Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Third-party archival apps are growing more and more obsolete. The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build (22635.3640) adds the ability to create 7-Zip and TAR archives. You can also compress individual files with gzip or bzip2, or use individualized compression settings for each file in a TAR archive.

Windows 11 added the ability to open Z-Zip, RAR, and TAR formats in mid-2023. Previously, these archive formats couldn’t be opened without a third-party tool like WinRAR. Today’s Insider Preview Build simply brings 7-Zip and TAR creation into Windows 11. For those wondering, Windows still lacks a “compress with RAR” option (7-Zip and TAR are open source; RAR is not).

Yes, Windows has always offered ZIP file compression. But the 7-Zip format is more efficient than standard ZIP, and TAR (which is short for “Tape Archive”) has been the weapon of choice for Unix-like environments (such as Linux) for about 40 years. The option to build these archives in Windows will be useful to professionals and hobbyists who need to transfer large collections of files between PCs.

Right-clicking a file to compress it as 7-Zip or TAR in Windows 11.

In addition to native 7-Zip and TAR archiving, this Insider Preview Build adds support for Emoji 15.1. You get a handful of new emoji (a lime, a mushroom, a head nodding), plus the option to flip the direction of the “person walking” and “person in wheelchair” emoji.

Naturally, there are also some bug fixes. But Microsoft also notes that Beta Channel users who use left-aligned taskbars may experience some problems with Widgets. You can read about these bug fixes and unresolved bugs at Microsoft’s Windows Insider Blog.

New file compression methods, emoji, and bug fixes are gradually rolling out to Beta Channel users (those on the Dev Channel will have to wait). We expect to see these features in a stable Windows 11 release a few months down the road. If you’re a Beta Channel user, be sure to enable “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” in Windows Update settings, as file archive functionality is rolling out on a staggered basis and may not be immediately available in the latest Insider Preview Build.

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