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Looking to pick up a MacBook? Now is a great chance to pick up the M3 MacBook Air at its lowest price yet.

Back in March, Apple released a new MacBook Air with the powerful M3 chip, making for a more affordable alternative to the MacBook Pro M3 laptops from last year. The MacBook Pros tend to be overkill for most users, anyway—we’ve always recommended picking up the Air over the Pro unless you’re a creative professional who needs the extra processing power of the M3 Pro chip.

That said, even the price of MacBook Airs can be prohibitive, especially as you go up to the higher RAM and storage options. If you’ve been eyeing this new model but weren’t sure because of the price, now’s your chance to jump in—Amazon has a select model of the MacBook Air M3 for $899, $200 off the $1,099 retail price.

The model currently on sale has a 13-inch screen, 8GB RAM, and 256GB of storage, making it the most “basic” option in the new MacBook collection. If you’re switching from a Windows laptop to a MacBook, the specs might seem low, but the efficiency of the M3 chip and MacOS, in general, make up for the difference in raw specs. If storage is a concern, there’s always the option of a portable SSD or a cloud storage service, which is often a better solution than paying a premium for extra internal storage.

The only catch of this deal? The $899 price point only applies to the MacBook Air’s Starlight colorway. The other colors are on sale, but they’re listed at $999—a decent deal in its own right, but saving another $100 because you chose a different color makes it hard to argue for the other versions.

macbook m3

MacBook Air 13.6-inch (2024, Starlight)

$899 $1099 Save $200

Looking to pick up a new MacBook? The Starlight color of the MacBook Air M3 is $200 off now, making it the lowest price for the new laptop yet.

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