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With only about a week and a half left of summer, it won’t be long before autumn is fully upon us. So why not close out summer 2023 by treating yourself to one of the many deals available on various electronics and tech accessories? This week, you can save several hundred dollars on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, treat yourself to a new Garmin Forerunner 745 smartwatch, get the best price on the Amazon Fire TV Cube, and much more.


Windows 11 Pro

$29.97 $199 Save $169.03

Get Windows 11 Pro for life at an incredible price.

If your PC uses Windows as its operating system but you haven’t had the opportunity to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 Professional, don’t miss out on this opportunity to do so at a fraction of the usual cost.

As long as your computer is compatible with Windows 11, this upgrade is well worth your time and money. More powerful and with more features than the previous version, it’ll improve your computer’s overall security and productivity while offering a wider range of features and functions. Windows 11 Pro comes with Windows Studio Effects, including features like Background Blur and Automatic Framing, which makes it easier on the eyes for users.

Also included are improved voice typing, TPM 2.0 to prevent undesired outside tampering, and the ability to create your own custom layouts. You’ll even have the option to operate your computer without a keyboard or mouse if you so desire, thanks to Windows 11 Pro’s touchscreen function.

In addition to these handy features, this upgrade also comes with BitLocker device encryption for greater security, Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect other remote computers or apps, Windows Information Protection to help prevent your data from accidentally being shared to public spaces, and much, much more. If your computer will run with Windows 11 Pro, don’t miss out on the chance to get a huge discount on the program before the sale is over.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

$949.99 $1399.99 Save $450

One of the best Android smartphones on the market, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra can shoot 8K video and up to 108-megapixel still photos. It features a beautiful adaptive contrast screen, an embedded S Pen stylus, and support for Wi-Fi 6E. Get it now while it’s $450 off.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a top-tier smartphone, the best of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series, and one of the top Android phones on the market today. But a high-end smartphone means paying high-end prices, so don’t miss out on this chance to nab the Galaxy S22 Ultra for under $1k.

This phone boasts several useful features, from an impressive 512 GB of storage to a built-in S Pen stylus for writing, sketching, taking notes, editing videos, and more. This stylus also slots inside the phone when not in use, so you won’t have to worry about losing or misplacing it. The phone’s 120Hz screen is 6.8 inches wide, and it also has a 5,000mAh, 45W fast charging battery plus IP68 water and dust protection. And the screen automatically adjusts its brightness and color to suit its surrounding environment and light levels, in or out of doors.

Besides the large screen and S Pen, the main selling point of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is its impressive array of top-notch cameras. The phone has a 12MP main camera, a 108MP wide-angle lens, and two 10MP telephoto (zoom) cameras that offer up to 10x optical zoom without sacrificing clarity. And all of this is in addition to the 40MP camera on the front, so all your video calls, photos, and selfies taken with the. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will look fantastic.

Garmin Forerunner 745

$299.99 $399.99 Save $100

An advanced fitness watch that features more metrics and support for powerful sensors. Get it for $100 off today.

One of the primary reasons many people buy a smartwatch is to help track their steps and keep records of their workouts, and the Garmin Forerunner 745 is more than up to these tasks. If you’re after a smartwatch that takes monitoring your activity and fitness to a whole new level, this just might be the model for you.

Most smartwatches offer the ability to count your daily steps taken, log how many miles you ran or swam or cycled, and monitor your heart rate, but the Forerunner 745 takes tracking metrics a step further than most. Beyond the usual fitness features, this smartwatch will keep tabs on your recovery time, provide you with lap alerts, offer outdoor track and open water swim support, and give audio prompts, among others.

There are specific apps and profiles built in for different workouts and activities, including running, cycling, both pool and open water swimming, and even triathlons. The watch will also suggest running or biking workouts for you each day, depending on your metrics, predict your race finish times, and track how your workouts will influence your speed, endurance, and power over time. The Garmin Forerunner 745 may lack some features that other smartwatches possess, but in terms of a fitness watch, it can’t be beat.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

$119.99 $139.99 Save $20

A high-end Android streaming option for TVs, the Fire TV Cube supports 4K Ultra HD, Wi-Fi 6E, Dolby Vision, HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio. Plus, it’s at its best price right now.

Multifunctional devices, smart or otherwise, are generally a worthwhile investment since they give you more mileage and better bang for your buck. The Amazon Fire TV Cube fits this bill, as it’s both a streaming device and an Alexa smart speaker in one compact package.

With Wi-Fi 6E support and a Fire TV Alexa voice remote included with your purchase, you’ll be able to access and manage all your Alexa-compatible smart home devices right on your television screen. Whether checking your Ring camera, adjusting the volume on your soundbar, or checking the weather outside, you won’t have to leave your couch or bed thanks to this Fire TV cube.

This device’s capabilities for streaming shows and movies are nothing to be sneezed at, either. It offers cinematic 4K resolution and support for Dolby Vision, HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio for crystal-clear, true-to-life visuals and crisp audio. This device can access all your favorite streaming subscription services (Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, etc.). It operates very similar to an Amazon Fire Stick— except that the Amazon Fire TV Cube is more powerful than even the latest 4K Max version of the Fire Stick.

Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)

$89 $129 Save $40

The Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) is the best stylus available for your iPad. This latest iteration features wireless charging, palm rejection, and an intuitive touch interface.

Stylus pens are designed for greater precision when using your devices, be it typing, doodling, or graphic design. They’re also one of the best ways to prevent fingerprints and smudges on your screen. If you have an iPad that you want to use for drawing or taking handwritten notes, don’t miss out on this chance to grab the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) for only $5 more than its best-ever price.

One of the top iPad accessories of the year, this latest version of the original Apple Pencil boasts improved latency over the 1st Gen model and a flatter side that makes it easier to grip and hold. Its built-in pressure function, near nonexistent lag time, and matte-like tip will ensure the pencil glides smoothly against your tablet’s screen, and it has a magnetic mount that allows you to securely attach it to the top of your iPad when not in use.

Another handy feature is the mounting system, which will sync and charge the stylus while it’s mounted atop your tablet—no separate charger or battery changes are required. You won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a marathon drawing or note-tasking session. As long as it’s compatible with your iPad (since this stylus isn’t backward compatible with older versions and generations), it’s hard to go wrong with the Apple Pencil 2.

More Deals

Samsung T35F Series 22-Inch Monitor against the backdrop of a sunset.

If you’ve got another piece of tech on your shopping list, never fear— there are plenty of other great deals available this week. It’s a great time to invest in a new security camera, for instance, with sales on the Kasa Smart Security Camera and the eufy Security S200 Cameras, plus 33% off a Samsung desktop monitor, a gaming keyboard from SteelSeries, and much more.

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