Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Hoopla just added to its growing BingePass collection. Anyone with a library card can now stream’s collection of live music events, operas, and jazz performances for free through Hoopla, provided that their public library participates in the program.

Your library card can be used for more than just books. Most public libraries now allow you to borrow digital content, including ebooks, movies, and educational courses. Hoopla is an online-only digital library that partners with many public libraries—install the Hoopla app, type in your library card details, and you can access an expanded selection of digital material.

The Hoopla BingePass program takes things a step further. It allows you to borrow subscriptions to premium streaming platforms like Curiosity Stream, Filmocracy, and now, You can borrow streaming subscriptions for up to a week and enjoy unlimited access to premium content. Once your week is up, you’re free to renew the BingePass subscription you previously borrowed.

“At hoopla, we’re continually striving to find ways to bring unique, engaging content to libraries and their patrons –– and our new BingePass achieves that by providing access to classical music and jazz performances to a wide audience.”

For its part, streams 150 live concerts and fine art events each year. These performances are available live in real-time, though they can also be played back for a limited time after their initial airing. You can also find plenty of on-demand concerts and historical content at, of course. You can find a list of upcoming events on the calendar.

More than 20 services have partnered with Hoopla’s BingePass program. Hoopla isn’t exclusive to the United States, as it’s also available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. If you aren’t using your library card (or don’t have one), now’s the time to start taking advantage of all this free stuff.

To sign up for Hoopla, simply type your library card number and email address into the Hoopla registration page. You can also do this from the Hoopla app on iOS or Android. Note that some public libraries are not partnered with Hoopla.

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