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We all have enough paid content subscriptions. The next time you’re thinking about paying for another streaming service, consider getting a free movie app instead. Some of the best free movie apps online are easy to download to your phone so that you can watch a flick on a plane, train, or when you can’t sleep.


Crackle, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, is one of the best free apps for movies. Like most of these apps, there aren’t any new blockbusters available. However, Crackle shines in genres like documentaries and classics. Other categories include drama, comedy, and anime.

Crackle also creates originals, though the list is short, and the quality looks pretty hit or miss. As far as user experience is concerned, if you’re used to scrolling Hulu or Netflix on your phone, you’ll pick up Crackle in two seconds.

FreeVee by Amazon

FreeVee has more recent movies, including some that were released in theaters within recent memory, such as Ocean’s Eight and The Invisible Man. If you don’t want to scroll through exclusively B-quality movies or old classics, FreeVee will be more appealing than options like Crackle or Vudu.

You can use your existing Amazon login to access the app on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, or you can create a separate login. There isn’t a movie tab, which would be convenient, but movie categories are still clearly labeled.


You can find some gems on Vudu. For instance, the 2017 Golden Globe winner Lady Bird is on the app for free. On the other hand, so is Boobs: An American Obsession. This is to say the free movies vary widely in quality and intended audience, but you’re bound to find at least a few titles that interest you.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, though it’s worth noting that it’s branded as Fandango at Home in the Google Play Store for Android devices. When you open the app, you’ll need to ignore the “Movies” tab and go straight to “Free” to find titles that don’t cost money to rent.


For an app most people probably haven’t heard of, Popcornflix manages to be one of the best free movie apps. It has a lot of recognizable titles, including Alien Predator and My Friend Dahmer.

The app might also have the most helpful user interface on the list. Once you go to the “Movies” tab, you can see movies separated by category. At the top of the screen, however, there’s a drop-down subcategory menu that allows you to narrow down your choices without scrolling through dozens of titles. You can access Popcornflix for Android, iPhone, and iPad.


Filmzie is a good place to go for niche movie categories. While there aren’t a ton of major films in the catalog, categories include LGBTQI+ movies and films directed by women. It also has a decent list of animated films, which can’t be said for all free movie apps online.

As for the user experience, there are a lot of large, somewhat intrusive ads on the app. This breaks up the scrolling experience, and the ads can make navigating to the bottom menu bar difficult, especially on the search page. You can find Filmzie for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

When it comes to finding free movies, app choice is everything. Options like FreeVee give you access to new movies, while an app like Filmzie might help you discover some indie films you never would have stumbled across on a major streamer. Consider creating an account with the free apps listed here, which may unlock additional features like the ability to keep watch lists.

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