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What to do in Edmonton

If you’re looking for what to Do in Edmonton, or something different to do during your Edmonton vacation, consider visiting the Alberta Legislature Building, locally known as “The Ledge.” With its marble pillars and grand central dome, this historic building is considered one of the best examples of Beaux-Arts architecture in Canada. The grounds, centred around a central square, are dotted with trees and a wading pool. Free guided tours of the building are offered hourly.

Fort Edmonton Park

Heritage Park: If you’ve always wanted to see the fort or streetcars, you can get a glimpse of Edmonton’s history at this Heritage park, which replicates old city architecture. If you’re in the mood for a more active day, head to the river for a boat tour or bicycle ride. No matter which activity you choose, you’re sure to find something in Edmonton that suits your taste and budget.

Fort Edmonton Park: This re-creation of the original Fort is a living history museum that provides interactive learning experiences. You’ll meet costumed interpreters and experience an animated experience in a museum-like setting. Open daily from May long weekend to September long weekend, the park also offers private events and programs throughout the year. It’s well worth the time and effort to visit. There’s also a thriving arts community that’s sure to offer something for everyone.

The park also offers a history lesson. Fort Edmonton Park has an interactive Indigenous Peoples Experience, which explores the diverse cultures of First Nations, Metis, and other local Indigenous groups. This exhibit was developed through interviews with over fifty elders, educators, and community members. It was so successful that it received the Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement – Heritage Center, which recognizes excellence in educational projects. It’s also home to the Alberta Museum, one of the largest in Canada.

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum is a world-class museum located in Edmonton, Alberta. This 419,000 square foot structure is the largest in western Canada. To construct the Royal Alberta Museum, 2,500 metric tons of steel reinforcement were cast into the concrete. That is more than five hundred elephants! And while you may be tempted to go inside to check out the artifacts, you should plan on spending more time on the outside.

The Royal Alberta Museum was built on the grounds of the former Canada Post Office. The building contains elements from the post office, including mosaic murals by the artist Ernestine Tahedl. The post office also had terrazzo flooring, which is now used in the courtyard of the museum’s outdoor café. The new Royal Alberta Museum opened its doors to the public on October 3, 2018, and welcomed more than 41,000 visitors in the first six days of free admission.

The new gallery is filled with 14,000 sparkling gems and is the largest of its kind in Canada. 17 dioramas depict animals in various states. Some are behind glass, while others are accessible to visitors. The Manitou Stone, an Indigenous artifact, is also housed in this gallery. The building is designed to enhance the visitor experience and to connect people. So, if you are looking for a museum that teaches you about Canada’s unique culture and heritage, consider a visit to the Royal Alberta Museum.

Neon sign museum

Located just outside the city of Edmonton, the Neon Sign Museum features an outdoor installation displaying 20 of the most prominent vintage signs. These signs were originally used at theaters, stores, and railroads. During the first few years of operation, these signs were installed outside the storefronts to attract passersby. But they are now on display in the museum, where you can appreciate and learn about the art of neon signage.

A visit to the Neon Sign Museum in Edmonton is unique and educational. This museum displays over 20 authentic neon signs that once adorned Edmonton’s streets. The museum is located at 104 Avenue and on the south side of the Mercer Warehouse. Highlights of the collection include the famous Hayden’s Furniture rocking chair, which was a landmark in Edmonton from the 1960s until 2013, and the Canadian National Railway’s Freight Telegrams sign with its bright red maple leaf.

The museum is not an official museum, but the volunteers who run it collect vintage signs and old buildings and bring them to the museum. Volunteers have even found a few signs that were left behind when a building was demolished. Explore Edmonton explains that the signs have fallen out of favor due to the high cost of neon. However, the museum is a wonderful way to enjoy Edmonton’s colorful history. And as a bonus, the museum is free.

Segway tour

A Segway Tour in Edmonton is the perfect way to see all the sights and sounds of the city while riding on a Segway! The Edmonton Segway Tour begins at Louise McKinney Park and takes you through the city’s river valley. You’ll see the highlights of Edmonton, as well as the city’s newest addition to its downtown skyline. A Segway tour in Edmonton also features detailed explanatory instructions and speed training.

Before you go on a Segway tour in Edmonton, you’ll need to sign a waiver. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. If you’re planning to tour the downtown core, you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes. You can’t wear flip-flops or high-heeled shoes! You’ll also need to wear a helmet and closed-toed shoes. If you’re unsure about your fitness level, book a Segway Training Clinic before your tour.

You’ll then begin your Segway tour. You’ll ride through a paved pathway with a slight uphill incline. The ride will end at a roadway where you’ll find a washroom. You’ll need to get out and walk around to get the feel of riding a Segway, but don’t worry – Edmonton’s Segway tours are the perfect way to see the city on wheels!


The Art Gallery of Alberta is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Designed by Randall Stout, it boasts angular windows and a 190-metre steel ribbon that symbolize the North Saskatchewan River and the Aurora Borealis. The gallery is a surprisingly expansive place, with more than 6,000 works of art. The museum also hosts travelling exhibits, and the museum’s website offers descriptions of each neon light.

The history of Edmonton traces back to the Indigenous communities that settled here some 3000 years ago. Treaty 6 acknowledges the long history of the original inhabitants of the land. It also affirms the territory known as Alberta as a traditional gathering place and travelling route for many Indigenous Peoples. During a visit to Edmonton, be sure to visit the Alberta History Museum, which features more than ten million objects. If you have time, check out the Royal Alberta Museum to see the world’s largest collection of artifacts.

The Alberta Museum showcases the prairie, mountains, and landscape of Alberta. You can view rotating exhibits of local and international artists. You can also tour Rutherford House, a 1915 Edwardian mansion that was once home to the province’s first premier. Edmonton Museum also has exhibits on local history, the railway industry, and even the history of neon signs. If you’re visiting Edmonton for the first time, you’ll want to visit both museums. There’s something for everyone at the Edmonton Museums.


Winter is the perfect time to explore the many Edmonton festivals. The Winter Carnival, the annual Snow Festival and Winter Wonderland Festival are just a few of the many events that take place in the winter months. Edmonton has something to offer everyone, from ice skating to snowmobiling to wintertime music and art. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a festival to fit your tastes. Find out more about the Edmonton festivals below.

Several Edmonton festivals celebrate Alberta’s diverse culture and diversity. From the biggest outdoor country music extravaganza to a crazy music festival, Edmonton festivals feature the best of local and international artists. There’s a festival for every taste and budget. Check out a list of festivals in Edmonton to learn more about which events will be of interest to you. And be sure to come back for more. And don’t miss out on the countless opportunities to spend time with friends and family at these special events.

The Edmonton Alternative Theater Festival is one of the largest festivals in North America. Thousands of actors, musicians, and other creatives will perform uncensored works of art at the festival’s various venues in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood. There are also beer gardens, street performers, and great shopping for souvenirs. Edmonton Rock Music Festival is another popular Edmonton festival, which takes place at the Edmonton Convention Center. Whether you are into music or theater, Edmonton festivals are sure to provide a great time.

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