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Steam Remote Play is a wonderful feature enabling your primary gaming PC to be used as a streaming box. Then, you can play high-end games on your phone, tablet, Steam Deck, and more, as long as you have a fast enough local network. This week, Valve finally delivered one of the most highly-requested features, which is 4K high-quality streaming.

The latest Steam Client beta from August 14th had a few small fixes and minor tweaks, but the beta also delivers a set of “4K high-quality streaming presets” that gamers can use. It’s worth noting that 4K streaming was technically possible before, but it didn’t always work that great, and users often had to fumble with settings to try and find a good balance in terms of performance. Now, as long as you’re on the latest beta, you can test those 4K presets and enjoy streaming unlike ever before.

Over the years, Valve has added several helpful features to Remote Play, including the “Remote Play Together” mode that allows for streaming and playing co-op games with friends. Streaming a game in 1080p from your hotel on vacation is great, as is playing with a friend, but being able to do it in 4K is even better. Steam users can finally take advantage of 4K monitors, higher resolution phones or tablets, and other gaming peripherals. 4K TVs and monitors are more common now than they were a few years ago, so the improved support is great to see.

Additionally, the Steam Client beta update added support for the Indonesian language, settings window size changing, and improved the reliability of the back button—something many of us have experienced as of late. Other fixes include changes to Big Picture Mode to prevent notifications from being too distracting, fixed overlay freezing issues, and fixed switching from fullscreen to windowed mode.

These improvements follow several upgrades over the last few months, including the July 28th beta that vastly improved library performance for everyone with a huge game collection. If you’re not on the latest version of Steam or want to test out 4K Remote Play streaming, give the latest beta a try today.

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