Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

With security cameras that exist in a constantly-connected world, the occasional bug or vulnerability is bound to strike sometimes. With something that’s constantly recording inside or outside your house, though, the thought of a vulnerability striking your security cameras is really, really creepy. After all, if someone were to get into your cameras, they could have a look inside your house. Now, though, it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening to Wyze users, as some have reported seeing live feeds from other people’s cameras. Yikes.

Some Wyze security camera owners experienced an unsettling privacy breach when they discovered they could view webcam feeds from other users’ cameras, unintentionally glimpsing into strangers’ homes. This issue was reported on Reddit, with users sharing their (justified) shock and concerns. The affected people reported being able to access other camera feeds through Wyze’s web viewer at These incidents prompted a response from a Wyze employee to one of the concerned Reddit users, acknowledging the problem and stating that the web viewer was “currently under maintenance.”

Wyze’s customer support confirmed the issue, stating that they were actively working to resolve it but couldn’t provide a specific timeframe for the fix. And following the incident, Wyze spokesperson Dave Crosby issued a statement to The Verge attributing the problem to a web caching issue, further indicating that the issue had been resolved and that was back in operation.

This incident raised significant privacy concerns among Wyze camera users, who found themselves inadvertently viewing other people’s camera feeds. It also raised several red flags since this is not the first time Wyze is getting itself in trouble over security issues. Months ago, it was reported that some Wyze cameras had a vulnerability where someone could break into your camera and watch videos on your SD card — an issue that was further worsened by the fact that Wyze apparently knew about the issue for three years and decided to do absolutely nothing about it.

While this particular issue has reportedly been addressed, it serves as a reminder of the importance of robust security measures in IoT devices and web services to protect users’ privacy and data. Also, maybe don’t buy Wyze cameras.

Source: The Verge

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