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Key Takeaways

  • Yeedi M12 Pro+ surprised with effective cleaning performance, exceeding expectations in debris pick-up tests.
  • Disappointments included struggles on shag carpet and bulkiness of docking station for water reservoirs.
  • While pricey at $1,099, the $899 introductory price is more acceptable for its performance and features.

Robot vacuums and mops that hover around the $1,000 price point are curious creatures. Typically, they’re ambitious in their on-board features but usually don’t clean quite well enough to justify their high costs. The Yeedi M12 Pro+ falls squarely into this price tier and while it has its quirks, it managed to win me over with its better-than-expected cleaning performance.

The Cleaning Tests Convinced Me

Yeedi M12 Pro+ in the middle of cleaning a floor
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Unless you’re heavily researching all the different robot vacuums, you probably haven’t heard of Yeedi. That’s understandable and I would argue that you haven’t needed to until recently. I tested and used the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro a couple of years ago and wasn’t overly impressed.

Maybe that’s why I wasn’t expecting much from the M12 Pro+ vacuum and mop combo. However, after running my typical monitored tests, I was more excited by it.

Beyond keeping a robot vacuum on a regular schedule across various rooms of my house, I also like to tape off a section of my kitchen floor to be able to see exactly how much debris it can pick up on a single pass.

I use white rice to simulate bigger crumb pieces and crushed-up Cheerios to mimic the finer dust and dirt that collects on floors over time.

The M12 Pro+ did cheat a bit by insisting on doing two passes when a small cleaning area was selected. After it finished, the taped-off area was nearly spotless. But also to its credit, I sat and watched as it cleared most of the dirt in its first pass.

I tried to run the vacuum across a thick shag rug, but it could muster enough effort to do that so it stuck to hardwood floors the rest of the time. I didn’t notice any problems with it getting hair tangled in its rolled, but there probably wasn’t much hair across the kitchen and dinning room areas for it to gather.

When mopping was added to the cleaning equation, I remained impressed by the results. One of the spinning brushes can rotate out from underneath the circular device to reach more areas. I didn’t notice this helping much in practice as it rarely bumped up against a baseboard, but I also didn’t watch all of its cleaning efforts.

There Were Still Some Disappointments

dirty water container from Yeedi M12 Pro+ docking station
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Although the unit cleaned better than I expected, it wasn’t perfect. It missed crumbs from time to time, like all robot cleaners. Even with that consideration, most of my disappointments came with how the M12 Pro+ handled shag carpeting and its docking station elements.

I wished the M12 Pro+ could have done better on my shag carpet rug, but it couldn’t master that. It slowed to a crawl and had a hard time maneuvering around. More importantly, it seemed to have a hard time navigating the narrow strip of my room on hardwood between a couch and the said rug. Sometimes it could make it across the gauntlet to clean on the other side, and sometimes it couldn’t, even when telling it to clean that area specifically.

In my mind, the key to a good docking station is moderation. It should hold enough clean water, dirty water, and dirt, but not so much that it becomes unwieldy to empty when the time finally comes. The water reservoirs on the M12 Pro+ station are more like buckets than containers. They hold around 4 liters of water. They can be a little heavy to carry when full and their elongated shape makes them a little tricky to empty or fill in a kitchen sink.

water contain of the Yeedi M12 Pro+ docking station
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

Yeedi advertises its cleaning station as being able to be hidden, but I don’t think it qualifies. Its 1.57-foot height is big. Its black shape also isn’t inconspicuous either. There’s nothing particularly low-key about it, no matter how you slice it. I didn’t find it bad, but it just isn’t particularly attractive or unobtrusive.

Is the Yeedi M12 Pro+ Worth Spending Money On?

Yeedi M12 Pro+ vacuum and mop
Tyler Hayes / How-To Geek

When the Yeedi M12 Pro+ launched in late April, it was priced at $899, discounted a significant amount from its $1,099 retail price. Unless a vacuum and mop’s cleaning performance is amazing, I don’t think most people should cost the $1,000 line on this type of product. So even though $900 isn’t cheap by any means, it does undercut a few competing vacuum and mop combo units while doing just as good of a job, if not better.

I probably wouldn’t advise spending full price on the M12 Pro+. If you want to go overboard and spend a ton of money, the newest Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra seems like it’s the one to get.

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ robot vacuum

YEEDI M12 Pro+

$899 $1099 Save $200

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ is an advanced robot vacuum and mop cleaner with a small but feature-laden OMNI station and the tools to ensure sparkling clean hard floors and carpets every time.

Battery Life
200 minutes (vacuuming and mopping)



Dust Bag Capacity(L)

Charge Time
~3.1 hours


Suction Power

Floating main brush

Base station dimensions
16.1 x 19.2 x 18.8in

Water tank volume



  • Better than average cleaning from a robot
  • Easy-to-navigate mobile app
  • Decent object avoidance

  • Experienced a few navigational quirks
  • Not great at thick, shag rugs
  • Big water reservoirs can be hard to empty and fill

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