid Proton Pass users. However, Dark Web Monitoring requires a paid subscription. High-profile individuals who require extra account security, specifically journalists and business leaders, should upgrade to a membership tier with Proton Sentinel functionality.

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