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Bluetti has established itself as an industry leader in the production of innovative and green portable power solutions.

Its commitment to a sustainable future includes the provision of affordable energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, and its latest innovations promise to upgrade your next camping adventure while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Bluetti SwapSolar Ecosystem

Presenting the best of both worlds, Bluetti is proud to introduce SwapSolar. This completely portable ecosystem provides dependable outdoor power, courtesy of the Bluetti AC180T hot-swappable battery, plus unbeatable 3-in-1 efficient cooling with the Bluetti MultiCooler.

With Bluetti SwapSolar, you can power up any camping trip and enjoy a reliable off-grid power supply that delivers fresh food and perfectly chilled beverages for up to six days.

Bluetti 3-in-1 MultiCooler

Bluetti MultiCooler on beach


Set to revolutionize your summer, the Bluetti MultiCooler has everything you need to stay cool and relaxed in the sunshine. This powerful portable device is a triple threat as far as Bluetti’s competitors are concerned, being an ice maker, fridge, and freezer all in one.

Featuring a sleek design, the MultiCooler has a 42-quart capacity, offering enough storage space for up to 60 cans of soda. And with a temperature range of minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s plenty of room for adjustment too, making it a cinch to get everything to that Goldilocks temperature.

What’s more, it has a built-in compressor that can ensure rapid cooling in just 15 minutes (from 86 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit). With this handy feature on board, even last-minute additions won’t cause any problems, with everything getting down to temperature super quickly.

A remarkable feature of the MultiCooler is its utilization of industry-leading VIP (Vacuumed Insert Panel) and ultra-microporous foam layers, maintaining a consistent internal temperature. Even under the intense glare of the sun, this refrigerator consistently maintains your desired coolness. Its superior insulation not only ensures prolonged freshness for your food but also optimizes energy efficiency.

And if you need things to be cooler than cool, you can make them ice-cold in a flash, with the MultiCooler’s ice-making facility. Top off those beverages with glistening, crystal-clear ice cubes in just a few short minutes, while you sit back and soak up those rays.

Smart and Portable Design

Bluetti MultiCooler on campsite


Weighing just 25 kilograms, the MultiCooler is lighter than you might think. It’s fitted with convenient side grooves that allow for easy lifting, making loading and unloading as effortless as possible.

Even a fully loaded MultiCooler won’t cause any problems with maneuverability, thanks to its integrated wheels and drawbar. Equipped with 45-degree tilt protection, it even makes light work of rougher terrain, making it one of the most portable cooling units on the market.

And if you’re worried about the MultiCooler’s noise output, you needn’t be.

It operates at an impressively quiet 30 decibels in refrigeration mode, and 45 decibels in ice-making mode. So whether you’re at the beach, the campsite, or even in the garden, you don’t need to worry about a noisy operation killing the vibe.

Easy Control at Your Fingertips

Keeping track of everything you have stocked in your MultiCooler couldn’t be easier, thanks to its intuitive LCD touchscreen controls.

It also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to manage everything with the Bluetti app. Monitor temperatures in real-time and adjust the settings, choosing from the MultiCooler’s ECO Mode and Self-Clean Mode.

MultiCooler Versatile Power Options

The Bluetti MultiCooler has you covered in every situation, thanks to its four versatile charging methods.

It can be plugged into any wall outlet, or plugged into your car—even when making ice (an industry first).

If you are in the field with no AC outlet or need to conserve your car battery, the MultiCooler can be powered by B70 (716.8Wh), the battery of the AC180T power station, without requiring a cord. Just load one B70 battery in the Multicooler, it can sustain 6 more days. Just imagine the possibilities if you have multiple B70 batteries on hand—you’ll multiply the run time, ensuring your MultiCooler remains powered for extended periods, providing you with uninterrupted cooling convenience.

If you’d rather conserve your car battery, the MultiCooler can be charged with Bluetti’s AC180T portable battery, to provide you with power for up to three days. Or you can connect your MultiCooler to solar panels and enjoy a never-ending power supply (for as long as the sun stays shining).

Bluetti AC180T Hot-Swappable Battery

Bluetti AC180T


The Bluetti AC180T is a portable solution to all your on-the-go power needs. Thanks to its innovative hot-swappable design, keeping your devices powered up while you’re away from home has never been easier.

Swappable Battery for Extreme Flexibility

The AC1080T has a removable battery design that allows you to replace its two B70 batteries from the top. It uses long-lasting, safe LFP batteries that feature 3,000+ life cycles and 5,000+ swap times.

With the AC180T, you can choose from multiple Bluetti battery packs to suit your needs. Swap out your batteries for longer trips or emergencies, and gain instant full power any time and anywhere.

To charge both batteries, plug the AC180T directly into the wall outlet for fast 1,400WAC charging. Alternatively, you can charge them using solar panels to enjoy a constant supply of power.

Pricing and Availability

Bluetti SwapSolar Indiegogo


Bluetti is currently offering a five-year warranty for the AC180T and a two-year warranty for the MultiCooler.

You can join the Indiegogo campaign beginning on February 21st, to take advantage of the best deals for the MultiCooler and the AC180T. Both products are available for delivery to selected European countries, the U.S., Canada, and Australia:

  • MultiCooler+B70: Retail price $1328, early bird price $899 (limited quantity of 300pcs).
  • AC180T: Retail price $1299, super early bird price $849 (limited quantity of 100pcs).
  • B70: Retail price $429, super early bird price $299 (limited quantity of 300pcs).

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