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  • Watch NBC Olympics coverage for free with an antenna during the day and check the schedule for specific events.
  • Stream Olympics content on Peacock, GOLF Channel, USA Network, CNBC, and E! (requires subscription).
  • Check the official Olympics website or NBC Sports schedule for details (primetime highlights focus may differ).

The 2024 Summer Olympics are landing in Paris at the end of July, and you don’t need cable to access a lot of the action. NBC will broadcast many daytime and primetime events. With the aid of an over-the-air (OTA) antenna, you can watch for free.

Which Channels are Broadcasting the Olympics?

NBCUniversal networks are the home of the 2024 Summer Olympics. During the day, NBC will air at least nine hours of event coverage. If you have a local NBC affiliate in your area (and you almost certainly do), this is where you can watch a lot of free events with an OTA antenna.

Once daytime coverage concludes, the network will use the primetime hours to show highlights of the day’s events.

In addition to NBC, you will find some Olympics content streaming on the Peacock app, GOLF Channel, USA Network, CNBC, and E!. Telemundo will air Spanish-language coverage. However, Peacock and the extended range of NBCUniversal channels are not accessible via antenna and can get expensive due to price creep.

How Do I Watch for Free?

OTA antennae pick up free broadcast frequencies, allowing you to tune into television stations without paid cable. Depending on where you live, you may be able to access a handful of local channels or a wider range of HD networks. You are likely to have access to NBC.

There are several web tools you can use to see which networks are available to you via antenna based on your zip code. You can also use the map to see how strong the signal is for a specific channel and how much range your antenna needs.

Most modern televisions have an integrated tuner, meaning they are ready to be connected to an antenna. This makes setting up an antenna to watch the 2024 Olympics a lot easier than it might sound.

Setting Up an Antenna

Person holding an indoor TV antenna
Jordan Gloor / How-To Geek

When you think of a TV antenna, you may envision a set of metal rabbit ears. But these days, indoor digital antennae often resemble an internet router or speaker. Some antenna models even have sleek, flat designs that are easy to mount indoors to a wall. Outdoor antennae are designed to be mounted on your roof and are typically much larger with a wider range.

Setting up an antenna may be as easy as plugging the device into the integrated tuner on the back of your TV. Once the two devices are connected, you are typically required to turn on your television and allow it to scan for channels. Each antenna may have slightly different setup instructions.

Keep in mind that you want to be careful about antenna placement to get better reception. As a general rule, you’ll want to avoid placing your antenna so that there is an obstacle in the way of the signal. If you’re placing an indoor antenna, put it high up on the wall near a window if you can.

How Do I Know Which Olympic Events I Can Watch for Free?

You will be able to watch NBC Olympics coverage using an antenna in most places. You’ll find the full schedule on the Olympics’ official website. NBC Sports has also published a schedule adjusted for Eastern Standard Time in the United States (six hours behind Paris).

Events that are typically shown in full include swimming, diving, and track and field. Popular sports like women’s gymnastics and basketball are often reserved for primetime broadcasts. Check in on the schedule closer to the opening ceremony to get the exact TV schedule.

The 2024 Summer Olympics are just around the corner. The opening ceremony will be along the River Seine, and you don’t have to scramble for cable to watch it as it airs live in your area. You can check out popular antennae on Amazon to get started.

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