Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

ASUS revealed a bunch of new tech earlier this year at CES 2024, and one of them was a low-profile compact gaming keyboard: the ROG Falchion RX. The keyboard wasn’t available for purchase, though, and now you can finally get it.

The ROG Falchion RX is a low-profile wireless mechanical keyboard, with a “65% keyboard in a 60% frame” with a 26.5 mm profile. That means there’s no dedicated number pad, but you do get the usual number row at the top, along with Insert, Delete, Page Up/Down, and arrow keys along the right side. It uses pre-lubricated RX Red and Blue mechanical switches. The RGB lighting can be configured (or turned off entirely) with the ASUS Armoury Crate desktop software. There’s also full support for Mac and a key remap mode specifically for macOS, which you don’t always see with gaming accessories.

The most interesting feature here might be the touch panel along the top of the keyboard, which works a bit like the Touch Bar that Apple used to include on some MacBook Pro laptops. It can be used ot adjust volume, control media playback, and change keyboard lighting, with customizable controls using desktop app.

ASUS keyboard with white keys and RGB backlighting

Connectivity is also a strong point for the ROG Falchion RX. It comes with a 2.4GHz USB adapter for low-latency wireless, and if you have other supported wireless ASUS ROG devices (like the ROG Harpe Ace or Keris II mouse), they can be be paired to the same USB adapter. You can also just pair it over a standard Bluetooth connection, and store up to three connections for easy switching. ASUS says the keyboard can also function as a regular wired USB keyboard with a USB-C cable, which isn’t true for most other wireless keyboards.

You can buy the ASUS ROG Falchion RX Low Profile from Amazon for $170. It’s also available on Newegg for the same price, and it will likely show up at other retailers over the coming weeks. It looks like a great option for a mechanical low-profile keyboard that works well with nearly any computer or mobile device you might own.

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