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Vivaldi browser for iPhone and iPad launched just over a month ago, but it’s already getting a big update with tab pinning, search engine shortcuts, bug fixes, and more. These features were already available on desktop and other platforms, and they’re a welcome addition to Apple’s mobile ecosystem.

Here’s what’s new in Vivaldi on iOS and iPadOS version 6.4.3166.27. A full changelog is available on Vivaldi’s blog.

  • Tab Pinning: Keep your important tabs easily accessible and protect them from accidental deletion.
  • Search Engine Shortcuts: Quickly select a search engine by typing a shortcut before your search terms. If you want to search Wikipedia for information on WWII, for example, you’ll type “w WWII.”
  • Other Improvements: Private tabs now follow your search engine and ad block settings. Translations are updated. Chromium version upgraded to 118.0.5993.122. Various bug fixes.

Tab pinning is the most notable part of this update. Simply tap and hold on a tab in the Tab Switcher to open a context menu, which contains the tab pinning option alongside “add to reading list” and other tools.

Obviously, search engine shortcuts is a slightly niche feature. But it’s a useful time-saver for some users. Note that you can customize your search engine shortcuts in settings—you aren’t limited to the default shortcuts.

The Vivaldi team also “rounded a few rough edges, squashed some bugs, and polished the browser with under-the-hood improvements.” A full changelog is listed at the bottom of Vivaldi’s latest blog post, though most of the bug fixes are negligible, as Vivaldi on iOS was already fairly polished. Note that the previous Vivaldi on iOS update (version 6.3.3137.29) already addressed a decent number of bugs,

If you’ve never tried the Vivaldi browser, download it for iPhone and iPad and give it a shot. Vivaldi browser is notable for its privacy practices, built-in tracker and ad blocking, and unique tab management features (which are especially useful on a mobile device). It also includes note-taking and reading list features, which reduce the need for additional apps or other solutions. Like other browsers, Vivaldi allows you to sync data and preferences between your devices.

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