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Visible is the prepaid carrier owned and operated by Verizon, with some of the lowest-cost plans in the US for single lines. Now the carrier is introducing annual plans that can save you a bit more money.

Visible has confirmed to How-To Geek that it will offer annual plans for new customers starting April 17th, 2024, with availability for existing subscribers coming later in May. It’s similar to the multi-month discounts offered by Mint Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and other carriers—if you can commit to an entire year of service, the per-month price is lower.

The Visible+ annual plan will cost $395 per year, which is a savings of 26% or $145 compared to paying the usual $45/month price for 12 months. Visible+ includes unlimited premium data while connected to Verizon’s 5G ultrawideband network (and a 50GB cap when you’re outside that range), an optional smartwatch plan, fast Wi-Fi tethering, and limited support for international use. The yearly billing works out to be roughly $33/month, so that’s not a bad deal at all if you can commit to an entire year.

The regular Visible annual plan will cost $275 per year, which is only $25 less than paying the usual $25/month price for a year. That’s not a big discount, at roughly $23/month, but the base plan is already one of the better deals in the US wireless industry. It’s essentially getting one month of service on the house if you pay for the other 11 months at once. The base Visible plan does not support Verizon’s ultra wideband network (just regular 5G and 4G LTE) and limits hotspot tethering to slower speeds.

The new plans look like a great way to get Verizon service for even less money, though Visible’s lack of physical store locations in the US means you’re stuck with online or phone-based support if you have problems. Visible also still doesn’t have multi-line discounts, so if you have several phone lines, other carriers might end up being cheaper.

You can check out Visible’s plans from the carrier’s official website. The annual plans won’t be available for new customers until April 17th, and existing subscribers won’t be able to switch until May.

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