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8BitDo has its retro gaming-inspired mechanical keyboards on sale, so now’s the time to pick them up and enjoy something you won’t get with any other mechanical keyboard. Two giant “Super Buttons” you can mash to your heart’s content.

What’s better than a good, reliable mechanical keyboard? One that takes you back to the days of retro gaming—one where CRT TVs and cartridge blowing were commonplace. 8Bitdo must have felt the same, as last year the company released Famicom and Nintendo-inspired tenkeyless (TKL) mechanical keyboards, complete with a pad with two giant Super Buttons you can program as an extra fun bonus. Finally, you can have a button to program to play a loud buzzer at a friend when they say something wrong.

These keyboards retailed for $100 at launch, which is not expensive for mechanical keyboards, but can be a steep price for those who still use membrane keyboards. But now, you can get these stylish keyboards at a discount—$85.49 for the Fami Edition, and $89.99 for the N Edition.

The Fami Edition is based on the looks of the original Japanese Famicom, while the N Edition is inspired by the Nintendo Entertainment System that made it across the short to Western audiences. Besides the looks, though, these keyboards are functionally the same, so don’t feel you missed out on a ‘better’ version if one keyboard’s aesthetic speaks to you more than the other.

It’s important to point out that while many products that play to nostalgia may not be the highest quality, 8Bitdo’s keyboards work as well as they look. This keyboard is wireless, and not only is the battery life great, you’ll get the option to use Bluetooth or 2.4G connections to ensure the best connectivity.

8Bitdo opted for Kailh Box Switch V2 White switches, which are a bit on the louder side. However, since these keyboards are hot-swappable, you can swap out the switches provided they fit onto the board. If you want something quieter, we’d recommend a set of Kailh Box Switch V2 Brown switches, or you can check out our guide about mechanical keyboard switches for more options.

8bitdo keyboard n edition

8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard – N Edition

$89.99 $99.99 Save $10

8BtiDo’s NES-inspired keyboard is $10 off, and it’s as functional as it is cool-looking.

If you want even more nostalgia, 8Bitdo also created the N30 Mouse, which takes inspiration from the NES controller. Unlike the keyboard, however, this mouse appears to be more of a novelty than the keyboards, so don’t expect the mouse to be your new daily driver.

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