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“Live smart. Enjoy life.” This slogan is a concept that Yeedi, a leading service robot manufacturer, loves to promote. The company’s aim is to help its customers enjoy a high-quality and modern lifestyle.

With more than 2,000 patents in the service robot industry, Yeedi actively improves user experience in sectors including, but not limited to, intelligent navigation and cleaning. And, in 2024, Yeedi is offering its advanced robovacs to US-based consumers.

One of these is the Yeedi M12 Pro+. It’s an innovative robovac with advanced features and a top solution for those seeking a bit extra from a floor-cleaning service bot.

Launch day falls on April 25, 2024. And during this period, Yeedi is offering a $100 discount on this innovative bot for a more-than-fair final price of $799.

Why Do I Need a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

A guilty dog spills biscuits on the floor with the YEEDI M12 Pro+ ready to clean.


Robovacs are incredibly helpful devices. They allow us to focus on other things, whether work or play, rather than getting bogged down by mundane housework.

The elderly or those with limited mobility can significantly benefit from a robovac companion. Several other demographics can also benefit from these productive service droids, including:

Families With Children

For families with young kids, especially babies and toddlers, having a freshly vacuumed floor is vital. Little ones spend a lot of time crawling, playing, and exploring on the floor, and a robovac helps by automatically vacuuming at regular intervals. This ensures dirt, crumbs, and debris that may otherwise have ended up in a little mouth are constantly sucked up into the robovac’s hungry belly.

Busy Working Households

Families with children tend to have busy schedules. But even young professionals who haven’t yet started families need more time. Robovacs allow them to focus on more pressing matters.

Pet Lovers

Adding pets into the mix means more cleaning time. Scattered dog biscuits and stray grains of cat litter must be promptly dealt with. Not only that, but pet fur can be a nuisance, especially if you have long-haired pups or kitties.

Homes With Allergy Sufferers

Those cat hairs, along with other particles, can be a bother for those who suffer from allergies. A robovac that can vacuum the house to the required standard, including effective cleaning right to the edges and into the corners, is the purrrfect solution.

Conquering the Challenges That Stump Other Robovacs

A YEEDI M12 Pro+ robot vacuum cleaning to the edge.


Some robovacs fail in their jobs. End results are all too often not good enough and additional manual cleaning is required. Furthermore, some robovacs need a lot of maintenance to consistently perform at their best.

Yeedi has taken these challenges into consideration and has come up with some surprisingly effective solutions that feature on the Yeedi M12 Pro+.

Challenge 1: Ensuring Cleaning Is Always Up to Standard

The Yeedi M12 Pro+ has several powerful tools to ensure consistent, high-quality cleaning, including:

  • Hot 158°F (70°C) water to tackle stubborn stains.
  • An industry-leading 11,000Pa suction power.
  • Tech that allows the vac to clean right into the corners.
  • A Carpet Boost mode for deeper vacuuming.
  • Customized cleaning modes for various floor and carpet types.

Challenge 2: Cleaning to the Corners and Edges

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ navigating curved and straight edges.


With advanced TruEdge technology, the M12 Pro+ can thoroughly clean within 1mm of all edges for a 98% total edge-area coverage. The mop extends and retracts just like an arm and easily adapts to various obstacles and surfaces, even along those that are curved or irregular in shape.

Challenge 3: On-the-Spot Targeted Cleaning

The Yeedi M12 Pro+’s convenient spot-cleaning feature is another example that makes it stand out from the crowd. After a crumb-spilling incident or any other disaster, just pick up the robovac and place it where said incident took place.

Press the spot-cleaning button, and it will perform a quick and targeted cleanse of the area. This ensures the machine is only vacuuming or mopping around a selected zone and not the whole room.

Challenge 4: Hair and Fur Entanglement in the RoboBrush

ZeroTangle Anti-Tangle Technology pretty much sums up what this feature does. It’s ideal for pet owners in particularly, but if you’ve ever asked yourself “where does all that hair come from?” when you’re manually vacuuming, then this machine is for you.

The V-shape design of the roller brush features anti-static bristles that remove the hair before it can wrap around the brush. Dual-comb teeth then shuttle the hair into the vacuum’s suction path and the streamlined dust compartment takes care of the rest.

Challenge 5: Overcoming the Large Station Size for Small Apartments

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ tucked into a small space.


Compared to previous models, the M12 Pro+’s OMNI station has a 17% shorter water tank and a 30% more compact auto-refill module. This means you can easily house the robovac in small spaces while still getting convenient access.

However, the advanced nature of Yeedi robovacs is still not compromised. All the features remain, including auto-emptying, hot-water mopping, auto-refilling, one-tap self-cleaning, and hot-air drying. That’s pretty impressive for a robovac of this size. And, as we know, good things come in small packages. In fact, the M12 Pro+ features the smallest all-in-one station on the market today at just 18.9 inches tall.

But, its large 3.4L dust bag means you don’t need to empty for up to 90 days and the vacuum also has an impressive 200-minute battery life, which makes it ideal for large apartments and houses, too.

Flexible Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ avoiding obstacles on the carpet


With crisscrossing infrared lasers detecting the size and shapes of in-the-way objects, the robovac plots out 3D maps to find its way around. This is true even in complex areas, such as under the dining table. You can also manually add new furniture items and inform the vac about floor types, ensuring a perfect cleaning every time.

Mapping is also swift; in fact, the M12 Pro+ can map out a 1,075 sq ft room in just six minutes. And, it can save and switch between up to four maps. It also has a sensor on the base that recognizes stairs to prevent falls.

Maximum Mopping Muscle

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ lifting the mop while on the carpet.


The highly effective OZMO Turbo 2.0 mopping system features dual rotating scrub plates. These large mopping plates use a microfiber chenille mop pad combined with a plastic scraper. And, the plates spin at a speedy 180rpm to effectively scrub away stubborn stains.

Once mopping is complete and the machine is preparing to vacuum, it automatically lifts the mop before starting work on the carpet. This prevents the spreading of water and dirt. If vacuuming has already taken place, the robovac will lift the mop before setting off on its journey back to the station, ensuring your floor remains sparkling clean.

Intuitive Controls to Streamline the Cleaning Experience

There are other convenient methods to control the Yeedi M12 Pro+ beyond just the mobile app. Among them are:

Voice Commands

For hands-free control, you can link the M12 to your Google Nest or Amazon Alexa smart home ecosystem. You can then use voice commands to tell it when and how to clean.

Physical Controls

Without opening the app, you can directly control the M12 by gently tapping the bumper with your foot to start a cleaning cycle or to order it back to the base station.

You can also access the machine’s Dynamic Island interface. Simply give the access button on the robovac a long press to enable various manual controls and information. These include:

  • Initiating cleaning cycles
  • Controlling the vacuum
  • Monitoring progress
  • Pausing and resuming the current task
  • Checking the battery level and current status

Rewrite the Rules of Household Chores with the M12 Pro+

On top of all this cleaning innovation, the Yeedi M12 Pro+ also offers a plethora of other customizable options. From vacuum power settings to cleaning scheduling, the M12 makes time-consuming household chores like vacuuming and mopping a thing of the past.

And, with a $100 discount during the launch period (starting April 25), you can get all this cleaning innovation at a pleasing price point.

Take the hassle out of household chores and focus on the more essential things in life with a Yeedi M12 Pro+ Robot Cleaning Vacuum.

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ robot vacuum

YEEDI M12 Pro+

$899 $1099 Save $200

The YEEDI M12 Pro+ is an advanced robot vacuum and mop cleaner with a small but feature-laden OMNI station and the tools to ensure sparkling clean hard floors and carpets every time.

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