Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

The Meta Quest 2 standalone virtual reality headset was released in 2020, and now it serves as an entry-level option alongside the pricier Meta Quest 3. Meta has now confirmed that the Quest 2 has received another permanent price drop.

Meta announced today that the regular price for the Quest 2 headset will stay at $199 in the United States. There was a limited sale at $150 earlier this month, and there will probably be other similar sales over the coming months, but $199 will be the typical price for the base 128GB model moving forward.

The company said in a blog post, “From home fitness to fully immersive gaming to 2D entertainment, Meta Quest 2 is the most affordable way to tap into everything VR has to offer—and we’re doubling down by making our recent price drop permanent. That means, people can jump into VR with a 128GB Quest 2 headset for just $199 USD—no TV, console, battery pack, or wires required.”

The Quest 2’s price tag has shifted several times since its introduction. It was originally priced at $300 for the 128GB model, and $400 for 256GB, then the prices for both were raised by $100 in 2022. The price for the 256GB model dropped in March 2023 to $430, but the 128GB model remained at $400. Both models returned to their original prices in June 2023, then they dropped to $250 for the 128GB model and $300 for the 256GB model in January. The Quest 3 still starts at $500.

Even though the Quest 2 is still a great entry point for VR without spending too much money, we still don’t know how long it will be supported. The hardware is now four years old, with a lower screen resolution and more limited passthrough functionality than the Quest 3. Meta started winding down support for the original Quest headset in 2023, only four years after its introduction. Hopefully, the much wider popularity and continued sales for the Quest 2 means it will stick around longer, but Meta hasn’t committed to anything.

You can buy the Quest 2 headset for $199 from Amazon, and it’s also available from Meta, Best Buy, Target, and other stores.

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