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Webcams haven’t changed much over the past decade, though companies like Logitech and Dell have released a few high-end models recently with higher resolutions and better sensors. Logitech has now released its “most advanced 4K webcam yet,” the MX Brio.

The MX Brio is in the same product lineup as Logitech’s other premium productivity devices, like the MX Keys S wireless keyboard and MX Anywhere 3S mouse. Logitech is promising “unparalleled video and sound quality,” with support for up to 4K resolution (2160p) at 30 FPS, a 65°, 78°, or 90° diagonal field of view, two microphones, HDR support, a USB Type-C connector, and an integrated privacy shutter. It can also tilt downward, in case you need to show papers or other items on your desk during a call.

The resolution of a webcam alone doesn’t tell you a lot about video quality—there are plenty of 4K webcams that still have poor image quality, just like many budget smartphones have 50MP cameras that still don’t look great. The MX Brio uses an 8.5MP Sony STARVIS sensor, with the ability to customize the lighting, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and other settings with the Logi Options+ or Logi G Hub desktop applications. Logitech claims it has “2x better face visibility and 2x finer image details in difficult lighting conditions” compared to the company’s previous high-end camera, the Brio 4K.

Logitech said in a blog post, “Since poor lighting is one of most commonly-cited problems of video calls, MX Brio 705 for Business includes RightLight 5 with HDR technology and face-based image enhancement. The camera automatically adjusts to bright and low-light environments, while representing skin tones more accurately.”

A few people have already put the MX Brio through some testing, including our sister site XDA, and the image quality does seem solid. However, a recent high-end smartphone will still likely win in image quality. You can use an iPhone as a webcam with a Mac using Apple’s Continuity Cam feature, and Microsoft is working on a similar integration for Android phones paired to Windows PCs (in addition to existing third-party tools). Still, the MX Brio can stay always connected to your computer with USB, and it’s cross-platform.

You can buy the MX Brio webcam from Logitech’s online store for $200. That’s definitely expensive, and if you’re thinking of upgrading, consider your lighting situation first.

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