Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Many smartphone apps can become addictive, and there’s no better way to solve a problem than spending more money, which has led to a rise in “minimalist’ phones with just the basic functionality. The Light Phone is a popular option in this category, and now there’s a new model for you to check out.

Light, known for its minimalist phones designed to reduce digital distractions, has introduced its latest model, the Light Phone 3. This new model builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Light Phone II, while addressing user feedback and technological advancements. The Light Phone 3 features a larger matte OLED display, replacing the E-ink screen of the previous model. The previous e-ink screen was cool, but with the new OLED screen, Light says that it wants to improve performance and usability without sacrificing the calm simplicity of the black and white interface. Battery life might be greatly affected, however, so we’ll have to see how the phone fares in this regard.

A notable addition is a camera inspired by traditional film cameras. It has a dedicated shutter button, center focus, and a fixed focal length, making it a fun tool for capturing moments. The company also says that it’s committed to longevity and sustainability, doubling down on that by future-proofing the phone for software updates and incorporating a replaceable battery. Additional features include a metal frame, USB-C, fingerprint ID, a flashlight, 5G, and an NFC chip, potentially enabling a digital wallet and video calls in the future.

In several ways, this is just a glorified feature phone. It has basic communication features as well as a number of other core features, but you can’t install apps, such as social media apps, in here. This is on purpose. If you want to keep yourself from installing stuff that you want to get away from, this might be the perfect phone for you. The Light Phone 3 is now available for purchase, and while it’s a steep $399, it might actually be worth it for some people.

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