Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Microsoft’s Copilot AI is slowly but surely appearing everywhere. The software, powered by GPT-4, can now replace the default option of Google Assistant (or even Gemini) on your Android phone.

While there’s already a Copilot app for Android or iPhone users, the app doesn’t have as much access to the entire experience on your device as the Google Assistant. Microsoft updated the Copilot Android app this week, allowing you to set it as your phone’s default digital assistant if you wish. The change was first spotted by Mishall Rahman on X/Twitter, and the same functionality has been available with the ChatGPT app on Android for a while now.

It’s worth noting that Gemini is still a bit rough around the edges, and some users may want to explore other options like Copilot, and now they can. However, keep in mind that the integration is a bit half-baked, at least for now, not to mention you’ll need access to the Copilot beta on Google Play, as it’s not available to everyone yet. Still, if that sounds exciting to you, the option is available in version 27.9.420225014 of Copilot for Android.

Those on the Copilot beta for Android can head into their phone’s settings, then go to Apps > Default Apps > Digital Assistant > and switch from Google Assistant to Copilot. If it’s not available, make sure you’ve updated the Copilot app first.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, we’re not seeing the full Copilot experience. It doesn’t use all the APIs necessary to listen for your voice or commands, like Gemini, read on-screen content, and more. Instead, you’ll have to invoke the AI assistant by tapping the microphone, long-pressing the home button, or swiping diagonally from the bottom corners of your phone.

Considering it’s only available on the Copilot for Android beta channel, Microsoft is likely still actively working on the solution and adding additional features and controls. When everything is fully operational and ready to roll, the company will likely release it for anyone and everyone. Either way, this gives you one more option and a shortcut to another true AI assistant on Android.

Source: Mishaal Rahman on X

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