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what to do in Ocala

If you are planning a vacation to Central Florida, you may be wondering what to do in Ocala. Ocala is a great place to explore museums, historic sites, and outdoor recreation. Explore Fort King National Historic Park, located east of downtown. Fort King was a significant site during the Second Seminole War. The Appleton Museum of Art houses pre-Columbian artifacts, as well as modern and contemporary art. You can also spend a day kayaking or hiking through the Ocala National Forest.

Horseback riding

If you’re looking for an exciting and relaxing vacation that you and your family can enjoy with the whole family, consider booking a ride on horseback in Ocala. This Florida attraction welcomes riders of all skill levels and is suitable for children as young as three. There are several types of rides available, including the Sand and Surf ride, where you can go bareback while your horse surfs the waves. Other rides take you into the water, while Sunset rides let you watch the Florida sunset from atop your horse. Many of the horses are rescues, and they are happy to be ridden by the visitors.

Older riders may have a hard time enjoying the thrill of riding horses, but they should not be put off by this fact. Although riding horses can be challenging, it is a great way to relieve stress and improve your overall health. Retirees who enjoy riding horses should search for a steady schoolmaster. They must be familiar with the limitations of older riders and incorporate stretches while on horseback. They should also take a safety course before starting the activity, as even the most skilled horse can cause a serious accident.

Ocala is home to more than 700 horse farms. These farms range from small plots of land to sprawling expanses. Florida limestone soil produces healthier grass for horses. The town’s equestrian culture and close-knit tradition make it the ideal place to celebrate “I Love Horses Day.”


If you are looking for a unique outdoor experience, consider kayaking in Ocala. This southwestern Florida town has many scenic waterways to choose from. You can enjoy a day of paddling and unplug from the modern world by renting a canoe or kayak. The Silver Springs State Park offers rentals for clear-bottom tandem kayaks at an affordable price. A day of kayaking along this scenic river can be a thrilling experience for everyone.

Whether you want to learn how to paddle a kayak or try a new activity, Ocala/Marion County has plenty of water to offer. There are plenty of springs, rivers, and lakes to choose from. Be aware that there are no lifeguards in most water areas, so make sure to get comfortable in the water before you go. Flotation devices are always recommended. You can also try kayaking in the southeastern fringe of Ocala National Forest.

In addition to kayaking in Ocala, the Ocala National Forest has a multitude of waterways that are ideal for paddling. Nearly 600 lakes and springs offer excellent flat-water conditions. The park has several designated campgrounds with standard amenities near the waterways, but you can also disperse your camp in any part of the national forest. You can also launch your kayak to experience the waters without the assistance of a guide.

Nature hikes

If you want to explore the outdoors without the crowds and biting insects of summer, head to the Ocala National Forest. You can take a 2.2-mile hike through the forest to see various species of birds and other wildlife. You might even spot an American Bald Eagle or a crocodile. Here are a few other options for a nature hike in Ocala. To plan a hike, visit the website for your preferred trail.

To get a feel for the local ecosystem, take a hike through the Ocala National Forest. This 600-square-mile preserve is full of diverse ecosystems. From cypress-studded wetland prairies to densely wooded oak hammocks, Ocala National Forest is a great place to take a nature walk. You may even be able to find a rare bird or two here. The forest also offers two cabins for rent.

The Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area is another good place to go hiking. The trail here is two and a half miles long and offers scenic views of the Ocala Limestone deposits in the lake. A walk along the trail lets you admire the western part of the lake and picnic on benches. This trail is also part of the State Forest Trailwalker program. You can also explore the lake by bike and explore the nearby nature preserve.


If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, consider Shopping in Ocala, FL. You’ll find a variety of shops in downtown and surrounding areas. You’ll find national and regional retailers as well as locally-owned businesses. Some of the long-established local retailers include Marshall’s and Macy’s. The downtown shopping district also includes boutiques such as Agapanthus and Greiner’s Clothing. Home decor stores like Your Heart’s Desire and Shannon Roth Collection offer a wide selection of gifts and home furnishings.

For a unique shopping experience, you should consider shopping in Ocala during the weekends or sales. While shopping in Ocala, be sure to check out the flea markets and exhibitions. These are great ways to find great deals on products. Oftentimes, these events feature pop-ups and great discounts for local businesses. There’s always something for everyone! And if you’re a foodie, consider going to a farmer’s market in the area twice a week.

Downtown Ocala has plenty of shops and dining establishments for all tastes and budgets. You can choose from several restaurants and delis and find delicious meals and sweets. Or, if you prefer a high-end shopping experience, check out Digger’s Antique Mall. With a 12,000-square-foot showroom, you can find the best of both worlds. And for a great night out, check out the famous Digger’s Bar.


Ocala has some excellent dining options. There are many fine restaurants in this charming city, including the acclaimed Ivy on the Square, which serves excellent lunches and is located downtown, across from the Marion Theater. Mark’s Prime Steakhouse and Seafood is another fine dining option, with a large selection of succulent steaks, fresh seafood, and a daily rotating menu of gourmet items. This upscale café also serves breakfast, desserts, and boutique wines.

You can find some of the best restaurants in Ocala by going on a walk downtown. While the city is surrounded by woods and small towns, it opens up into a bustling urban center. The downtown area is the perfect place to dine and celebrate a special occasion. The city also offers many options for those who want to sample Cuban, Spanish, and other international cuisines. And while you’re in town, don’t forget to check out the Appleton Museum of Art, which displays pre-Columbian and contemporary works.

A variety of other options are available in Ocala, including the upscale Horse & Hounds, an old-fashioned pub with a family atmosphere. It’s a great place to bring a dog, and some restaurants have special menus for canine guests. Bank Street Patio Bar provides a swanky, downtown dining experience and welcomes leashed dogs. There’s a large outdoor patio for dogs, and the menu features many options for both humans and dogs.

Historic district

The West Ocala Historic District is a historic area in Ocala, Florida. This area encompasses 350 acres and contains 104 historic structures. These structures are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to some of the state’s most interesting architectural sites. There are many things to see in this historic district, and visiting it is certain to leave you with a sense of appreciation for Ocala’s history.

You can also visit the Ocala Downtown Square, which features historic buildings, as well as the Discovery Center. Nearby you’ll find the Reilly Arts Center and Hampton Aquatic Fun Center. The Historic Ocala Preservation Society raises funds to improve the neighbourhood. If you’re looking to buy a home in Ocala, be sure to check out the homes for sale in this historic area. You’ll love it!

The Ocala Historical Society was formed in 1980. This volunteer organization is dedicated to preserving Ocala’s historic districts and educating the community about their history. Proceeds from H.O.P.S. Tours and the donations of hundreds of citizens support H.O.P.S. projects. In addition, State funds are allocated for the Snowden House Project. If you’re looking for the perfect home for your next big move, you’ve come to the right place.

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